Monday, March 22, 2021

Some Pants for Sean!

 Hey Gang!

It was last year about this time the my Sean (Rubeus Hagrid) got his storyline!  His unique shape     (a much rounded tummy) has some challenges

Tops were as much of an issue as bottoms for him. I show you some things had that I knew I could make work in my first post of him. But I knew back then that bottoms never fit the way they need to and road low on his hips. Luckily I did find a seller on Etsy who had pants just right pants for him and other interesting items too!

Jackie Wingfield --Dolls View Point  from Robbinsdale MN

She has pant for my Sean and other larger action figures!  Sean needed pants!  I purchased  what I think will add to his wardrobe since he came with brown pants--. black, khaki, white and lt blue denim!

The fit is really good and doesn't slide down!

Not even in the back which was a real concern because he doesn't have as...
much in the back as he has in the front! 

She offers a discount for repeat purchases so I am now eyeing two tops  and a robe!

This one!

and this one. He is mostly a casual guy!

You can't get more casual than this!
He does get out and goes place from time to time. I would be great if Sean had a Tux! His college reunion is coming up!

I think my Malik would love this outfit too! It is fitting for a King!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Lynn said...

Very cool, I added the shop to my side bar! I've been thinking about this doll, a very different look to add to Barbie fun:@)

AkinajkaArt said...

Ten gość jest niesamowity, świetny. Też takiego chcę👌😊

Shasarignis said...

Thank you for this new post. I have never take care of this new doll. Now i find him very interesting because of the body why is more realistic.

Jacquelyn Wingfield said...

Thank you for the shout out Ms. Leo! Sean looks so handsome. I agree, a tux is a must have! I'm working on it 🤗

Linda said...

Very cool look he has! A tuxedo would be awesome for his college reunion. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Lynn Akinajka, Shasarignis,Jacquelyn and Linda!

Lynn, he is a different look in both face and body.

Akinajka, I love him too! Pick one up soon because I don't think he will be around for long!

Shasarignis, Yes, realistic! For every muscular man there are five guys that look like him. That is one of the reasons I purchased him.

Jacquelyn,you are welcome! A lot of other people have been telling me how much they like your stuff. Most are not here. They want to see the tux too!

Linda, big guys need to look good too!