Sunday, February 24, 2019

When Should A Post Become a Video?

Hey Gang!

So my fellow bloggers, diorama makers and video makers, when
does a post become a video?  Do you start it out as a video? Filming
as a video. Do you take photos and turn those into a video?  I would
love to hear what you think!

For me it happen two ways.  The first is a planned video from photos.
The second is a post that seems long to me and I turn it into a video
while preparing it to post or later as I review a post.

I was reviewing this post and thought it show be a video.
So here you go!

Ok, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, February 15, 2019

New Fashionista Coming!

Hey Gang!

I just saw the new Fashionista dolls coming this year!  One will have a
wheelchair and one will have a  prosthetic leg!
The dolls should should show up about June.  She will be articulated and the wheelchair 
doll will have her own ramp!  The doll the prosthetic leg, the leg will be removable.
I am not so sure about that! Finding shoes for adult collectors are hard enough!

I am wondering if the older Becky wheelchair and doll will go down in price now?

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Adding New Harry Potter Dolls To My Collection!

Hey Gang!

I don't know if they have been marked down in your Walmart but my Walmart
has reduced the price on some Harry Potter doll to...can you believe it...$2.00!
Well I couldn't believe it! So  I purchased one more Ron Weasley, a Minerva
McGonagall (which I have been eyeing for a while) an additional Albus
Dumbledore (purchased one for $5.00 on Facebook before I knew that they
were on sale) all for $2.00 each! In my store Harry, Hermione and the Quidditch
Harry and Draco dolls were not on sale.  Boo Woo!

You might have seen my video of the month on the Albus Dumbledore beard
replacement.  Not sure if I am up for that yet but I have him in case I do!

I share this info on the dolls with Jeanie Schmidt of Adventures In Barbieville.
She told me that they weren't on sale in her store.  So check you store and then
check back in a few weeks. Sometimes the timeline in stores differ.

I cut the beard on my first Dumbledore doll!
I think he will be kinda of a Bad A$$ and I plan to give him tattoos. I am looking
for temporary tattoos. If you know of a store I can find them. please let me know.
Young people can't have all the fun!  My older dolls need to have some fun too!
I am taking suggestions on the second doll!

Now for Minerva I search photos of the doll and the woman,  Dame Maggie Smith!
She was a hottie when she was younger!

 I wanted to soften the look of the doll by removing the wrinkles!  That what I
did with both of my Happy Family Grandmas.  I only wish I could do it on myself!

I also was wondering what her hair would look like down!  You would think as
tight as her hair looks in that top knot that alone would give her a face-lift  I
was not trying to make her look 20 or 30.  I wanted her to be one of my
mature dolls. 

I gave her a wedge cut( The back of her hair was kinda choppy before I cut it. This
made it more even. If I had cut it as short as the short parts in the back, she would
be bald. ) shortened her eyebrows and removed the lip color. I want to paint her lips
a different color but I don't have the color I want right now.  She also needs
earrings, wardrobe and a story line. I am at the end of my budget for February
and I can't purchase anything of those things for her right now. I did put her on a
Raquelle Fashionista body!  I had one I was using for a doll I hadn't introduced.
I show more pictures of her when she is fleshed out.  I am calling her Sloane Kenisen
and she is a cousin to Ian.

My Ron Weasley will get a new hair color.  I am not sure what color. I am taking
suggestions for that too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Insight From fellow Bloggers!

Hey Gang!

I came across this post from a fellow blogger, Karen Raye!  She is a food
blogger but I found her information is relevant! She talks about things
that have changed blogging!

Kitchen Treaty 

Give the blog a good look! There are a lot of good recipes there!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Video Of The Month!

Hey Gang!

For this month's video of the month I want to feature a new person
and products that they are recommending for us doll collectors!
Now you might be familiar with these products but I was not.  I wanted
to share them with you! They are a little long but informative!
So here they are from Super Buddies Forever!  Now I just purchased Dumbledore
doll from Latoya Denise Jackson from Minifu for $5.00 on FB!  He is a nude doll and
I can't wait until he arrives! You really do find some good deals on FB but you have to
be fast!  I am thinking about doing these when he arrives!

Now if you have doll clothes or make doll clothes, this will work for you!

OK, Thanks For Looking!