Saturday, November 13, 2021

Quick post--Sean New Part-time Job!

 Hey Gang!

Just a quick post on Sean's part-time!
Sean is teaching two nights a week Computer Game Writing and APP Development!

The professor is on his way to work! He has to change up from his normal casual wear. It surprised his family!

He is wearing his new gray pants and his black and white plaid shirt. The sweater he got for his birthday from his children. He had to purchase a belt to wear with is new pants. His wife got him a new briefcase to complete his new look. He looks quite the professor now!

It is one thing to do things yourself!

It is another thing to teach others to do it!

I haven't taught before, so being responsible for a class is new.

So let's see what the semester brings!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Lynn said...

Fabulous outfit for the big guy! I was just saying to my co-worker on Friday I need to make some new pants for my doll (Cousin Rube from Colorado:@)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Lynn! I have to admit I cheated, I purchased the pants. I found this great Etsy seller but I was able to incorporate teddy bear clothes into his wardrobe. I have even purchased the bear just for the clothes from thrift stores and returned the bear.

Sandi Magle said...

Sometimes it's just fun when a character flushes out---and you just know he/she has more story for the future!

Linda said...

He looks so cool and professor-y lol! And what awesome subjects he will be teaching! I LOVE his look. Good luck to Sean with his new job, he'll do fine, I'm sure. :)