Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reboding Dolls!

I was looking over my dolls and looking over the websites of
my favorite blogger. It looks like we've spent a pretty
penny on reboding dolls. To date I have rebodied 20 dolls
onto articulated bodies. I have many more that may
receive one in the new year. I have found one or
two bodies in the thrift store but most I purchase
on average between 7-9 dollars and a few as much
as 18 dollars. That's about $200 on new
bodies( it could be more).

What would you estimate is the the number of dolls
you rebodied this year? Should we be doing something
about that? Do we need a letter writing campaign?


Cat said...

Just this year I have re-bodied most of my female Barbie collection, as it was a huge goal of mine. I have approximately 53, or more articulated female dolls (not including teens, or kids.) And they were all re-bodied this year. I spent anywhere from $5-$40 for bodies. I spent hundreds to re-body my doll collection. *faints* That doesn't count the dolls re-bodied for ooak dolls I sold, but only a few of those were articulated.

Cat said...

I just looked at those numbers again, it kind of makes my head want to explode. Ugh. That is a lot of doll bodies. Maybe we do need to write a letter. lol

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Cat! Wow, you rebodied all your dolls! I only did my favorites or the ones I planned to use alot. I have only done a few guys. Their bodies are harder to find- new or used!

I posted a message on Doll Divas. It has gotten a lot of responces.
Check it out!

Miss_Lola_77 said...

I really need to count my dolls. But I have a bunch. And I have rebodied most of them. I usually just get thrift store bodies, but I have also paid sale prices for new LIVs or new barbies. I don't want to add it up...

Stardoll40 said...

Yes, yes, lets do it!! I too have rebodied 20 dolls. One of them I literally paid $75 for the head (Hard Rock Barbie)and that was a previously owned doll because you can't find her for under $125. In my area the Fashionistas are $10-$12 so I've spent a pretty penny on them too, not to mention the Liv bodies start at $12 'round these parts. I say they need to know with what we're spending on their halfway done product, we should have a say about how a doll should be manufactured. :)

Great post!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Miss_Lola_77 and Tracy India for your comments!
Ladies, even at sale prices the cost does add up.

Tracy India, that was a great head! Was that the only time that face mold was done in that complexion? Liv and fashionista, what about Pop Life and the taller dolls who bodies cost more? Oh, BTW has any one gotten money for the adds on their blog?

Miss_Lola_77, if you start counting your dolls, you might scare yourself! I never count dolls. :) I need a sign, Will Work For Barbie!

Chynadoll said...

Oh my head is spinning! I have rebodied around 20 for personal use! Then around 10 for OOAKS! Pass that sign over here! Ugh ! I have body parts for days! Anyone know a recycle place for bodies?

smidge girl said...

I've probably rebodied a couple of dozen-- basically all my dolls have been rebodied, except the ones still waiting for a skintone match. (Mostly all guys & AA dolls.)

I just can't find any use for a doll without articulation, so it's kind of a given at this point, any doll whose face I like, I'll have to find a body to put them on.

For the girls, I mainly use Liv bodies. (I really like volks bodies, but they're too $$ to use that often.)Liv dolls have the added bonus of coming with cool clothes & I can usually get most of my money back from selling their heads, wigs, & unwanted props. But, it still sucks to have to do so much extra work to get one useable doll!

There are a lot more people than I thought swapping bodies!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

As a rule I don't do it because I fell into a similar trap dyeing white dolls brown, which served my purpose but did not get the message to the manufacturer that they needed to make the doll brown, not me. While I was buying the white dolls along with other customers who wanted the white doll, it sent the message that the brown/black version was not needed. (I remember reading a article that quoted a doll executive, "Black parents are going to buy the white doll anyway.")

So I put an end to buying white to dye brown. If it's not made the color I desire, I don't buy it.

I haven't rebodied very many dolls for the same reason. At best, two or three. I have plans to rebody one more after it arrives, so max 5 for me. After buying the Stardoll, I am going to adopt that principle for nonarticulated dolls. If the body is not the way I want it, I'm not going to buy another doll to make one good doll.

