Monday, September 24, 2012

The Reading's

Meet The Reading’s

Mr. Reading is bringing his daughter to school on her first day. They have just moved to Johnston.

Mr. Reading:  See, this school isn’t too different from your last school and I ‘m sure that the teachers and students are as nice too!   
Mr. Reading: I guess we should say hello to the readers.

Hi, I’m Brie and this is my father Carmine Reading. 

He is a pharmacist. My sisters Rihannah and Matty are still back in B-more with my grandma.  They Should be here soon.
Carmine: Brie, you should only use slang language when talking to your friends.  It is Baltimore and Grandmother…Ok! 
Brie: Yes dad!

Carmine: I hear there is a great science program here so you should like that. Carmine has always supported his daughter’s love of science.

Alright Pumpkin, You have a great day and…

I will pick you up after school this week and next week is a walk to school week.

Brie gives her dad a big hug and says goodbye.

A few minutes later Brie is joined by other children.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

These Too Are The Green's

With Green being such a common last name it is not surprising that there is more than one Green family in Johnston. You met the other Green Family a while ago. This is the other Green family.

So here are the Greens!

You remember Stacie for the First Day Of School. 

Hi, It is me Stacie.  I want you to meet my family.

 This is my dad Lawson Green. He is a successful businessman.

Lawson: Hello!

This is my mother Shelly Green.  She is an on air personality.  I don’t know what that is.
 Shelly: My children are soo adorable...

They look so much like me!
 This is my brother Leopold “Leo” You met him before but you might not have known he was my brother. He is the best brother ever!

Leo: Thank you munchkin!

This is my sister Sydney.  You met her too.

She is a great big sister! She is funny, pretty, talented and smart. She could be anything in the world.

Sydney: Stacie, I’m blushing!

Shelly: She will be a super model!
Lawson: She is going to be a doctor!

The Green's will be a very prominent family here.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day Of School!

Monday was the first day of school in Johnston! These three showed up wearing the new school clothes. Kids like to wear alot of demin and Khaki.

Hi, I'm Brie.  I am Stacie.

 Ricky has a little crush on Stacie!
Oh, and I'm Ricky!
Brie: My Dad and I have just move here from Baltimore.  I hope to make new friends here. 

Stacie: I will be your friend!

Stacie:  Ricky and I will be your first fiends here. 

Ricky: Yes , we will!

Brie: Thanks!
 Ricky and Stacie met in summer camp.
 Brie: Wow! It is the first day and I have made two new friends!
Brie:  I think this will be a good year!
Teacher: Alright students, take your seats!

Brie and Ricky because of their names will sit next to each other.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Articulated Disney Mulan Part 2!

Hi Gang!

In my first post on the New Disney’s Mulan doll with the new articulated knees, you will remember that I was unsure of how I felt about the new knee.

New Knee!

In my post on Tiana I showed you the Tiana with the new knees as well as the older Barbie type knee. The older knee doll is reminiscent of the articulated SIS dolls and the Barbie 3 click knee that is more familiar. I purchase a few Mulans with this older knee and I planned to show you how that worked out.
So The Knee!

Here is what the knee looks like under the gown.

My Asian Barbie for President Doll, who I am now calling Connie, decided to help me out with the suggestion of doll that could use this body. One of her suggestion is Top Model Summer. Summer is on an old My Scene doll body with her old body up on the Dollpage.

Connie: Mulan , this is Summer.
Summer, who will now be called Shelly Green, thinks this body would be a good match for her.

Look out world her I come!

I feel like a new woman!

Kieu, who happens to be Connie’s best friend, was near by trying on the Mulan gown and nice Mulan’s nice body.  Kieu the dress and the body would work really well for me too!
Yeah, that gown get more wrinkled with each shot!

I like this purple dress too!  It is very ethereal.  I love the silver details too!
I can really pose now!

I can take my rightful place on this blog!

Are there shoes for this dress?

Kieu joins Summer and Akira in the group photo! 
New bodies, New lives!

I got some questions in my last Mulan post about this doll's complexion and my other dolls, so I thought I would answer those too! Does Mulan work well for Bling and Xia?

Why yes she does!

Xia' is still herself but is a little more mature on this body!  Like the difference between 18 and 20.  She is 20. 
Even Bling looks different on this body!
The test will be if Bling can still fit in her car!
Xia is so happy she can dance!
This body works well with her face.  I had thought about a Frank Sinatra body but they cost too much!  This will do just fine!
The girls are dancing! Shelly: is this how you do the new dance?  Xia:  Yeah , kinda! Shelly:I can't wait to show my daughter!
Xia: Do I know your daughter?  Shelly: You might!  She is very popular like her mom!

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