Monday, July 30, 2012

Heads Up!

Heads Up!

Hey Gang!
I wanted to give you a heads up on this great eBay seller Nancy! Here is an Item that is on its’ way to my house!

Here is one of the items I purchased!

Doesn’t he look great! Her prices are good too!  These items are quality too!
She has some great stuff for your guys and we all know how hard that is to find!
Check them out in her store at will show you more of what I purchased in a fashion show shortly!

Thanks For Looking!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quick Post

Quick Post

Hey, I saw these dolls at Wal-Mart. They really creeped me out!

Not only were they dirty

but they have a Chucky  from Childs Play vibe to them. “

Friends to the end!”  I don't want to see what these guys do when the lights go out inWal-Mart!

Thanks For Looking!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hard Work And Reward!

Hey Guys,

I’ve just finish with my biggest garden related project of the year yesterday, the Northwest Gardening Association’s Annual Plant Swap! The Swap is a great way for us plant lovers to get new plants without having to pay for them. Each person brings plants (or garden related items) that they would like to swap. They get a ticket and for each item and use those tickets to check out after swapping. You bring 10 you get 10. We also receive donations from local nurseries to pump up the stock of plants. There is normally refreshments, door prizes and raffles too!
The Swap will be ten years old next year! I started it under another organization I belonged to and have moved it to NWGA which I founded. NWGA is three years old, and I am the president of the organization. I hope to do something big for the tenth anniversary of the Swap! I just don’t know what right now. In planting for next year and the upcoming workshops, I hope to start a gardening blog for the organization next week to go along with the tenth year. It will be a place where I will post gardening pictures, info and upcoming events! I will post here and give you a link to the new blog when it is up.

I was there setting up for the Swap that started at 10:00am at 7:00am and I left at 3:00 after clean up after the Swap which ended at 1:00. It was a very long day! I should have went straight home…But no! I was right across from Kohl’s and thought I‘d check to see if maybe he was there! Wow he was there and he is the last one!

They wanted way to much for him!: ( Then I saw the sign that said 20% off. Well, that is a little better. So I got him!

Fashionista Ryan!

My reward for working so hard!

Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Little Scoop on Justin Beiber!

As I was “Comparin’ Aaron”, I thought I should show you my Beibers too! I saw one comparison on flickr. It was not complete but I think it is worth looking at. I only have two Beibers. There are about 6 (maybe more) head sculpts out there. Three have molded hair/ no smile, two with molded hair (regular and short cut) that have an open mouth smile and two with “real hair” and one of them has an open mouth smile. The real hair doll is a better reflection of the short hair cut Beiber got. BTW, that cut cost the toy company about 100,000.00! So the toy manufacturer isn’t smiling even it the doll now is! Anyway, none of mine has the smile! I have #2 and #3.

I was told by Muff of Hey it is Muff that there are different bodies too. So right now I have two of the bodies. One(#2) I purchase from Muff

and one(#3) with the real hair, Leo-Sydney's brother, I purchase from TRU.

The headsculpt has changed a great deal! I'm calling the old headsculpt Hunter.  He looks like a Hunter to me!

So here is what their torso looks like out of the shirts! The one with the hair is the newer body and it is a little more streamlined at the waist.

Here is a shot of the different necks to the dolls.

The one with the hair has what you might call a pivotal neck. The other has a side to side turntable head. Unfortunately, the one with the pivotal neck can only look down a little bit but not up really at all. So to me, that is not a change for the better!

Ryan from my Sydney Tryout post is also on this same older Beiber body.

He is a Hannah Montana Travis doll from the Hannah and Travis gift set .

Here he is with the Beibers.

Here is Aaron and Warren.

Here they all are together.

As I said in the Aaron post, Beiber items are selling well. I think some of it is the popularity of Justin as a person and the other is the entire doll world fed up with Mattel fashions! Muff posted back in 2011 of her Justin Bieber’s Carnage. Boxes and bodies tossed for clothing! The Bieber’s fashions are more real! I hope to scoop up some of his outfits for the males around here. Only TRU in my area seems to have the outfits sets! They are the cheapest for the dolls too!

His new outfits for next year are said to be great too if the 2012 Toy Show is a guage! I guess I’ll try to have some money ready for them!  I guess I'll just have to sew somethings for now.

Thanks For Looking!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Road Trip!

Like Vanessa wrote in here post entitled “Disney Articulated Body Pt. 1” I too caught the Disney sale on princesses, but I got the sale price at the store! There is a Disney store in King of Prussia PA so I just drove over. I haven’t been to King of Prussia in a long time, not since I worked there part-time. I use to work at Penney’s in watch repair. (Another of those crazy jobs I had to pay off the house.) I don’t miss working in K of P. The traffic can be a hassle but a non-rush hour trip every now and then is OK!
When I worked at K of P there was an FAO Schwartz there! I loved that store! PRETTY!!! I purchased a few things from there but not too because of the prices. It was a great place to spend lunch! There was a TRU right across the complex. OMG, why didn’t I stop at the TRU while I was there? Bone head! I guess I might be making another trip. I got some really great stuff at that TRU. Yeah I’ll have to go back.

Any way I purchased two types of Tiana (3 dolls all together) and one type of Mulan. It is harder now to find the SIS Cara doll at a good price and I still have several medium dark brown dolls that need bodies. I also have a few paler dolls that need bodies too. The Sinatra is a little too costly for me right now!

