Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Some Quick Pictures From The Flower Show!

Hey Gang! 

I have to do some editing, so I am only posting a few of the pictures that
I took from the Phila. Flower Show!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


april_n_paris said...

Oh wow---this is most impressive. It's been a long time since I've been to a flower show. I'm looking at your photos and feeling the humidity!!! Thank you for sharing.

Muff said...

It looks like a wonderful amusement park in there.

Phyllis said...

I saw footage of the Philadelphia Flower show on TV and was looking for you! ;-). Didn't see you, though, but I knew you would be there! It looks like it was another lovely event!

Jaye's Doll Space said...

Every time I see photos from a flower show, I swear I'm going to go to one. They set those flowers up so beautifully.

Farrah said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous!!

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice! That bamboo plant is beautiful. I see why you enjoy going every year. Do you take any flowers there?

The grandmommy said...

I can imagine the sites and smells there. My favorite are the huge ones...because I know they must have taken a lot of time and care.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April, Muff, Phyllis, Jaye, Farrah, Georgia Girl and The grandmommy! I hope to have my pictures edited and up by next week! You always think the picture looks good until you see them bigger on your computer.

April, this was one of the better show! Gardening and the Flower Show are like fashion! You see what is in fashion now! Some show are like ready to wear, you can transplant the idea from the show to your home. Other shows are more conceptual and not as easily transferable to your own life!

Muff, It is the largest indoor flower show in the world!

Phyllis, Yeah, a really great show! The TV footage don't do it justice! There is a feeling of Awe when you walk in that can't be captured on film! When you walk into the rainforest...WOW! BTW, I was the little black face in the background! LOL!

Jaye, You should come! Oh and bring some money! Tons to buy.

Farrah, It really is nice and more than you can see in one day!

Georgia Girl, If I am there for "tear down" I do bring some flowers home. Sometimes I am too tired to say that late. Many of the cut flowers are just put in the trash if you can believe it!

The grandmommy, a lot of time is put into the show...in the planning and in the set up and maintenance!

Neytiri said...

Wow! Just wow! Amazing show. Thanks for sharing photos :)