Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Last Purchase of 2021!

 Hey Gang!

These guys were my last purchases for 2021!  I got them for $3.00 each plus shipping from a great Facebook seller Barbara Wilkenshoff. 

They are Disney Descendants male dolls.  I purchase them nude but I put short on them because I didn't want to offend anyone right off. 

I got them as much for their bodies as their heads.
A while back I purchased Ben and I used him as a body donor of Norio

Jay will join Na'ilah as a couple on my blog. You might remember that I got Na'ilah(DC Superhero Bumblebee) a while back. Jay and Na'ilah will be styled and will appear later this year.  I am looking to style them like these dolls for Veronica Prince of Doll of a Darker Hue.  This her picture.

The are a great couple .One of my favorite Facebook couples Rex and 

Warning Nude dolls!

They both have articulated elbows and knees. They both have at least one painted on glove on their hand.

Where Jay is a nice brown the color of many Barbie males like AA Prince Dominque or Fresh Squad Daniel.  Where Carlos is an odd complexion with a gray undertone.  So I don't see body swapping in his future.  He will probably stay on his body.  Maybe he may be a nice friend for Roxie

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Armagh Garden Sheds NI said...

Who will not love to play with dolls

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Armagh and welcome to my blog! Sadly when people know that your do more than just display dolls, they look at you kinda strange.

april_n_paris said...

Congratulations on your new dolls. I look forward to see how you'll dress them! Big hugs. April

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment April! I need my hugs! Right now I am looking through the close that I have. I don't want to buy anything yet. I will probably make something before I buy something.