Friday, November 30, 2018

Back at the longhouse!

Hey Gang!

This being November, let's check up on some of the Native American
who live in Johnston!  Apollonia has move here and is hoping her sisters
will live here too!
They came to visit and she is hoping that they will decide to stay.
Naira, Apollonia and Mia
Her older sister is Mia and she has a husband and two children.  Her husband
couldn't come but she has arrived with the children.
Mia's daughter Kayla is enjoying story time with the other young children.

Mia's son GT has decided to explore and is out for a walk!
 GT: This place is great!
 There is so much to see and do!
Mia has heard a lot about this place. Mia was the attorney who worked with 
Edward Running Bear about getting this land back in Native American hands.

 Loraine: We are so happy and glad to be here!  It is all in a big part due to you!
Edward Running Bear:  I can't wait to show you around!  I am hope that you and
your family will choose to stay.  I have a ton of questions for you and I still need
your help! 

It was important to Mia to put images to the place she worked so hard to secure.
Mia: It is very beautiful here!

Apollonia's younger sister is Naira!  She and her new husband Elan have come too.
They have been married less than two months.  They met in graduate school
at North Carolina A&T.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Longhouse-- Working On The Layout

Hey Gang!

My Native American dolls were one of the first dolls to move to Johnston.  In my
mind, some of the dolls there live communally and others have house on
the campus.  I have several ideas of what I want the main seating area in my
Native American longhouse to look like.  I know the furniture I want to use...
I think and I will add a few other things. I plan to use a large box and cover
it with some type of covering to make the walls of the room.  Here is my
ruff draft of the room!

Most of the items I am using are things that I have found in thrift stores.
Like the two benches that will be sofas.

And this pie cooler in the back.  I have already used the cabinet in the dinning hall 
so I guess I will use something else.
This desk I got from will take me some time to get it right.  I will have to 
make draws and other touches to give it the right feel.
the wood stove need a flu and I need to find nic nacs.
Try # 2
I like he rug but I am thinking the walls are too dark. even with colorful art.
These stumps will be tables. I think I could use glass tops. I want the wood to show.
I have two different fabrics I am thinking about for the sofas,. This is choice #1

 This is #2 a blanket type style in colors.

Any suggestions?

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Friday, November 23, 2018

This Year's Christmas Sweater Haul Thus Far!

Hey Gang!

This is my Christmas sweater haul from Target!  Only a four sweaters
selection this year!
I call this one the Cat in the Hat!
The Reindeer!
Chilli Willi Penguin
Max the dog from the Grinch That Stole Christmas.

They were $3 and a great buy!

Here  is my gang watching the Thanksgiving parade in the sweaters!
 Vinny is in the blue sweater!  Hanna is in the red sweater!
 Ron is in the green sweater and Rafaella, called Ella is in the pink sweater!
It was a great time to hang out with friends!
Here are a few links from past year's Christmas ornaments wearable!

From Target and Micheal's 2017

From Dunkin Donuts 2016

From Micheal's in 2015

From Target 2010

I only got the two that year because I didn't know they were
around until late!

From the net for 2010

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wishing You Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Gang!

Tom Turkey is hiding out again!  Hoping to make it through
another Holiday Season!  It is 3:00 here and thus far he seems
safe for Thanksgiving!  If he makes it to the 26th of December
I think he will be home free!
 Tom Turkey: Oh me, oh my!
 Just a few more hours!
 Oh, please!
Just a few more hours!

Have a great one!
Thanks For Looking!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Vidoe Of The Month!

Hey Gang!

I have two videos for you this month!  They are both by AminfulLife!
First up is  her review of  new Fashionista # 114.

The second is her repaint of MTM body!

These videos give me hope and inspiration! Hope because I hope to get this
new Ken!  But I will wait until it is in the stores or I get a good shipping deal.
Inpiration because I have been look at Rainbow Fashionista but the whole body
thing has been bothering me.  I know now what I will have to do!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Bate and Switch!

Hey Gang!

I was surprised and excited when they announce that Mattel was going to
produce a doll in the image of Iris Apfel!
This colorful senior and style icon is wholly unique!
The promotional photos looked promising too!
The Bate!
What I was hoping for was a petite doll, with an older face and hopefully
on a articulated body! A doll like the one in the pictures above promo shots!
What I am seeing so far is fashion dolls that are nice but not really
looking like what got my hopes up!
Versions 2 which I am guessing is to supposed to be the icon.
 Version 1
Both these dolls are listed as Styled By Iris Apfel.  This give me hope that we 
might still see the  doll shown below!

I know that there are often changes in the promo photo and the doll released.
But in my mind, these dolls aren't even close!

There is still time for the promo doll to be released! My hopes are still up.  I

OK, Thanks For Looking!