Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Star Wars Mace Windu

Hey Gang,

I showed you my Lando  Star Wars Action figure but I didn't show
you the rest of my Star Wars action figures.  So I will show you them over
the next few posts.  My second Star Wars action figure is also and AA
figure.  He is Mace Windu!  I had two Mace Windu action figures.
One was a 2002 Attack of the Clones Mace Windu.  I sold him to
Tracy India and he is having a great time in his new home.  Hugs and
 kisses to both Tracy and Mace!

The other was the Star Wars Episode 1 Mace Windu 1999.
He is a Jedi Knight!  Windu was played by actor Samuel L. Jackson.
If you don't know the Star Wars movies here is a link that will give you
the brief story of Windu.  The uniforms on both dolls are great but
the Episode I has a cape!

 Back of cape! It is a knit fabric like cotton jersey. 
 Under the cape is the Jedi uniform! It has a linen feel to it.
This is different from AOTC Mace who uniform is more of a gauze.
I may show the other uniform in a upcoming post.
 It is a jacket with a mock under shirt, an overlay vest thing and a belt.
 He wears brown leather look boots. 
 Belt fastens in the back.
 The vest thing off in the front and....
 in the back.
He wears taupe 3/4 length pants.

 Warning Nude Doll!

He has the body that Hasbro used for the Star Trek dolls.  He has
a twist and turn waist.  I have found it to break at the waist.
I hope this one does not.  He has articulated elbows and biceps.
He can fit some Ken and most action figure clothing.
 He does have shoes that come off and real feet.  Feet are larger than Ken
dolls and will need larger shoes and feet are articulated up and down at ankle.

So here he is redressed as his role in Johnston.  He will keep his first name as
his last name and get a new first name.  He is Major Roland Mace of the
US Army! Roland: Hello!

He gets a family too! Two of them you have met!  His wife is Lola, a local
swimwear designer. Lola :Hello!
  and one of his daughters is Aya.
Aya: Hi!

 And Annyah his baby girl!
Annyah: Hi!

She is a fairy head swap onto a Stacie body.  She will be a friend
and classmate of Stacie Green. The population of Johnston is growing with
new residents and families!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Staying Power Darius Reid! 91210 2010 --Another Grail Doll!

Hey Gang!

I have another Grail Doll!  I told you when I started working my new job that 
I wanted to purchase some of my Grail Dolls.  Those purchases for me 
make me feel like I'm not just a rented mule!  

So the next doll on my list was Darius Reid.  I was't sure which one I would 
get but this guy came up first.  He was the lowest price I have seen for one 
thus far and he was fully dress!  

Darius Reid was an adaptation of the previous Tariq Integrity Toys doll. 
 I.T. had done several complexion and screening variations on this head 
sculpt before revamping the body and head of their dolls altogether for FR.

Here is a close-up of that dolls head sculpt

Some say that the head sculpt was modeled after model Tyson Beckford.  
What do you think?

Alrigh back to the doll!  It looks like there were three versions of this doll for FR!  
High and Mighty (1), Darius Reid- Playing It Cool (2), and Staying 
Power (3) which is the one I purchased. I only found two sets of pictues 
of all three together but there might be more.  Here is the  first set of pictures  
I found on flickr.  The second set I found on Terri Gold's blog.  It does appear 
that Darius got light with each reincarnation.  Most photos of Staying Power 
make him lighter in complexion that what he is in person.  I would say that he 
is about the same complexion as my  other AA homme guys Remi and Victor.

The seller, let me use her ad photo for this post.  That was a good thing
 because I couldn't get him out of the box soon enough.  I forgot to take
 pictures and my camera battery charger was MIA too.

So this is what Integrity Toys had to say about him.
Limited Edition 500. Feeling hot, hot, hot!! Enough said. This dapper specimen of masculinity knows how to show off a suit to its best advantage. A little swagger and sway of the hips and we swoon! Includes: bullet 12.5 Inch/1:6 scale black flocked hair African American fashion figure; bullet Navy blue suit with subtle light grey pinstripe throughout and white shirt with double removable collar; bullet Navy blue shoes and sophisticated burgundy briefcase; bullet Doll stand and certificate of authenticity.

