Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Lori Purchases!

Hey gang!

So these are my Lori doll purchases!
I got Cyarra.
Out of the box.
 There is a gray over top and a side slung bodysuit.
 Her shoes and stockings.
 There are great details on the shoes...Top and...
 bottom.  Even the inside of the shoes.  It has the Lori name inside.
 She has a great face too!
 My only misgiving is the styling of the bun.  That could have been done better.

I had thought about Zarya too!  Here she is next to Cyarra.
She has a really interesting complexion. Not quite Hispanic like mini Sienna.
She has really interesting eyes too!
Here is Tama.  She is really great looking. Even though they all have the same face.
It always surprising to see how different complexion, hair and eye color can make a

Here is her full outfit.
She has chocolate hair and chocolate eyes!
 She has an interesting side part.
 She has this fluff skirt.  Very unusual. 
 Skirt and shoes
Also nice details on the bottom of shoes!

If you are looking for a comparison of the older OG and Lori doll, or a more detailed
review of the Lori dolls, please check Toy Box Philosopher , She did and excellent job.

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Part Of.....

Hey Gang!

Like the say in the soap operas, the part of Hae will now be played by.....
not the Sparkle Princess Mulan below. I'm changing charters.

Sparkle Princess Mulan

I wasn't pleased by the smug smile on that version of Mulan.  She may appear
later as another character.

Hae will now be played by this version of Mulan.

She is the 1997 Hearts of Honor Mulan.

I like her smile better. There are many versions of Mulan. I own five.
The two others by Mattel...

Sparkle Princess Mulan and Warrior Princess Mulan and two are by Disney. 
One is the Ballerina Mulan. 

 Ballerina Mulan 2004
I put her on a Liv doll body.
 The other is a Disney Store version of the doll that ran from about 2006-2010

Hi! My name is Kim. 
Kim is a new character.

All of these dolls have been rebodied last year. That was my big year for reboding.
I still have a few AA dolls that need new bodies but almost all of My Asian and 
Native American dolls have been rebodied.  My biggest project will be reboding 
all the guys.  I done a few here and there but the majority of my Mattel males
need an articulated body.

So here is the new Hae! She is on a Mattel BB body with articulated elbows and 
3 click knees. This is one of my favorite bodies.
After reviewing many of the Disney dolls for this post, I think I want more of Mulan's

Her story is coming soon!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lori Doll and Video of the Month!

Hey Gang!

While at Target I stumbled across the new Lori dolls.  They were formally
the Our Generation mini dolls.  I guess that they were so popular that they
got their own line!

They are the same size as the old dolls but they have more character and more
ethnic dolls! Woo Hoo!   At my local Target there was one black/brown doll!
There are a few dolls with pets and single dolls.  They cost a little more than
the old dolls but I think they are worth it!
 Classic outfits and great shoes too!
And there are outfits too!  The old Our Generation outfits were nice but these are 
even better!

I think my Cecile would look great in this outfit!  I really hope the other dolls
show up here!
I found this videos on Youtube.

There is furniture, a car, a house, dance studio and accessories too!

               Check out all of these videos and get your shopping list ready!

 OK, Thanks for Looking!