Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Purchase for 2015!

Hey Gang!

I think it fitting that my last purchase of 2015 which falls on the last day
of November be a Native American addition to my collection!  With that
being said, I purchase a GI Joe Valor vs Venom Iron Knife.   I have wanted
him for a while but he was kinda pricey for a Joe.  I final found one in my
price range.  Also, I have been getting rid of dolls and action figures
I didn't need or want and have been able to do so.  So with there being some
room around here, I made my purchase.  He wouldn't be here until Dec. 7th.
I will post some pictures then.

Here is stock photo from GI Joe!

I am hoping I won't have to re-body him.  From what I read, the uniform is cloth. 
I am also hoping that the gauntlets are removable.  If not, I have some extra Joe
bodies somewhere.  

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, November 27, 2015

My New Purchases!

Hey Gang!

So I've got some new things!  I will show you two of them for right now. I have
the new AA Fashionista Ken and Fancy Flowers Fashionista! To excited about
these two to take pictures of them in there boxes!  Do you care about pictures in
their boxes?  Well, I re-bodied both and worked on her look before I thought
about taking pictures for this shoot.  In the future I will use these trunks for guys
for intro shoots. I'll figured something out for the girls.

AA Fashionista Ken and Fancy Flowers Fashionista!
 Close-up on their faces!

Fancy Flowers Fashionista

Fancy Flowers Fashionista, aka, Cora is on a Chandra body!

 I didn't like her earrings, they were blue, so I change them to gold.
I didn't like the blue shoes either.  I think these are better!
They work better with the dress.
She is happier with her look!
She does have a great face!
From pictures I thought she looked like an older version of 
Barbie but she doesn't.  

She has the Stephen Burrows Barbie 
Pazette head-sculpt.
She does have the older than teen age look that 
the other doll has.  I would say twenty three to twenty five.

The SIS dolls do have a younger look!  Maybe that is the paint of the face.

The do look like they could be friends.

AA Fashionista Ken

I re-bodied him on a Fashionista Ken articulated body! Yes, he is that light that 
I didn't need an AA body for him at least his face is.  His original body is a little 
darker that his head.

I'm not a fan of this outfit. I would say it was a look for an older man but
older men might be offended.
The neck knob is different!  Flatter than the original Fashionista Ken knob! I think
it makes the head fit a tad higher on the old fashionista body.
So here is a head to head comparison of the original Darren head to the new Fashionista
Ken head!
On the new doll, the eyes are a little larger, the smile, you can't tell from the photo, is
a little bigger too! The brows are darker and shorter.  Darrin's eyebrows are lighter in
contrast to his complexion and they have a bigger arch which extend back farther!

He doesn't have a name yet but he is KiK's sister's son.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Sweaters!

Hey Gang!

I saw Christmas sweater at Michael's last week! There were two groups!

Group 1 !

Group 2!

The first group is nice and I purchased 1 from that group
but I hope to get all of the second group!
PS, they were on sale for 40% off!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November And Native Americans!

Hey Gang!

In keeping of the year of the children, I wanted to show you some new addition to
my play scene.  I purchased these dolls as a set off of Esty!  They are Dancing Brook
from Kids Kore.

I purchase the two dolls because they were cheaper than I saw one doll selling
for. They came with these really great outfits too.  But I have other plans for them.
After I paid for them I got it...that one could be a boy.  The boy that
Kids Kore does is way smaller so it make sense to make one a boy.

They are a little smaller that the old Stacie doll. They have wire in their legs to
make them bend and hold in place.  Their hair isn't as nice as Mattel doll and it was
a Hot Mess too.  Lots of conditioner for these two!
So here is Dancing Brook and Two Feather!
 Yes, they are twins!
The clothes are a mixture of Bratz, Mattel  and off brand doll clothes.

I have restyled my Bison (Kocoum) doll also!

I worked on his Mohawk some! He keeps his hair pulled back except for the
one braid. and he got some jewelry.  I make that for him!  He loves it.

 He really liked this Liv doll shirt and Ken Black jeans.
 I re-bodied my doll onto a tall AA body.  He is now tall that many of the men
around here.
 I do miss the tattoos on the body I might have to try my hand at that too!
 His height make him a bit imposing!
Rae got her ceremonial dress!
 She is a jewelry designer so she will add some jewelry to hers!
 Her husband love it on her too!


OK, Thanks For Looking!