As long as we accept what's made and buy it, the manufacturers will continue to make the same old things that they feel are selling (because they are) and not get the true picture. The best way to send a message is through the written word and refusing to buy.


Dollz4Moi said...

I have rebodied several dolls this year. I've been a swapper for years. I find that all those bodies I bought during sales come in handy now. I can't really give a number on how many but I know it's been less than 30..I think.

I have bought Fashionista's, LIV, and older Barbies just for articulated bodies. I know if I add it up it may scare me..LOL. I am still thankful for sales cause it could've been a lot more. I also bought some dolls before they became highly sought after.

My stash of bodies amazes me. I don't think I'll need any bodies for a while :O)

Muff said...

This year I bought 4 Fashionistas, 6 LIVs and 4 Power Team Elites for rebodying. And two of the Power Teams I bought just for their hands alone.

So many times I tell myself, "You need to stop this!" But I dont' listen.

Niel said...

I'm very enlightened (and motivated not to buy on impulse) by DBG's comment.

Although it is easier said than done, it is worth a shot to make the manufacturers listen.

Stardoll40 said...

@ Ms. Leo - Yes, I think the Hard Rock Barbie is the only Nikki/Nichelle face mold with a lighter complexion. She was worth it though, especially because I got that spokin' leopard dress with plunging neckline. I just won't do that again, I don't care what the doll looks like, LOL.

You're right, the Pop Life bodies are more $$...I've yet to purchase one of those.

Georgia Girl said...

Nice post Ms Leo! I have rebodied maybe 10 this year. I have several that I just need to do, but have not gotten around to doing.

limbe dolls said...

My collection focuses on clones which cost less than $5 each. I have re-bodied at least two dozen dolls this year but most of the bodies were thrift store finds. I'm not choosey about the flat-footed, Mattel bodies that used to be cheerleaders or NBA stars so all of my Latinas and Caucasian dolls are now on articulated bodies.

It is much harder to find complexion matches for my African American dolls. I'm hoping that the Prettie Girls will provide some good matches but I'm also experimenting with acrylic paints. Yes, it sends the wrong message to manufacturers when we buy a white doll and dye it, but since I only buy Caucasian bodies on the secondary market, the manufacturers are not profiting from those purchases.

Thanks for raising this topic.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: your entrance of today is very good because I also change the body to the Barbies so that they are articleable. In Spain they do not sell the loose bodies and is necessary to buy a whole doll that is worth between 17-22 Euros. To at the moment I changed the body her to my favorites but more bodies need to me because I have many desire to modify. We follow in contact of blog blog

Vanessa said...

I'm torn on this one. As Debbie (DBG) said unless we are willing to stop buying the dolls and/or the extra bodies, is it worth it? I haven't proven to myself that I can stop buying, as indicated by my additional purchases from Target today on their Buy 1 Get 1 50% off. The manufacturer may get the letter, see how much additional money they have made and say, "Wow, we are definitely on the right track." Their bottom line will always be money. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't part of some marketing strategy. At this point, I am just happy there is a $10 body with articulated wrists that I can buy to get the realism I need. I am hoping the Prettie Girls will add some more shades and give Mattel some major competition. That is when I think Mattel will possibly respond. I definitely think something needs to be done. I just don't have a good idea what that is.

Ms. Leo said...

WOW! I never expected to get this reaction to a question.

Thanks Chynadoll and smidge girl!

Chynadoll, I would have a hard time giving away a good body for a project for someone else. Your good!

smidge girl, I was just talking about my girls. I haven't yet began on my guys yet. Only a few of them have been rebodied. More of them have come articulated... thank goodness. Some do need it.
I love that Liv doesn't think that everything has to be pink!

Ms. Leo said...

dbg Of BDE, you make a very valid point! I don’t think Mattel will listen until some smart company comes up with bodies that cost the same as fashionista but with more skin tone options comes along. It takes that kind of press for them to make any move. Too often when Mattel does move, they go in the wrong direction i.e. balloon head dolls and slutty clothing. Thanks for commenting.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Dollz4Moi, Hey, It's Muff and Niel Camhalla for your comments.

