Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Proposal

Along with the tree, presents, food and the bubbly, there
is the holiday proposal!

She didn't expect it but she said yes!

....and they lived happily ever after.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Truetype Figure action figure

I finally got a Truetype Figure Action figure! I have wanted this one for a long time. He is the TTM10 African American Slim Version. It will probably be my last purchase for 2009. Like a lot of other collectors, I will scale down in 2010. Here he is dressed in one of my favorite male fashions! He is adjusting the sleeves for fit! You may notice that his facial hair is different than that the first issue on Roville site figure.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Defa Lucy Male

There was another set of dolls by Defa Lucy at the store. Both female dolls were the same but with a little different face paint. The male dolls were different. Here is the back of the box.

I bought the ethnic male this time too. Here he is out of the box.

He has the Ken "gift giving" arms. The clothes are not any thing special but you can always use a coat and hat.

Out of the hat he doesn't look too bad.

Here is a close up on the face. He look a little familiar! His eyebrow should be black. They are red like the the other male. They don't match his hair. I will have to fix that.

He wears a black sleeveless shirt and white pants with blue stitching and black Ken style loafer.

I think he is a Derek knock off.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Red Head Male from Defa Lucy

I saw Philly Collector's blog about red head male figure! I had been looking for him for a while. I saw him last year at a store but I thought that they wanted too much for him. I was glad to know where I would find him now for a better price. He was part of a pair of two dolls. The female doll was a Barbie knock off that I already had. The male was a little more interesting!

Here is the back of the box. It pictures a Caucasian couple but I purchased the ethnic set. I n the picture on the box he has painted on hair. The doll/figure I purchased a flocked red hair.

There aren't too many male dolls with read hair. This is the first non-Caucasian that I have seen with read hair.


Here he is out of the box. He has red eye brows too!. He is wearing a black corduroy jacket with purple and beige plaid. It is not the best jacket not the worst either. It is not one I think I would put on a guy.

A close up on the face! Not a bad face. As Philly Collector said a "character face". He has jointed arms and legs.

The tee says "Fashion for that makes it dated. I will have to give the tee some thought.

The pants are corduroy too with a leather look patch at the knee. It is on the outside of the leg and not on the inside like riding pants. The difference between brand doll clothes an knock offs is in the turning of the inseam, darts and sleeves. That is the give away. The pants fit a little strange in the crouch. These are dolls...they are not going for a job interview... so it is OK.

I have been told that you really have to consider coloring when dealing with red heads. I thought this shirt make him look better.

I haven't give him a name. Any suggestions?
I purchased another male too. I will show him in a future post.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will Turner

The last few weeks have been crazy. I am done with finals and have finish all my papers. I can now blog. Yeah!!

Last year I found this action figure at a local discount store for under ten dollars. He is Will Turner from the pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest. He is made by Zizzle in Hong Kong China.

There were two different head molds. One had a pony tail and one didn't. They have different facial expressions.

Their bodies are a little different too. I haven't figured them out yet. They are taller than Ken size doll and much bigger than GI Joe. The neck in longer and the legs are longer but the torso is the same size.

I if can figure our how to change legs on this type of figure I will change the painted on boots. I don't like that at all! But the really great thing about this figure is the clothes!!! I have put the clothes on various dolls and figure. I will show them soon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be...

Have you ever seen "When Harry Met Sally"? I love
that movie! There is a scene where couples talk about
how they go married. That was the inspiration for this
post. That and I tried to post on a forum about great
love stories and they have not approve me yet!

So I decided to do an on going feature of my doll couples
and their love story! So I had to include a reporter,
Steven T. Laurent.

Steven: Hi, I'm Steven T. Laurent your roving reporter
from station WJBS bring you our continuing feature on
love! I am interviewing my grandparents
Stephan T. Laurent and Camille Laurent about love.
They have been married for 50 years!

The Laurents: Hello!

Steven:How did you know that this was the person you should

Camille: I had just moved to the US from the Islands to
further my career as a model. I was invited to a church

Steven: and then?

