Thursday, June 30, 2016

Videos Of the month!

Hey Gang!

Well I fell in love with Vanessa's shoes for Dasia! I'm not sure if it is just a time
for shoes but I have been seeing shoes everywhere!

But first let me start with the first person I saw do shoes... Limbe Dolls!
Thank you for your tutorial!  I purchased shoes and a wig from her
and I still love them!


Next I love this post (and please check out her 3 previous posts too) on
Fashion Doll Stylist!  Her shoes are the bomb too!

I discovered this person on Facebook! Her name is Red Carpet Dolls by Toni Nicole

So I hope this inspires everyone to make shoes!  You can laugh at me
if you don't see me post shoes next month!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Silver Fox!

Hey Gang!

I promised that I would feature my Silver Foxes this year but I have been a little
lacks.  I hope to make up for it! So here is my first! Maxwell!

Maxwell moved to Johnston because his sons are going to school here and
because it is much cheaper and more peaceful place to live.  He still works
 in New York but it now just a 45 minute train ride away.  He is one of the
many people who live in Johnston who commute to NYC daily.  It is stating
to be a club!

Maxwell: I got my keys!
 And I'm out.

It is only a short walk to the train station.  It is a pleasant walk too!
It is a sunny day, the birds are sing, and he hasn't a care in the world...except for
making the train.

His phone vibrates and the ringtone for his eldest son, "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder,
sounds! He looks at the screen of his phone and see the picture that goes
with the ringtone.
Maxell: Junior! Good morning!  How are you!

 I just on my way to work. How is school?
 Good, good! Your bother has got a game Saturday....are you coming?
 Junior:  I thought it might be time for a father and sons dinner out!
Maxwell: The kind where Dad pays! He laughs a little.  OK, I'll call you when
I get home tonight.  You talk to your bothers.  Maybe your uncle and cousins
would like to come too!  Give them a call!
 I should be home early!
 He arrives at the station. It is still a little early.
Maxwell: Are you working or taking classes summer session?
OK, I'm at the station.  I talk to you tonight!

 Text me the place you guys have picked!
 Good Bye son! Love you too!
 I hope my bother and kids can come too!
 I think I hear the train!

OK, Thanks For Looking!