Friday, August 3, 2018

Quick Post! Babysitters Inc Dolls

Hey Gang!

I found a few Babysitters Inc dolls in Target! Even some hard to find ones!
 I have heard the strawberry blonde call Courtney and the guy called Kevin. This
reuses the names of the old Skipper friends.  Because the old Skipper only had a AA
friend, I don't think there was a name given to the Asian doll. Is the AA doll called
Janet? Let me know.
 Courtney and Kevin.  Are they a couple?
 Kevin and the Asian doll.
The Asian and Courtney are the same complexion.

As you may know, I am not a fan of the whole bent arm thing!  
I was told it was to hold the baby.
 Two types of arm bends. One has a turned hand that would cradle better.
 Comparing Kevins!
 He is a little taller than the old Kevin
 The feet are bigger!
 Kevin can wear the new Kevin shoes but not vice a versa!
 The neck knob is different. So there will be no head swapping with these two.
I thought he kinda looked like HSM Ryan but he is different. So not brothers but
maybe cousins.

 Head says 2017.
 Asian girl says 2016.
Here is the Asian Skipper with my Asian Tall rebodied!  Now her headsculpt say
2015 although they look the same.

Now these two to me looked pretty close.  Mattel sometimes slightly alter heads to
create a new doll!  I think they look like Mom and daughter.
 The family!
 They really look like what I notice when I look at families and familiar features.
 A bit of mom and a bit of dad!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Anonymous said...

Great comparisons, they look alike but not exactly the same. The family looks lovely together :-).

Treesa said...

I believe Janet was actually one of Stacie's friends, back in the 90s. Skipper did have an African American friend during her Teen Skipper phase in the early 2000s, but that doll was named Nikki. This was before Mattel decided to name Midge's daughter Nikki.
I don't know much about the new Skipper babysitting line, but I did have a Babysitter Courtney when I was growing up in the 90s.
Signed, Treesa

Phyllis said...

I really hadn't notice the "family" resemblances until you posted this, but now I see it too! These make very cute families, all of them!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

I named my Asian Claudia, after the Asian gal in the Babysitter Club books! For the others, I used names of Skipper classic friends - Nikki, Courtney, and Kevin. Courtney is the Hispanic... I didn't get the strawberry blonde because I thought she looked too much like Stacie.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Millicent, Treesa, Phyllis, and Jeanie!

Millicent and Phyllis, I love this family! They just need a few more family members!

Treesa, You are right and thanks for the info. I will adjust the post and my dolls based on your info. Thanks!

Jeanie, Thanks for the info! I am not feeling' Claudia for my little Asian girl. I will have to come up with something for her. I would be more acceptable to use Claudia for the Hispanic girl if I owned her. She is on the list. I am not sure if I want the single or the set.

Amaruq said...

I thought that all the girls were supposed to be Skipper (just like all the new Barbies in three heights and different complexions are supposed to be Barbie). Do they have names on ?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Amaruq! I don't think that Mattel has given them a name but people online have agreed to names! Often the names for dolls since the Barbie Basic line have been given names online. So that online people can tell the difference. The medium brown complexion basic in the red dress with the light brown hair was called Whitney after Whitney Houston who wore a lot of wigs and therefore different styles!