Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Buzz! Wild Heart Crew Dolls!

Hey Gang!

So there is big buzz about Wild Heart Crew dolls! This is from Mattel's
Instagram page!

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

I Had A Great Time At The Dolly Meet Up!

Hey Gang! 

I had a great time at the Dolly Meet Up! I met Lee,Shereese and Teri! It was at
Cuba Libre! The food was great too!With me I took my dolls KiKi and Margo!
 Photo Time!

I think this guy is Captain America Chis Evans!

 Great Shoes Lee got from vendor!
 Cute items from Etsy!

 Teri and her dolls!
 Margo and Jeanette taking style!

 KiKI joins in on the discussion!
 Me and the girls!
Leo Margo Jeanette and KiKi
Lee showing shoes!

 IT Male!
 Shereese and Janey!
 More dolls that Lee brought!

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Looking Forward to This!

Hey Gang!

There is going to be a dolly meetup!  I plan to bring at least one doll
dress for the occasion!

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Video Of the Month! My Froggy Stuff!

Hey Gang!

I have been a follower of My Froggy Stuff for a while!  Mostly I just watch
the videos! There is a really long selection. I have only tried a few repaints
of dolls like she have done.

I while back a got a load of popsicle sticks and wooden stirrers.  So I have
been slowly trying some of the My Froggy Stuff projects.

I am sure many of you have seen the videos too! In the beginning of the
videos there is a list of supplies. Glue is always mentioned. Glue sticks,
liquid glue and hot glue are shown.   What you really need to know, is
when you switch from one to the other.  In the videos when working
with popsicle sticks and wooden stirrers, they start our with liquid glue
like Mod Podge. But if you try the project, you will realize that Mod
Podge won't work for somethings.  You will need to switch to hot glue
which is drys faster and holds together better.  Also be prepared to have
and use a lot of sticks and time!

I made a wooden shelf and wooden crates.  The shelf I made was from this video.
Here is my version.  It is not an exact copy but here it is!

I think I will paint it and use it for a florist shop!  If you have any ideas, I would love
to hear them.

 The crates I made is from this video.

Here is one of my crates.

I did paint the crates gray metal color. I hope to use it for a my market.  I really need to
both of these set up! If you have ever seen the My Froggy Stuff live videos, you will see
that they have a whole room for all their doll stuff.  I am starting to feel like a need
a room too!

Thanks for Looking!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Camping Fun Ken Doll for $2.00!

Hey Gang!

Sorry about Disney Month!  May was just full of problems!  I could just
continue it into June but I will just move on into what I wanted to do
for June! I will draft all Disney post for next year and hope to have three
to five a week.

So when you are in a store and the have a Ken doll like this one marked
down to $2.00 do you buy it?
 I am I crazy! Of course you do!
 I first saw him for $4.00 and meant to get him then but I got sidetracked.
So for $2.00. He was in my hand as I searched for the other things I came
into Walmart to get!
He is worth $2.00 just for the outfit!
Here is the doll out of the box! As you can guess, the packaging is in 
the can outside of the store!

Now... I already have two dolls with this face and hair sculpt and one of them has
a similar complexion. 

Jude.... who has the headsculpt

and Ramone' who has the headsculpt and complexion. The Camping Ken is darker
than the normal complexion many of the older Fashionista Ken.

He has a shirt tee shirt combo shirt that Velcros in the back. It is green and pale
green/yellow plaid and a orange print tee shirt underneath.
The shirt's combo tee has a bear on the front.
He has on green camo shorts that are made of cotton and have an elastic waist.
He has brown sneaker/boots.
He came with binoculars that are gray.
Since I already have two normal size ken dolls with the headsculpt that size, I thought
it might be good to have a slim guy that I ken have as a teen. I decide to use the body
of my Plaid on Point doll.
So I put the Camping Fun Ken's head on the slim body. Although the body is
for an AA doll the complexion fits Camping Fun Ken.
He can still wear the close but they fit him a little different.
I tried it on Ron and he looks cute in it too!
It compliments his red hair.

OK, Thanks For Looking!