Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thrift Store Puchase For August Part 2

OK Gang!  Here Are The Dolls!

I moslty buy dolls at thrift stores for four reasons: the price, the lack of packaging, their bodies and their clothes. 

You can't beat thrift store prices!  If you find something too expensive at a thrift store, you can sometimes talk them down.  That is hard to do at a regular toy store.

Packaging is minimal at a thrift store.  The packaging on some toys is so hard to get into. At thrift stores  they know if you can't see it you won't purchase it (except for the mistery box) and in the words of Flip Wilson ..."what you see is what you get."  If it is broken... you see that.  If parts are missing, you noramlly see that and if the legs don't bend, you see that too!

In purchasing from a thrift store you have the oppertunity to get outfits and/or dolls that you didn't get a chance to in the past.  I have found vintage dolls and clothes in a thrift store and sometimes there is a great surprise waiting for  you there!

OK! First up is this lady.  She is a My Scene doll.  I am seeing a lot more My Scene dolls in the thrift stores.  Now this is unscientific but I normally find that the lag time of when a doll comes out and when they appear heavily in thrift stores is 8-10 years.  That is the time that the child is no longer playing with it and mom needs to get it out of the house!  If my memory serves me correctly the first My Scene dolls had feet that you put on like Bratz dolls.  So I'm thinking this doll is a second issue  of the doll.

I'm not big on big head dolls but I like the dress/nightgown.  When I needed non-articulated bodies I would have kept her body but she will go up on my dollpage-nude.

She has a cute face... you might want to check her out!

Next up is Mel-B from the Spice Girls.  AKA Scary Spice.  I am not sure if this is an original outfit or not. I already have one Mel-B   She is a little different that this one.  The hair on mine is in better condition.  This girl need to go over to Chyna doll for a deep conditioner!
She will also go to thedollpage... nude.

I have been wanting this girl from Only Hearts Club for a long time.  She is missing shoes but hey, this is a thrift store! She costed a little too much when they were new but now she is mine! Briana Joy!

I found another My Scene girl .  I told your they were show up alot!  Now I really have plans for this top and skirt.

 See that! She is trying to hypnotize me into to keeping her!  I... must... resist!

I haven 't been to a thrift store that sold toys where there wasn't a blonde Barbie and this is another cute dress.  This doll is going up for sale.

Hey, why does my listing say I'm a cheap blonde?  I'm not cheap...I'm Barbie darn it!

Another reason to shop in a thrift stores is to rescue dolls.  This doll needs saving in the worst way.  I don't know who she was but her hair is a hot mess!  She needs a wig from limbe dolls in the worst way!  I need you to email me limbe dolls!

Scary isn't she! Her hair is a matted mess.

Group Shot!

Oh, and Sharpay was there too!

Stay tuned for part 3!  Yes there is more!  Part three will be my last post for August.  I am trying to be good for September!

Thanks for Looking!


Muff said...

I like all these dolls, including the one with super freaky hair. She looks she was an entertainer. Did the Pointer Sisters ever have a doll because she reminds me of the middle sister.

I think they did a great job with the hair of the My Scene kids or at least it seems different than the current hair styles.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you find cheap dolls and they are wearing very nice clothing. In my country there are no thrift stores. You bought many dolls this summer! . Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

Score! Really nice finds. Congrats on your Briana Joy. You know how much I love my Only Heart dolls. I have brand new MyScene dolls that I keep saying I should sell, but their faces just keep drawing me in. I can't figure out what to do with them. I'm just not ready to say goodbye yet.

IHime said...

Nice finds! I agree that the first My Scene is from a later edition, but not because of feet, as they all had Barbie's feet from the start, but because of her eyes - she has slanter, smaller eyes. The second MS is somewhere from the middle times of MS, because she has bigger eyes but more complex make up than the first dolls. The poor doll that needs a wig is a Splash'n'Color Christie.

Sergio said...

I'm always very envious of what you guys can find in thrift stores! If anyone should decide to make an investment in Italy and open a thrift store here, too, I think I will be their first customer!

Carrickters said...

You can sometimes find good buys here at Op Shops (thrift stores) but nothing like what you seem to be able to find. What a good haul.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, Marta, Vanessa, IHime, Sergia and Carrickters!

Muff, I thought the Christie doll with the crazy hair might be Rock Star Christie but I'm not sure. I really don't know it the did a Pointer Sister doll... could be. I think that is a question for dbg of BDE! I too think the My Scene did have better hair styles and colors than Barbies.

Marta and Sergio, Until I started hearing from you, I thought everyone had a thrift store in their area! So it is an american thing? Hmmm! A lot of them here are run by churches. The one I got to is run by a church with the money going for schools and hospitals in third world countries. It makes me feel good about going there and by give my old items to them. Not only have I gotten dolls, I got a fish tank complete and a fur coat last year for $40.00. Yeah, those dolls had some great clothing! You guys need thrift stores there.

Vanessea, After seeing your Only Hearts for soo long I finally got one! Some of the My Scene dolls have really great faces! If only they were smaller! I have to sell them to have money for more dolls1

IHime, You have made me a little curious about the My Scene dolls! I will have to research them. I remember with the ones with the smiles came out but not much more. This my be a future post!

Carrickters, Op store hey...why are the Op stores? People here gives a lot of stuff to thrift stores for the tax deduction. The best hauls come near tax time!

Forestminuet said...

Hello! I just came across your site. I love your thrift store finds! I too find some good ones at thrift stores. I actually found the same purple dress you have on your Blonde Barbie at a yard sale. :) Check out my thrift store finds at

Take care :)

Carrickters said...

That's fascinating - you can claim a donation to a thrift store as a tax deduction. You definitely can't do that here - you can only claim money donations to a registered agency and you need a proper receipt. Op Shop is short for Opportunity Shop - and many different charities and organisations run them to raise funds from selling donated goods, for example in my suburb one of the churches run one to support a mission in Africa and my church denomination runs one in another suburb to fund an agency which supplies short-term emergency care for kids.