Wednesday, August 22, 2018

More From China!

Hey Gang

So my dolls and I are still exploring China...that is purchases from China!
It was call the Girl 16 Moveable Body for Barbie.  You can never tell from
a picture what you will get.  Some time you take a chance.

Warning Nude Doll Photos Ahead!

From website

And yes I got this one for free and just paid the shipping! (about $5.00 for
this and another item) I have to say, I was surprised!

So this one took a little longer to arrive than the last items I ordered. It was about a week
late. I had almost forgot about it when she showed up in the mail.
The back

Knees and hands

 The waist

My Photos

In the package! So here is how it came. It was in a gray plastic package which didn't
have bubbles either.  So I am happy it arrive save and sound!
 The body reminds me of a IT doll body!
 Darla Daley
The neck knob
 For some reason, I was expect the body to be more like a Liv body but is not!
 Liv body is about 10 inches. This body is shorter!  It about 9 1/4 inches and it is
lighter than the palest Liv body. Wait a minute...9 1/4 inches!!!
 Can the Asian Babysitter doll use this body?
 Well, the body is a little paler that Asian Babysitter.
This body is more mature than the Skipper body.  I think she would get noticed
in gym class with that body.
 She would really have great pose options though. Would she need new clothes and shoes?
 Nope! She can wear her original outfit including the shoes!
So now Hanna can move!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


RoxanneRoxanne said...

That's a great body for your Asian babysitter. Thanks for the detailed photos! You cracked me up with the getting noticed in gym class comment (and brought back uncomfortable childhood memories). :)

Jeanie Schmidt said...

My Asian Babysitter ended up on a Periwinkle body that I broke the wings off of! Now I'm keeping my eyballs out for a body to match the (Hispanic?) babysitter. Oh, and both Kevins... Babysitter and 90s.

BlackKitty said...

Does it have an intense rubbery plastic smell? By the shape of it, I'd say it's a knockoff of the Xinyi body (taken from new Kurhn). So it's a copy of a copy :D but looks great in pictures and you can't beat the price!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

I was in sex-segregated gym classes, so I was spared that! I did get a lot of attention in the hallways, though. (Left 5th grade flat and started 6th in a B cup.) Maybe Hannah could deal with that problem in the storylines.

Jaye Frye said...

When I read the inches, my first thought was teenager too. I wonder if I can learn to paint the body for other teenager options.

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing this information. A new Petite body, hmm?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I bought two of those bodies. My Princess of Japan got one. She was on a Teen Skipper body originally anyway, so the difference in height was not that big. I put the head of my Petite redhead on the other body. I'm not sure how I like it, but at least she has mobility now.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments RoxanneRoxanne, BlackKitty, Jaye, Jeanie, D7ana and Barb!

RoxanneRoxanne, Glad I can get some laughs in!

BlackKitty, I think you are right about the body but it doesn't have a smell!

Jaye, You seem to be good at painting! I would try it! Post pictures please!

Jeanie, That is a good story line suggestion! I might do that! I haven't found an articulated teen size body for the 90's Kevin. If you find one, please post!

D7ana, wait for the sale!

Barb, I have the Japan princes so I will try her on it too! Right now she is on a Disney Frozen body. Try the petite on the Disney body it should be good!