Monday, August 27, 2018

Babysitter babies!

Hey Gang!

I found what seems to be the Holy Grail of the Babysitter Inc dolls! The Asian baby!
The baby!  I got it at Target!
I actually came for something else but when I spotted got added to the cart!

As you can see the box is pretty beat up.  I looks like someone tried to open it.
Since I go to Target about twice a week, I knew that it wasn't there the last
time I was there. So the box was beat up even though it was a new item.
I guess with the Holiday coming, more stuff is showing up in stores.
I don't know if I posted the other babies I got from Walmart back in December!
I got the two AA (or maybe Hispanic) babies.
Note the loose bottle. The box on this guy back then looked beat up too and the loose
bottle made me think that someone had tried to open it too!  Everything was there though!

When I open the package I did notice something about the dolls lips!

I don't know if you can tell from the photos but the paint is a little lopsided.
The lip paint and skin tone on the AA dolls is a little closer to the complexion of the
doll. If there is a problem with them (I can see one) you don't notice it.

The diapers for the babies are pretty nice.

I think I would have preferred just a clear or a bottle that liked like it had milk in it!
If they were clear, you could give them a paint job.
Pink, Aqua and Purple

I am guessing the pink can be some kind of punch.  Poor baby who would be drink that.
I can't even imagine what kind of drink would be aqua.  The purple could be grape.

The towel (I am guessing that is what it is because of the size) isn't the quality of
some of the older baby items that Mattel has done in the past.

Babysitters Inc towel and Happy Family towel. 

Maybe I can put some lace at the edges of the small towel to pretty it up!

BTW, The Happy Family baby gear and doll stuff, to me, was some
of the best things that Mattel has done! People are still in search of them
and their prices have only gone up!

These aren't my only babies.  If you get a chance, please checkout one of my older
post on my baby collection.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Farrah said...

Congrats on finally finding this Asian baby! I still haven't seen one in my local Walmart, but I will keep looking. :) I agree, too bad they didn't come with "milk" bottles!

Phyllis said...

Well lucky, lucky you! I still haven't found one of the Asian babies! I wouldn't care if the box was beat up either. I have heard that they are coming out with some new stuff in the Babysitters Inc line and I see 4 new BSI dolls on Amazon coming out in October or February (no photos yet though).

Jeanie Schmidt said...

I just pretend the bottle is whatever color! Blue bottle = milk in a blue bottle. My only babies are the two that came with Happy Family Baby Doctor. The towel I think is meant to be a burp cloth? I agree with you about the Happy Family line.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on finding the Asian baby!

I agree that Alan and Midge's baby stuff was better quality. I got the Hispanic (?) and the Black babies. They were too cute to resist at $2.50 each.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finding the rare baby! I don't have any babies yet, but I do have two Grandmas now, I really should get them some grandchildren lol!

Jaye Frye said...

I have several of the other babies and just lucked out with finding three Asian Babies. I think they send one Asian with each shipment. It's crazy. I want to make the heads turn and have an awake and a sleeping version. So I will be painting closed eyes on a few of the babies.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Farrah, Phyllis, Jeanie, D7ana, Millicent and Jaye!

Farrah, All I can say is keep looking! The should show up soon!

Phyllis, Thanks for the heads up! I will have to check out Amazon!

Jeanie, Happy Family was the best. I don't understand why when Mattel redoes things, as they often do, why the don't reuse some of their best ideas! I think I am going to make them some better stuff! I think it is good when a doll inspires!

D7ana, the babies have never been so cheap! It makes you want more!

Millicent, I thought all grandmothers are screaming for grandchildren?

Jaye, when you figure out how to make the heads turn, please post that!