Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Doll Collectors interview--Part Three! Lee Fran

Hey Gang!

One of the other doll collectors I met at our luncheon was Lee Fran!
A woman and her bird Alex!
She was the one who brought the suitcase of dolls with her!

Doll collector’s interview

When did you start collecting dolls? 

What was your first purchase as a collector? 
Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

How many dolls do you own? 
I own 3,700 dolls

What is your favorite doll and why? 
I have about 150 favorite dolls, I love their realist look and their
26 point posing actions on some, I'd say Integrity and Hot Toys
some of my favorites.

What doll or dolls are not your favorites and why?
The dolls that are not my favorite are the ones I give away to the many
children after taking their outfits off and redressing them in other outfits
I buy in bulk.

What is the biggest challenge about collecting dolls? 
Honestly I have no challenges when buying the dolls I like, some I make 6
payments of a few 100 dollars at a time, so I would say the Emperis and

Kingdom Dolls are a bit of a challenge.

How do you display or store your dolls? 
I have a 40 ft climate controlled trailer where most of my dolls, doll buildings,
cars, trucks Van's, horses and stable is housed at. My smallest doll is 1:84 I also
have Tonner dolls, my displays are dioramas.

Have you ever been to a doll show? 
No not yet, I wasn't able to afford the Integrity doll show that was in Poland

When you travel, do you look for dolls? 
Yes, I look for different dolls everywhere I go, maybe there is a doll that I don't
have and would like to have as part of my collection.

What is your latest purchase? 
Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean,

Cinderella's mother, the Fairy Godmother
to Cinderella

Angelina Jolie Maleficent,

I just bought about 20 new dolls in the
past week.

What doll is on your wish list now? 
She is a Kingdom Doll she runs about $2,700.


What do you wish you didn’t purchase? 
There is no doll I wish I didn't buy, as everything i bought i wanted.
I live in a world of dolls and dollhouses.

What is your favorite doll related item? 
My H2 remote control Hummers that my barbie dolls can fit in.

How often do you photo your dolls and what doll is the most 
photographed and/or photogenic? 
Once a week, my integrity dolls are photographed the most

Do you talk to other collectors in person or just on the web? 
Mainly the web, but did get to have a fabulous time with 3 wonderful
collector's at a luncheon.

If you had the chance to speak to Mattel or other toy makers, what would 
you say?
They should start moving towards a more realist looking doll.

What doll do you wish would be reissued? 
Honestly speaking none, I love the newer looking dolls.

What two dolls would you combine and how would you want them combined? 
(Muff style question) 
My Poppy Parker and Captain America dolls.

If there is something I didn't ask that you would like to say, you can 
put that in too. 
I felt your questions were well rounded and I appreciated what you asked, thank you.

Lee is currently doing a repaint of a Monster High house for her witches Vampires and

Lee: One coat of paint Krylon and Rustoeum, I removed the card boarding placed plastic over the electrical box outside and just spray painted away, using other cardboard pieces not to over spray certain pieces

And now for a flurry of photos!

 Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Make Some Great Doll Shoes!

Hey Gang!

I saw this video on Facebook and looked it up on Youtube because I
thought it was go nice and wanted to publish it!  I am going to have to
get a bag of balloons so that I can try this out!

If you make some of these, please let me know!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Doll Collectors interview--Part Two Update!

Hey Gang!

After the Doll Collector's Meet up last month, I asked the doll collectors there the
same questions I asked a while back about doll collecting!

First up is Shereese Nicole!

Doll collector’s interview

When did you start collecting dolls?
I initially started collecting when I was younger, however, due to everyday life I fell off. I didn’t rediscover doll collecting until 2013.

What was your first purchase as a collector?
My first purchase was the So in Style: Darren and AA Barbie I can be a Dentist.

How many dolls do you own?
Is this a trick question? Lol, last I checked it was over 200, but I 
have not counted recently. 