Stephan: I had come to say goodbye to my pastor before
leaving for Air Force flight school. He told me he had
someone he wanted me to meet. I Knew when I saw her.

Stephan: We dated and wrote letter for two years. I had
to finish flight school you know. She had gotten pretty
well know in modeling by then too. Then I asked her!

Camille: I said yes!
Both together: We have happy ever since!

Aren't they just great! This has been our "Endless Love"
feature. Until next time I am Steven Laurent Of WJBS.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Little Something Something For You or Your Dolls

OK, It is the holidays.... and you have a little extra cash for yourself and you want to get you/your dollies something! This place does scenery that is Barbie sized for your dolls for the holiday! Their name is Byers' Choice LTD. They make Barbie size figurines for the holidays. The accessories are great for display for your Barbie or for diorama! I love the fences. There are two styles. One is a picket fence and one is a mock iron fence. There is a doorway, stairs, fireplace for those who are not into Gloria fireplaces, a lamppost, and a riser for carolers. Now these pieces aren't cheap but they are not pink and require that you paint them to make them look real! This are great for dolls who desire a more traditional life style :).You may have seen them used in your favorite diorama websites! You might be able to find them at Hallmark stores but if not go to

Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st. Issue Mulan

I was talking with another blogger,
about Mulan.
I want to give a big shout out to Cyano. She has lovely
Asian dolls on her blog and she does re-rooting of doll's
hair. The dolls on her site are quite beautiful. As a
lite-weight crafter, it is one thing to do something for
youself but it is another to do it for others. I give her big
props for taking her skills to another level.

I told her that I had one version of the doll
(Mulan) without the smile. She said she had not
see her. So I am posting it for her! I hope everyone
else enjoys it as well!

I got this doll from a thrift store. The larger thrift stores
in my area have moved and I have had to buy some dolls
I play with new! :( Her hair was cut but she is still beautiful.
I normally dress her more athletic clothes because of her
body. This figure represents when she was pretending to
be a boy. She has flat feet, so it hard to find shoes for her.
She doesn't have on much make-up but she doesn't look
boyish to me. She has a very pleasant expression.

I originally got this gown for Julia but she wasn't feelin'
it. Mulan loved it so she wears it. I love the way she looks
in this.

She is wearing sandals from Moses-Prince of Egypt with
socks and cummerbund from Ken.

I have the Princess Mulan face her for comparison.

The 1st issue's face is fuller and the smile is in her eyes
and not her mouth.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Julia-Comparing The Old To The Repro

I just love Julia. She was one of the first dolls I had to replace when rebuilding my collection. I purchased a Julia on ebay eight years ago. It was very hard to find a doll that I could afford at that time. I finally outbid on a doll on ebay but the hair wasn’t that great. I searched the web and found an artist to re-root her whose work I liked. I got a medium brown hair color (not the screaming orange that the hair had become), eyelashes filled in and nails and toe painted the same pink as the lipstick. She came back beautiful! I will give you the full story with pictures another time. Origanl Julia in black and white and Repro Julia in multi color top.

But today, I am comparing her here with the new reproduction that came out last year. Here are some pictures comparing the two. I do switch back and forth between them to play with. The face is a little different and so is the hair. I wasn’t sure I liked the new doll when I first saw it. I did like the fuller lips and the thought that there would be no green ear if I gave her earrings. I left in to the box for two days but she won me over. I took her out to play with. The eye color is about the same but the painting is slightly different and there is more of an arch to the eye brow on the new doll. The eyes give the new doll a more "relaxed look".

The old doll has a better craftsmanship to the body. The complexion on the new doll is lighter, the hair is longer and darker. Body is the same size so it will fit the old Julia clothers. This is a concern with all the clothes and bodies out there!

--- note the hands-- The fingers are smooth on the old doll( jagged plastic on the fingers of the new doll) and the plastic/rubber is better. The fingers are a different placement too!

The neck is different. The head doesn't come off as easy. Not sure if that is a plus or minus.

For me, the best doll....Ya know it!....the new head on the old body! Do you have a new and and old Julia? Tell me what you think!