Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monster High OOAK!

Monster High OOAK!
Well, I not a fan of Monster High doll but many of you are.
I thought you might appreciate these OOAK homes available
for sale on Ebay. They might not be up for long!
Number one!

Number two


Vanessa said...

Those are nice. I have been on the fence about buying that Beach Glam house. It is so cheap. Then I think about all the houses that I have yet to use. Plus I would have to build it up make it really usuable. When I saw this Monster High doll OOAK, I thought about posting it, but then remembered our last exchange about MH dolls and decided not to. But since you have given me an opening... take a look at this doll makeover.

Vita Plastica said...

That is so cute! Vanessa, I have one of those and you really get what you pay for! I love the Monster High repaints on Flickr. I admit I have fallen for those little big heads!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I am not following either of the Monsters but in Spain it is the sold dolls more of these Christmases. It is exhausted in the stores. I prefer the Barbies but the Monsters has very original complements. We follow in contact of blog blog

Frannie said...

The MH houses are nice but my MH dolls will just have to share space with my other dolls. LOL


Monster dolls are the up and coming doll. I like these links.

Ms. Leo said...

Well Vanesssa, you know I don't love the bodies on these dolls but I like the repaints. They look sweet in the pictures on Flickr.
(for me, sweet and kind are important in the dollyverse)
I guess the true test of how well a doll is doing is the amount of OOAK's out there. Thanks for your comment Vanessa!

Ms. Leo said...

Vita Plastica, Marta, Frannie, and MYFAVORITEBARBIE, Thanks for your comments.

Vita Plastica, I can tell from your site that they are a hit with you. P.S. I haven't forgotten about you. Look for some pictures this weekend!

Marta, I agree with you. I am not really a fan. I like 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls mostly.

Frannie, I saw a house on ebay I bidded on just because the price was low. I hope now, I don't get it. Not enough space in the house. I only hope for one more thing I might get for myself for Xmas.

MYFAVORITEBARBIE, I do think you are right about the doll! Kids seem to really like them and some collectors have really seemed taken with them also.