Monday, February 19, 2018

New Doll To My Collection!

Hey Gang!
I have recently added two new dolls to my collection...they are 18 and 80!

Both of these dolls I have been looking forward to for a while!  Not enough
this time to chase them down like I did the 2017 Fashionista Petite, Slim and
Broad.  I waited until they showed up at my local Wal-Mart. Today I will
share with you Broad Fashionista Ken #18 Super Stripes!
Mattel Promo Photo!

I wasn't sure when I first saw him on line, already have SIS Darren, if I should
add him to my collection.  That smile wore me down!  I picture OOAK artists

turning him into Luther Vandross! What do you think?
#18 Super Stripes close-up
Mattel Promo Photo
So does he look like the promo? Yes, pretty much! There were five in my 
local Walmart.  Only two did have errors in the hairline that looked like the went 
to a drunk barber! So, what is that 40% or a "F"

Here he is in his outfit.
I like the pieces of the outfit separately but not so sure I would have put him
together like this.  His shirt and pants are well made but maybe his pants are a
little to long for me.  As a big guy, Luther likes his things more tailored!

I notice that guys are wearing pants longer but my guys
won't! His sneakers are basic white Ken sneakers.

I compared SIS  Darren to AA Fashionista Ken 2016.
So let's compare Darren to #18 My Luther Herschel (yup!  he has a last name).

It is the same head sculpt but a little more filled out!

Depending on the photo Darren's eye photo gray/green or lite brown.  Luther's eye are true light brown/hazel

Darren has a higher forehead.  Luther's head is bigger.
Now some of you might know that I really don't like big heads on dolls but on him
it works! He looks better on the broad body than the others I purchase because of it.  I
rebodied my other Broad dolls on to smaller bodies.  I think I will keep him on the
Broad body (hope there will be articulation in the future) and he gets to keep all the
broad clothes!

He is a little darker than Darren.  He is more chocolate!

So as we have come to expect, there are body issues! So are we just excepting body
issues or is Mattel doing anything about it?  Has anyone contacted Mattel about these
issues?  If so, what did they say? I called and complained.  They took my info but
were unable to tell me if someone will get back to me on it.

 Uneven body paint finish on multiple body parts!
This especially show up on arms and legs!
 I circled these and I hope you can see them.
 White spots on the chest and back that won't rub off!

Fashion Show Time!

Luther--Von Vivant!
So let's look at Luther in a few outfits!

Luther was husky as a boy, and considers himself a big guy.
No Fat Albert or Rerun jokes!
Off to work!  This is how you rock the mustard pants!
 Almost there!

 Just hanging out!
 I'm going to take in a movie with my boys!  Maybe Black Panther!
 Great, it starts in ten minutes!
 Taking in an art opening!
 There is so much to do here for Black History Month!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Me And The Post Office Will Never Be Friends!

Hey Gang!

So, me and the Post Office will never be friends!  The PO will always do
something crazy to make we want to kill them!

The other day I saw a cute pair of Barbie pants on Facebook and wanted to purchase

The pants!
The seller had the pants listed for $1 which I thought  was a good price.
The Devil (or the PO, take your pick) is always in the details! So I asked the seller
how much is shipping.  She didn't have anything else I want.  I was just getting
the pants. She said the shipping would be $2.00 and that that was the basic rate
she found for small items.  I asked her could she just put it in a stamped envelope
but she insisted on doing it the "right way" with tracking. She said if she took it to
the PO and I was less, she would refund me the difference. She was heading to the
PO today. I said OK, and sent her the $3.00.  She messages me later that day and
tells me shipping was $3.50 for the pants (3oz) and sends me a copy of the receipt
from the PO and informs me I owe her $1.50.

Now I have shipped two Barbie dolls to Florida for 3.50 and she is mailing it from
Broomall PA to Phila PA, about 40 minutes away!  She has the receipt!  I mention
to her that I thought it was high but I see that is what they charge her so I paid it!
I figured I would wait to see what was on the package when it came.  Low and
behold it says $3.50 for 3oz!
 Six inches wide and four inches high.

So me being me, I check on line and they say it
should have cost $1.42.  I not sure if that was with tracking. I call their 800
number, which is it's own story, and they said
because she used a bubble envelope (the size of a personal letter envelope) that
is was rigid and couldn't be processed as regular mail. Like I said I have mailed
items in padded envelops before (whole outfits and shoes) but I have always
printed out the labels at home and attached them on the package for less than

I used to feel badly when I printed out a label for something that was 13.8 oz for just
13 oz but now I am not going to feel badly anymore!  I just going to give it to a carrier
who has no way to weigh it and call it done! No more Mrs. Nice Guy!

Anyway, here is my Linnit in the pants!
 Linnit: They are cute and nice and screechy!
 Mrs. Leo: Yeah, well they should be for that price!  I could have got you a boyfriend
for that price!
Linnit: I don't really need these pants!

OK, That Is My Rant! Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I Need An ID!

Hey Gang!

I purchase this guy on eBay with no real information about him.

He has a great outfit!

Well made with great detail!

I have posted for an ID on Facebook and I am hoping you, my blogger friend,
might be able to help! So if you know who he is, please let me know.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

More Horses!

Hey Gang!

This is one of the diorama I was working on a while back. I took pictures to see how
it photographed.  I see some changes I can make and some things I want to do better. 
I decided to post the photos along with a story anyway.  I will  work on the paddock
in the mean while.  Here is the post for Thundercloud!

Ahiga and his wife have just moved to the Iroquois and Native American settlement.
Ahiga has always worked with livestock that is what he has come here to do. 

So it's a warm day in Johnston and the horse were taken out to the paddock.

 Ahiga brought out food to feed the horse with.

Ahiga: This is going to be a great day!  I'm glad to have a break from the snow.

This will be a good day for the foal to come out and meet the other horses.

 Water was add to the trough for them to drink.

Hello Buttercup!

You need a little exercise even though you've given birth.

Being a mommy has been good for you!  You are not as jumpy.

She really wanted to get to the hay.

Hello little one!

Taffy came over for a pat.

Taffy doesn't come to many people but she comes to Ahiga .

Both horses went over to get a drink.

Midnight was also out for the day of sun.

Hey big fellow!
Midnight was really happy to be out.

Bison: Greetings

Ahiga: Greetings! So you made you way here!
How long have you been here?

Does the Chief know that you are here?

Bison: I just got here. I came directly to the paddock. Smiling, Bison
said and  no! I would appreciate if you don't tell him I was here.

Ahiga: He is the Chief, so I can't promise that. He said with a slight twitch to his lips.

Bison: I have a favor to ask of you!

All the horse gathered around the water.
Bison: This is Thundercloud!  He needs to be boarded while I travel.

Ahiga: He is a nice looking horse! A Roan!

Bison: I just picked him up.  I purchased him a few months back but I have to
take a trip to the west coast.

Bison: I'll pay his board and I need him cared for until I come back!
I have his papers and records with me for you.

Ahiga: I guess you have shows..... And when you come back?

Bison: I will deal with things when I come back!

Ahiga: You put me on in a spot!  Ok, the horse can stay!

Bison: Hear that fellow, you got a home with friends.

You know there will always be a place for you here!
Bison: Yeah, I know!

Ahiga: We are not the only new members here.  You should meet them.
Bison: Yeah OK.

OK, Thanks For Looking!