Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My AA Internet Articulated Doll From China!

Hey Gang!

So I too purchased one of those dolls from China!  She arrived today!
Promo Photo!
So here is my actual doll when she arrived!
Close-up of her face!
I paid about $1.90 plus shipping!  There were 4 other dolls and she looked to be the
darkest and that is why I order her.  Over all, she is not bad for what I paid for her
I thought she might make a good body donor.
The face is kinda cute and the hair isn't too bad. She looks like and upscale version of
a discount doll. Because of the way the hair is styled with a bang and two curly buns,
they saved money by not fully rooting the head.
Her outfit is what you expect from a discount doll.  The stitching  and the fabric
aren't so good but it is acceptable for the price.
Back of the top and the back of the shorts.
So here she is compared to some of my other dark dolls!  As you can see, she is
Her head is larger than Mattel's and is closer to the size of the fresh dolls.
Here she is compared to some of my other dolls.  She is darker than Happy Family
Grandma but lighter than my rebodied Francie on a Tiana body.  What you may not
notice is that she has a grayer tone to her!
Arm comparison!

Warning Nude Dolls Ahead!

Here she is out of her clothes so that you can see the body.  The body isn't too bad
considering what I paid for it She has a pivotal chest and articulated elbows, wrists
and knees. When my husband walked by while I was taking this picture, he
said this is how he likes his women,  wearing a smile and jewelry. 

I wanted to try this body on a few other clone doll heads to see if it would work
for them.  I put this AA Defa Lucy family doll Mom. It is a little lighter than the body.
I tried the body on this Defa Lucy Sisters Doll and it too is a little lighter than the
body.  I could be used for them but not a perfect match.  So I might order two
I tried her on the my dollar store clone 2005 AA Barbie Fashion Fever doll and
this one was a good match! This would free up the SIS Kara body I had her on.
It defiantly a keeper for her.  Now I have to find all my other clone dolls and check.
My last try for today is on my Irma who is a Lovely Patsy doll I purchased from
Family Dollar store.  She is a pretty good match for her too but I will have to
address her head.  It has a bit of a wobble to it.
I ordered another body but it does come with a head so I don't know what 
complexion it will be until it arrives.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Phyllis said...

Very nice review! I have seen these dolls on Amazon and AliExpress and have wondered about them as they seem to have a decent articulated body and a variety of skintones. What is the neck knob like? I think the second to the last doll looks best on this body! Are they shorter than the original Barbie body? You said that the last doll you tried on this body had some head wobble. I use duck tape to wrap around the post of many a doll body when the head is an exact fit. It works pretty well and hold up over time. Also, wrapping the head knob with rubber bands is another good technique.

Muff said...

Wow, that's pretty cool for the price. I like her eyes and hair the most.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Great review! I laughed out loud at your husband's comment. This body looks like an almost perfect match for your dollar store clone 2005 AA Barbie Fashion Fever doll.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I would like to know what her neck knob is like as well. A lot of the inexpensive doll bodies I've seen on Ali Express have a non-pivoting neck knob, so I assume that if I put a head on the body, it would not be able to look up or down. I'm glad that you found a head match.

Sounds like a great reason for your husband to buy you some jewelry. :)

Jaye Frye said...

A SIS Kara tone articulated body is hard to come by. I was hoping the new dark skinned yoga body would be a match, but alas, it's still hard to find. But it's nice to see someone made another articulated match.

The grandmommy said...

Nice demonstration! I like the complexion match of the last doll/body. Just seems the head is too big. They all look nice. I like the original face sculpt. Just would like to have a repaint of the features. I also like her it could work in a variety of styles. Now I feel brave enough to try some of the articulated bodies with other heads.

Georgia Girl said...

Nice review! I was wondering about this one. I purchased the ones with the big hair on Amazon. I do like them. It is great to see which doll heads that they match.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Phyllis, Muff, RoxanneRoxanne, Barb, Jaye, The grandmommy and Georgia Girl!

Phyllis, Thanks! I plan to do a review of this body of this doll and the second thing I order which was just a body. You will get to see the neck knob on that one.

Muff, Not a big fan of the eyes and head on this doll but many others are! Maybe after I have had it sitting around a while it will grow on me.

RoxanneRoxanne, Yeah, thus far, I like it on her the best! I do plan to try it on some more heads. Let see how they look!

Barb, No, the head can't look up and down but I don't find my doll to a lot of looking up and down in pictures or in play. So I don't thing it will be to bad of a hardship.

Jaye, Yeah it is! Even harder is the very dark Prince of South Africa body! I am still waiting for a match for that at a good price.

The grandmommy, The style on the original doll is nice but there is any hair rooted inside the two afro puffs. It is bald in the center.

Georgia Girl, I am really having fun play with the body! It do it some of my clone dolls more possibilities.