Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Star Doll-Fallen Angel--Xia'

So, here she is! My Star Doll.Her name is Xia'.

Her Photo Video



MissSpottyJane said...

She looks great on that new body. Nice work.

Vita Plastica said...

I love her clothes! She looks great.

Chynadoll said...

She's cute! Love her tee shirts! She was posing with that big knife lol. Fun photo shoot. Love it!

Stardoll40 said...

Congrats! You styled her perfectly, she looks amazing!

It was nice to see another one of your videos. :)

limbe dolls said...

Very nice leather jacket.

Vanessa said...

I love the style you gave her. Especially love the outfit in the top picture. She definitely has some ninja skills. Her new beau better treat her right, or he could be in for a serious butt kicking. The LIV bodies work so well with the Asian dolls.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: the style of your new doll enchants to me. How modern! Very good work. We follow in contact of blog blog

Muff said...

I love all those clothes... and the design sets!

Anonymous said...


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks MissSpottyJane,Vita Plastica, Chynadoll, Tracy India, Limbe dolls, Vanessa, Marta, Hey, It's Muff and dollsdarlings!

dollsdarlings welcome to my blog!

MissSpottyJane and Vanessa, I just love the Liv bodies for some of my Asian dolls. Some will be on taller bodies but those live bodies work well and keep them Joe size.

Tracy, I have to work myself up to it every time I do a video. I try to make the next one sooner.

Vita Plastica, Chynadoll, Tracy India, Limbe dolls, Vanessa, Marta, Hey, It's Muff and dollsdarlings, I'm glad you like my styling and the cothing. They were meant for another doll but they work better for her.

OK, fashion credits:
Leather jacket-Mattel Cher doll
"If I could turn back time"
Red and white AC DC top, Moxie Girl
Fishnet tights, Liv
Black skirt, Fashion Corner
Shoes, Stardoll Fallen Angel

Black Jean, Barbie Basics
Roxy top, Mary-Kate and Ashley
Black heart sneakers, Flava

Leather jacket-Mattel Cher doll
"If I could turn back time"
Cream Cami, Mattel Silkstone
Black peasant’s skirt, Chic
Shoe Stardoll

Red top, Chic Boutique
Black and white plaid skirt, Bratz
Red under skirt, Moxie Girl
Fishnet, Liv
Stardoll shoes

Props credits:
Cute Asian guy, Big Lot
Big sword, Bruce Lee weapons
Pool table, ebay purchase years ago
Brick wall one, Jim's Printables(on the net)
Brick wall two,scrap book paper
benches, Five and dime store
leaves, Joann fabrics
Sky paper, Micheal's
odds and ends, thrift store

Thanks for looking