Thursday, June 28, 2018

New 2017 Fashionista Ken Dolls

Hey Gang!

I have gotten a few Fashionista Ken doll but I haven't posted many of
them.  I know you have seen them before on other blogs and Facebook but
part of the reasons for my blog is to chronicle my dolls and my doll
development. So you will see them again here.

There are a bunch of new Fashionista Ken dolls out now! The most I
have ever seen. Normally we get one new Ken and maybe one AA male
(could be Steven or just AA Ken) every four or five years.  So to get
so many Fashionista Kens with different bodies was quite a surprise.

When they first came out, I tried to order from
Barbie was not processing orders with PayPal even though there
was a checkout with PayPal button. Mattel has some serious issues!
Luckily I have great Blogger and Face book friends! They spotted
the new Kens locally and purchased them for me! Yay! There were
three that were must haves for me! They were: 8, 9, and 10!

One of my blogger friends and your...Anika of  Dollz4moi was able to
provide me with 8 and 10. And Tina, a friend from Facebook, was able
to provide me with 9.

Thanks to both of you!

 As you might have seen from my previous post,
I shrunk the head of #9 and he is now Coleman!

Now let's look my others!  Starting with# 10!
He is called Classic Cool!
Stock Photo
This guy is so cute! He looks like my nephew.
I like his pronounced lips and that aren't some strange color.
Stock Photo

He comes on the same body as Hip Hoodie.  This new body  and head has a 2016
date like Hip Hoodie. That leads me to believe that they were conceived at the
same time.  Although the head is able to pivot, the neck knob doesn't allow him
to do so.

I am hoping to for a made to move AA Ken body sometime soon.  Both Hip Hoodie
and Cool Classic has a  larger head than #17 and Texas Cheerleader. I really though
that one of these would be the new face of Steven.  I Steven gone for good? I
guess we will see.

I pierced his ears and gave him a very light mustache. 
 I have seen others alter his hair.  That might be in his future.
For now he will keep his molded and painted braids.

The name I giving him is Zion!

Next up is 8 Camo Comeback.
Stock Photo

                                                                       Stock Photo
Many refer to the Broad body as the Dad body but I don't know about that!

Warning Nude Dollie!

His body doesn't look like Happy Family Grandpa! I will compare him to other bodies
that are larger than the basic Fashionista Ken doll.  Below is the broad boy with
a GI Joe on an articulated Action Man and Disney Male. These are larger bodies.
He is wider all the way to the hips unlike the other dolls below.

View from the side!
Mattel Body Chart for your review!

The name I am giving him is Camden and he is from NJ.
I have messed around with different outfit. Older 70's doll clothes fit him.  
I have seen any broad clothes come out for the larger Ken bodies.

I have since this photo rebodied him onto a articulated body. My broad doll
outfit have gone to Luther will remain on his broad body.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


AG Lanc said...

How much did his head shrink? Did you use acetone or another method? Thanks.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment AG Lanc! The head shrunk a good bit! I would say a quarter of the size. I used the acetone method that Hey, It is Muff used.
I didn't use pure acetone because that isn't what Muff used. Also, I thought it might have removed the face paint.

april_n_paris said...

Oh, this is a lot of fun. I bought the Fashionista with the cornrows and had a lot of fun changing up his look. Eventually I'd like to find another body for him. I don't know how easy this is because it doesn't seem like Mattel is putting out much in the way of articulated Ken dolls. In any case, I'll be interested to see how your doll ends up!!!

AG Lanc said...


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April and AG Lanc!

April, the only Mattel body that matches is AA Texas Cheerleader which is selling for a bomb! Mattel will do White dolls from movies that are articulated (ie Hunger Games, Divergent, Jurassic Park) but I guess because there don't seem to be enough movies that star AA actors, they don't see a need to do AA articulated bodies. If you notice there weren't the full line of 12 inch AA dolls or action figures from Black Panther. There maybe some AA action figure bodies by other companies that could match for sale out there.

AG Lanc, You are welcome!