The 2012 and 2011 Tiana

2012 Mulan She looks a little… constipated .

Vanessa promised us a really good comparison of this to doll with other body types! I'm going to be lazy and wait for that!  I would like to show a little of the two types I have. Like Vanessa I will be show the Tianas first. I will put both the Tiana head and the dress up for sale or trades on my blog so if you are interested, please contact me.

2011 Tiana-the one on sale for 7.99

Now lets see the goods!  The gown of this doll is covered with sparkles that get everywhere! I had to washer to get them off the body.

The 2011 doll has purple eyes!

I haven’t seen purple eyes on a person that dark since the last time I went to the contact lens store! I know the Mattel’s Tiana are brown and so is the 2012. We aren’t buying this doll for the head. We want her body! Insert cackle here!

Her body type is similar to that of the articulated SIS bodies. I would agree with Vanessa that the body does seem sturdier that that of the Mattel dolls. So that speaks to what Mattel could do. Her arms and hands are that of a better made Fashionista Barbie.

Tiana hand

Cara hand and Tiana hand and arms.  Kara is the darker one.

Warning-- Nude dolls!

Her torso is a cross between the Mattel Belly Button body and the Disney body that you might find on the newer Hannah Montana and friends.

It has the little smaller waist of the Hannah dolls and

she has high heel feet with toes (and not the club foot of Mattel dolls)!

club foot!
It all makes me wonder about patents! I hope we are not up for another patent fight!

Winning an articulated body of a medium dark brown……and the body goes too…

Stephanie Laurent!

She was the last of the sisters without an articulated body! The body seems smaller and that seems fitting for her!

2012 Tiana 14.99 or 2 for 22.00

Gloves!  I love have more gloves!

Brown eyes!

I like this face the best of all the Tiana that I have seen. Yes, even with the side looking eyes!  This is a head worth trying to shrinkThe gown isn't my cup of tea but it doesn't have all those sprarkles. This is the new doll you have seen used on the net in places like Van’s Doll Treasures and Flickr!


and feet!

The knees are like the first wave of Fashionista Barbies. Because of that, she also has the same issue of not being able to set like a lady that Vanessa mentioned.
I do think that she will make a great doll for dancing!

Maybe some costumes next time!

When I purchased these dolls, I had a “take that Mattel” feeling as I did it. We all need more of that. We need someone to give us body options if Mattel won’t. There wasn’t a name on the manufacturer of the Disney dolls on the box… won’t it be funny if it were Mattel???

Who will get the newest Tiana body?

I haven’t decided. You’ll have to wait and see.
With the second 2011 body went to one of my favorites and a dolls who was in great need a new body!

So that mean more play time for Imani and some blog time too!

Thanks For Looking!

Monday, July 9, 2012

More On The Audition!

While Sydney was waiting for her audition to start(check out her waiting video here), she played with the Etch-A-Sketch, a woman walked over.

Tina: Hi, is this where the auditions are to being held?

Sydney: Yes! Are you here to audition? Tina: Yes! Hi, I’m Tina. Are you auditioning too? Sydney: Yes, I’m Sydney!

Sydney is still unsure when to do the whole handshake thing and how to do it!

Sydney thought that everyone who would audition would be her age or maybe college age. She didn’t think a woman Tina’s age would be here.

Sydney: What are you planning to do for you audition?

Tina: I’m a jazz singer! Sydney: How long have you been doing that?

Tina: I’ve been singing since I was a child but I’ve been singing mostly jazz for about six years. I sing with a group in Philly and a group in NYC.

Sydney was a little taken back. This woman was a professional and she was auditioning here. The competition might be more that she imagined.

Sydney asked carefully so not to offend. Sydney: So you are a professional and you are auditioning here? Tina smiled. Tina: Yeah the business is not as easy as winning American Idol! It is nice to not have to travel to a gig! Tina could see that she had some questions. She saw the guitar by the table.

Tina: So you play the guitar? Sydney: Yes, I’ve been playing for three years. Tina: I am just learning to play the piano so that I can write my own songs. Sydney had not thought about writing her own songs.

Sydney: I am thinking about entertaining as a career, do you have any suggestions? Tina thought about her answer. Tina: Well, I’m guessing you are in high school; I would say stay in school and learn as much as you can. While you are in high school, all of your education is free. After high school you’ll have to pay to learn things. People might try to take advantage of you. The more you know the better prepared you are. Also, you have to have your wits about you. Musically, expose you self to all kinds of music. I sing jazz but I have studied classical voice, gospel, R&B and rock. Try new things and collaborate with others. All that will help make you more rounded as a performer.
Sydney now wanted to hear Tina sing. Just then a guy came up. Is this where the auditions are held?

They both said yes in unison. Tre’: Hey, I’m Tre’. Sydney! Tina! Tre’ thought he would put the moves on them later. Right now, he needed to find Khaleel. He took out his cell phone and began to dial.

Sydney and Tina returned to their conversation.

Sydney: Do you find it hard to survive as a singer? Tina: I do OK! I don’t have a record deal or anything yet. I do a lot of voice over work, some back up singing and studio work. I’m not living on the street or anything but I do watch my money!

Deena:  Hello, who is here for the aaudition?

Well, it look like things are going to get on their way! Will Sydney make the cut?  What will Tre' be doing? Is Tina too big a fish for this little pond? Come back and see!

Thanks For Looking!