Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! Dominique's Digs!

Harold Hall and I are here to explain to Dominique about
the progress of her home. I like working with Harold he is
a very good general contractor. He and his building company
have their fingers in most of the construction in Johnston.

We have worked on the living room and have try to have it
almost there by Christmas. Dominique is still not pleased.
Etienne knows Harold from a mutual acquaintance. Etienne
is there to make sure Harold doesn't get to much of a beating.

Ms. D is not happy about the lack of seating. Etienne explains
that this is not Harold fault. Her bedroom is still not ready.

Harold has the patience of Job and a good disposition too!
He tell her that the bed room and kitchen will be started
next week. (that my jeans in the mirror) Etienne says, you
can hold off on the kitchen. The won't be much cooking going
on around here. His comment is meet with a nudge in the ribs.

Dominique also comment on the lack of art work and
finishing touches to the room.

Harold tell her that the the final carpentry will be done next
week along with some minor painting.

Etienne reminds Dominique that art work and decor is not
Harold's job.

Dominique asks who's job is it?

Oh, I think is time for me to go!

Have a Merry Christmas!

See you all next week!


Muff said...

Dominique's got some sass in her. Love it.

Chynadoll said...

Its coming together nicely. Merry Christmas :)

Georgia Girl said...

Lol! Nice story. Ms. D is on a mission and she wants it all done right now. Are she and Etienne a couple? I like them together.

Merry Christmas!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks All!

Hey, It's Muff, Some times it is too much sass. She really wants her way.

Chynadoll, I'm glad you think so but Ms. D has requested a private talk with me.

Georgia Girl, Etienne is Dominique's brother-in-law. He is her only male relative now. So she has to use him when she thinks she needs to bring out "the big guns"! Kind of a big brother-in-law thing.

limbe dolls said...

I like what you did with the staircase. Dominique my not be satisfied yet but I think Harold is doing a great job.

Will said...

Love it! Merry xmas!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks, limbe dolls, That Harold is a jewel! He is wonderful to work with and he is a professional.

TM said...

The diorama is looking great! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: by very good contractor who is Harold whenever you never begin a work they turn the dates. At least in Spain always they take more than you hoped. The living room enchants to me. Precious. We follow in contact of blog blog

Vanessa said...

Looks great to me! Love the colors. I have to admit most of the time I was just staring at Etienne. You know I love a nice looking action figure. Merry Christmas!

Stardoll40 said...

I'm so late on this post. :( This is a beautiful set up!!! You have a lot of great dio items, I can't wait to see more. Where did you find those cool stairs?

Happy Holidays!

Maria said...

I hope you did have a nice Christmas, i wish you a healthy and happy Newyear with lots of luck and love.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks William, TM, Marta, Vanessa Tracy India and maria!

William and TM, I'm glad you like it and Happy Holidays to you!

Marta Harold is the exception to the rule when it comes to contractors. He is always show up on time, fast, on budget and neat! I will send him to Spain when he is done here! Ha ha!

Vanessa, Etienne is blowing you kisses!

Tracy, it is a Mattel Holiday Barbie and sisters set item. I purchased on ebay last year just for the stairs. the body of stacie went to Bracken I keep they Kelly and the Barbie is sitting in a box somewhere.

Maria, how sweet of you and welcome to my blog. I wish you the same and more!