He is a great looking guy!  If Mattel could do their males the justice 
of Integrity Toys they could really make money.  I know a few people 
have had problems with I.T. items.  I am satisfied with all the items
I have purchased thus far.

Ok, it is time for my photos! So here he is!


 His shirt has great detail.  More that I have seen on most male dolls and definitely Ken doll fashions.
His shirt comes with an extra collar which I don't understand but OK!
I might have liked a tie instead.

 His pants have a real zipper!! 
 With great back pocket detail which you might not be able to see because of my
picture taking and the pants are very dark.
 Right now he has on Ken shoes in black.  I didn't feel like fussing with small shoe strings right now.
 The shoes he came with are blue leather and patent leather.  They are very stylish
 I got extra hands which I don't think I got with Remi.
 He has a great jacket too!

Fully lined...

 and the pants too are fully lined.
 He has on black sock that are well made for doll socks.

 Fully dressed!  His suit may look black but it is a deep navy blue with a striped texture.
He has a fux leather briefcase.

 It has really great detail too!
 It looks like something I would have purchased for myself.  I looks that real!
He has a stand.
 The base is frosted.  Some of the newer bases are clear.

 Complete doll package!

I wanted to show you the old face compared to the new.  I included these shots too.
 The biggest difference is the neck and how it fits on the body.
It isn't flat and the new head can pivot.
 He has that slim but muscular body that I.T. males are known for.
 He tells me he wants to keep his suave look!  That will be a bit
difficult around here because he is taller than Ken and Ken
isn't know for suave clothing.
 Find me something Ms. Leo!
So he will revert back to the name Tariq with the last name Beckford.

My FR Hommes!
Remi, Tariq and Victor
I think Remi likes that shirt!

OK. Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jet Set Convention Darla Daley Simply Simpatico 2011

Hey Gang!

Well, I was looking for FR Adele when I came across this Darla Daley on the dollpage.  I must say that I am not too familiar with FR dolls.  I have more Hommes here than ladies.  I didn't really know what I would be getting even though there was a picture on the ad.  I just know she was a good price for the doll and I liked her face.

When she arrived I was pleased and a little surprised too.  Her face was beautiful!  FR seem to do a great job on the face screening.  She seemed a bit.... short.  I took out my measuring tape ( keep it on my key chain around my neck) and she was shorter than I expected.  She was about the size of a regular Barbie.

I blacked out her ...goodies for blogging and her new name is Babette!
She will be Etienne's sister.
BTW, there in a movement in my dolly land about dolls being shown nude!
No protests yet, but a moment.

She is about the size of Barbie.  So I found my Reecie for comparison

Reecie: Glad to help!
                                     Ms. Leo: Yeah, Reecie hasn't been out for a while! 
Both these ladies are petite enough for Liv doll swimsuits!  
Babette is not a fan of this swimsuit. 

Babette: It seem a bit young for my tastes.

 Reecie likes it!

Reecie: This is great for beach volleyball!

Ms. Leo: So here is a side by side of the ladies!

You will note that Reecie is a 1/2 inch taller.
Reecie: And I have rooted eyelashes!
Her torso is longer.
 I wanted to do a side view.
Babette: but someone's has too much hair an a big behind ponytail!
Reecie: Sounds like hating to me!
Ms. Leo: Ladies, ladies!
 This is a better photo!
They have different feet.  Babette has articulated ankles.
Only the Liv dolls around here have those!
 Babette doesn't have the high arched feet of most dolls but
there is an arch!
Babette hands are larger too.
Ms. Leo: Babette looks.....
Reecie: Older!
Ms. Leo: no, more sophisticated!
Babette: You got that right!

Thanks For Looking!