Sunday, March 18, 2018

Since I Can't Find Babysitter Kevin....

Hey Gang!

Since I can't find Babysitter Kevin....let look at the original Kevin!
You might remember I have one doll Kevin in Johnston who is a slacker!
He is always late for school!

He is hanging out in Johnston up at some friend on Facebook and Twitter!
 He is doing this instead of doing his paper for class!
 He has a twin brother who is straight as an arrow!
Who has come to check on his progress on his progress!
 Although they are the same doll, they have slightly different face screening.
 The paint on their hair is slightly different too!
 They are looking, to me, in different directions too!
 Cody is looking straight on and Kevin...
Seems to be looking a little to the left.

Since, I have four of these dolls,  I did a paint job on one of them to give him
a different look!  I had been looking at the blonde doll on line and monitoring
the price (which is what I do when I am thinking about a purchase!) of a blonde
doll,  when I thought I could just paint one of the ones I have! So that is what
I did!
I painted his hair and eyes.  I really like the way he turned out.
 His name is Frank.  He is meeting Cody who will be working on a science
project with him.
Frank wasn't there with the project was assigned.  This is their first time meeting.
 I think they all will be heading for the library for some research.
Cody and Frank are ready to go but somehow I think Kevin is going to find a
way out of going!
What I will do with the last Kevin...maybe a redhead.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

What fine, upstanding looking young men. Except for that Kevin. He's kinda shifty.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Muff! Yeah, you gotta keep an eye on that Kevin! As the old folks would say...he bear watching!

Georgia Girl said...

Lol! Cute! Great work on the paint job!

Carrickters said...

I like your repainted blonde haired Kevin better than the originals. Those colours really suit him.