Dollz4Moi, you are lucky you have exta bodies. As you might note for my post I have even stared taking legs form one body to put to others. Fashionista are limited in complexion. I have many dolls that are lighter than Kara but darker than Grace. A few like Princess of South Africa will be a hard find. (I think the Integrity Toys bodies are taller than I want.) I wills try to stock up on bodies when I can too. Mattel male bodies have only started to have articulated wrist. But no AA dolls!

Hey, It's Muff and Niel Camhalla,
I think I have become an articulation junkie! Withdrawing for it will be very hard. The more I post and do scene with my dolls, the more they need to move! Articulation is the next evolution past legs that click in three place! I think we all see that! Maybe it is just me, but isn't that why Mattel sold better than other dolls in the past. They were more play-friendly! You can't keep putting out 45's if everyone else is putting out cd's.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Tracy India, Georgia Girl and limbe dolls.

Tracy India, that doll is smokin' and so was the dress! I am suprised that her face wasn't a BB doll? I have the AA Pop Life doll. She is taller that a normal Barbie. That body is OK if you don't mind a taller doll.

Georgia Girl, I think we all have some doll who will look a little different in the new year.

limbe dolls, using the secondary market is a good thing! I am finding that a lot of thrift stores aren't carry dolls because, 1.the whole made in China thing.
2. many thrift store are run by religious organizations that have a problem with (can you believe it) selling dolls if they don't have clothing on. Thrift stores are still some of my favorite places to look for new bodies.

The fastest selling items on eBay are dolls and doll bodies with articulation.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Marta and Vanessa.

Marta, muchos de nosotros hacemos muñecos de comprar para sus cuerpos en la segunda parte / segunda mano tiendas y mercados de pulgas. Veo el coste en España puede ser un problema. Seguimos en el blog de contacto en el blog.

Vanessa, you make good points also.
I wish we could all get in contact with Prettie Girl before they come out and let them know how we feel.

When I first got into collecting dolls again, one of the website I saw was City Circlez.
The thing I noticed when looking at it was how much must have been spent on reboding dolls for that webpage(some posts are from as far back as 2005.) this was before there was a line of dolls that had articulation. I just wonder what was spent on that.

Alrunia said...

I know I sometimes count my dolls but I don't seem to ever have any recollection of how many I counted lol! I must be repressing the memories. But yeah rebodied dolls are a large part of that. Although I have to admit lately I've been re-heading more than re-bodying, especially older dolls which I no longer find attractive. I guess my taste has changed over time.

The late Joe Tai had the right idea- you culd buy his super articulated 16" bodies alone, he knew there's a market to rebody Tonner (and Gene and Alex) dolls too.
But you know what? A company like Obitsu or Triad can get away with selling headless bodies, because outside of collectors circles they don't get much publicity. Now if Mattel released a line of headless articulated bodies.. imagine the headlines. "GRAPHIC MUTILATED BARBIE TEACHES OUR CHILDREN TO BE SERIAL MURDERERS"- it might not be immediately obvious but with such rampant sensationalistm and media bias agains Barbie Mattel does have it rough and can't afford to do many (potentially revolutionary) things I'm sure they'd like to.

D7ana said...

I agree with Alrunia about difficulties Mattel would face to sell articulated bodies only.

Mattel probably doesn't do as many articulated dolls because there may still be stigma about the articulated, aka, jointed dolls. I prefer articulated dolls as an adult enthusiast, but when I was a girl, I thought they looked broken and Franken-dollied.

I would LOVE for Mattel to make MORE articulated dolls.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Alrunia and D7ana. I do think that extra bodies is something that could be sold online for adults or for parents looking to replace bodies of broken Mattel dolls. It would be able to hit the collector and the playline market. Not always when a doll is broken is it replace with the same doll. Sometimes it is replaced with a doll from different line. Collectors may be looking to replace a body on a doll. Selling replacement bodies would keep the money in Mattel's doll pocket. Mattel could go green by offer $1.00 of for the return of old bodies.