What is your favorite doll and why?
The AA Nikki doll because she was one of the first dolls I purchased 
and has been a major player in my doll entourage. Her character is 
a more confident and eclectic version of myself; some might say she’s 
my alter ego.
Here she is (Shereese calls her Jeanette) with my Margo in the black 
and white at Cuba Libre! 

What doll or dolls are not your favorites and why?
The twist and turn, non-articulate dolls. I understand these are older
dolls that came before the MTM time period but their unrealistic 
body structure has always been weird to me. Guess that's my personal 
issue if any lol.

What is the biggest challenge about collecting dolls?
Trying not to overspend and buy unnecessary items to spoil these 
plastic people any further.  But on a serious note, my biggest challenge 
is finding older or rare dolls at a reasonable price. 

How do you display or store your dolls?
Due to limited space, I have acquired My Froggy Stuff storage method 
by using magazine boxes to store most of my dolls, in addition, I 
also use storage totes and closet shelves.

Have you ever been to a doll show?
Yes, I attended the Doll and Bear show in New Jersey about two years. 
It was a very fun and fulfilling experience.

When you travel, do you look for dolls?
I always keep my eyes peeled for dolls, especially at flea markets
and yard sales.

What is your latest purchase?
The Wild Hearts Crew: Jacy doll.

What doll is on your wish list now?
Jean Therapy Tobias Alsford Fashion Figure.
 I must say, he is hot!

What do you wish you didn’t purchase?
The hunger games Peeta doll. I wasn’t really a fan of the doll but purchased 
it only to keep up with the hype. A quick lesson I learned as a doll collector, 
never go with the masses but what dolls actually make your heart flutter; 
He was definitely not one of them. 

What is your favorite doll related item?
My favorite items would be the first diorama I made which was a doll pool. 
I love crafting and making anything for my dolls by hand brings me joy. 
OOAK items always appeal to me.

How often do you photo your dolls and what 
doll is the most photographed and/or 
Well, I haven’t taken many photos here lately however, my AA 
Nikki seems to get the most publicity and attention. She is the most 
photogenic to me because I have a few different versions of her. This 
is because her mood and style changes so often and her photos 
enhances them.

Do you talk to other collectors in person or just 
on the web?
I mostly speak to doll collectors via the web but as of late I have made 
a few dolly friends that I have met and spoke to in person. TBH, I feel 
face to face gives you a better bond and understanding with fellow 
doll collectors.

If you had the chance to speak to Mattel or other 
toy makers, what would you say?
A whole heck of a lot but let’s stick to my top concerns. I would 
stress to Mattel or any toy maker that we need more dolls that 
represent everyday people not just those of “magazine perfection”. 
We also need more minority variety, male and female. Having all 
dolls come in articulated and non articulated form, even down to 
the children and to also interview more average people to help 
with creating various clothing and face molds that appeal to 
every generation. 

What doll do you wish would be reissued?
The AA Texas A&M doll! I would love to have him in my collection 
but I refuse to break bank to do so.

What two dolls would you combine and how would 
you want them combined? (Muff style question)
Never really thought about this honestly so I cant give an answer.

I want to thank Shereese for her willingness to take part in this interview! It is 
always great to know more about collectors and collecting!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Doll Therapy! A 12 Step Program!

Hey Gang!

I thought I would share with you one of my posts from Facebook.
Doll Therapy A 12 Step Program!

Original art of Doll Therapy made by Lorella Mascot-she did it!

And sometime just to escape the problems of life!
It is a great way to workout issues that are unresolved!

 And sometimes challenge you!
 You aren't limited to these is a suggestion.
 Do this twice a week! More if necessary! 
 This helps you understand each doll!
 They may be little but they have big feelings!
 Practice on dolls you longer want, or cheap doll from the dollar store. Try temporary paints
or other things that aren't permanent until you feel comfortable.
 Doll get lonely without more company!
 This benefits you and others!
 This is a key step!
I hope you 

OK, Thanks For Looking!