Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jacob Growing Up!

Hey Gang!

I decided that I would use the Duck Hunter body for Jacob. I
Thought you might like to see his progressions.
Jacob at 14!
Jacob at 18!

Jacob at 23!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Action Figure At Toys R Us!

Hey Gang!

I wanted to share with you and action figure that I just found at Toys R Us.
I have taken this pictures and posted to my blog with my new tablet!
It takes better pictures than my old table.  I might not need to carry
my camera with me everywhere!

So here he is!  He is the Blue Box Duck Hunter.  He is an excellent find!

Here is a close up on his face!  He comes with some great accessories too.
Ducks he caught!
and decoy ducks.
He has a great dog friend hunting dog!
A rifle. 
A real and an action figure size duck call and binocular.
Now guess how much?
Can you believe it!
So I bought him!  I'll post pictures out of the box later!
Speaking of the box, they make more action figures but I only saw this one there.
Here are pictures of the others listed on the box.
Deer Hunter!
Bear Hunter!
Turkey Hunter!

I suggest you get yourself out to TRU! By the way, I found this video review
of him too! So I will make this a video of the month too.

OK, Thanks, For Looking!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Something New For Nola!

Hey Gang!

One of my first purchase for the new year was pants for my Nola (Big and
Beautiful Dasia). Guess who I purchased them from?  That's right!
Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures.  She is selling very nice Dasia  clothes.
So if your Dasia needs clothes, check her out!

I purchased the beige hound's tooth pants and the palazzo pants! First let me say
that I am a big fan of palazzo pants.  There are a few in my wardrobe!  So to
have my dolls wear something that I enjoy wearing is a plus!

The pants are navy blue with a pink pinstripe!  The perfect combination of masculine and
 She pairs it with a pink sweater.  
It is her pink for the love of her live Macy's cancer sweater.  
I removed the patch.

The pants are really well made!
 Seams are serged! 
 Here she is in her hound's tooth pants!
 They are a slimmer fit.  I paired them with a white shirt and a peach sweater/jacket!
 She sometimes adds a hat!

I still need shoes for Nola.  She needs brown and black pumps.  Any suggestions?

BTW, there are many accepted names and spellings for hound's tooth.

OK, Thanks For Looking!