Sunday, December 17, 2017

Upset About Being Santa!

Hey Gang!

So Dr. Ben Kenobi is upset  about being asked to play Santa for the town's  Base and WOAAA
Christmas Photo booth that is being sponsored by Tsai's Sporting Goods!

Ben:  This is humiliating!  I'm not all that old!

Ben: I think I may have even started to gray early but every since I did, I have
been viewed as old!

Ben: Maybe it is the beard!  Maybe I should shave it!

Ben: And now I'm Santa! Dang!

Ben:  And they want to pair me with the widow Ferguson to play Mrs. Claus of all things! 
I bet they told her I was a  widower too and now I bet she has got plans for us being a
couple!  I hate blind dates and fixes!

OK Gang!  Thanks For Looking!


Anonymous said...

Poor Ben ;-D! But he's a very cute Santa, although he might not like to hear this lol!

Georgia Girl said...

Lol!!! Great story!! Ben sounds like he has NO interest at all. Lol!!

Phyllis said...

Oh no, he is being sort of "Bah humbug" about being Santa isn't he?! You had me cracking up with the comments about pairing him with the widow Furguson as Mrs. Claus! Too funny!

Muff said...

Well, isn’t he a cranky pants. He should be careful. Sometimes those who protest the most fall in love the hardest.

Carrickters said...

Sorry, Doctor Ben but I agree with everyone else - you are a very cute Santa. And you never know, your Mrs Claus may be equally cute. (Do we get to see her too, Ms.Leo?)

april_n_paris said...

He is a good looking Santa doll!!!!

D7ana said...

Hmmm ... romance on the horizon?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Ms. Leo!