Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A New Family!

Hey Gang!

I want you to me a new family!
 The Mother is Giselle. Her oldest girl is Mariah.
The youngest daughter is Larrisa!  
The Ladies: Hello!
The mom is a rebodied Dreamtopia Fairy! 
Yes, I have I ton of the Goddess
head sculpt but I couldn't resist one more.
 Giselle: it is a little windy!
The oldest daughter is Fab Fringe rebodied. She is another doll who have a
lot of but they do seem to make her a must have almost every time they release
The youngest is Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove Chelsea Doll Sprite AA pink
hair who was rebodied also!
I love the pink hair on all of them!

OK, Thanks For Looking! 


Jaye's Doll Space said...

You are so right about Fab Fringe. She is fabulous. You put together a cute family. Mom is keeping it young and sexy.

Georgia Girl said...

I also had to have the pink haired Dreamtopia doll! I could not resist the pink hair. Lol! Interestingly, I had the Dreamtopia doll as the daughter and Fab Fringe as the Mother. It is all in fun, because in our dolly world it is okay for Mom to have cool pink hair.

Treesa said...

I'm all for dolls with fantasy hair colors, and I love the Rainbow Cove Chelsea dolls. I managed to get several of them secondhand, but I don't have a full set yet.
Signed, Treesa

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jaye, Georgia Girl and Treesa!

Jaye, That is what I thought when I saw her rebodied (keeping it sexy) but what should her career be! She got two daughters, so no dancing at the gentlemen's club! I think a wicked haircut might be nice too!

Georgia Girl, That is interesting! Now, I'll have to gives these dolls a look with a role reversal! Yeah, I know others had to see that Dreamtopia and think of the possibilities. Every time I see that Cyndi Lauper commercial with her with pink hair, I say why not!

Treesa, I have been collecting for a while and when I first saw dolls with fantasy hair, I wasn't so sure. Over time it has grown on me. I used to only have one doll(Fairytopia Dandelion Doll 2004) but with the new Fashionistas I now have more.

The fact that you were able to find the Rainbow Cove Chelsea dolls secondhand is amazing! They are still farely new!

Treesa said...

Fairytopia Dandelion was actually the doll that got me into fantasy hair colors. I found her redressed at a flea market, and that helped me see the possibilities of that type of doll. Before I got Dandelion, I didn't really have an opinion on fantasy hair colors for dolls, one way or the other. Now I have quite the collection. Granted, a lot of the more recent fantasy hair color dolls in stores are fairies and whatnot with molded clothing that make them a challenge to redress without rebodying them. I try to avoid rebodying dolls when I can because I'm not very good at it, and because it's sometimes hard to find a good skintone match. One redressing trick I've learned for Barbie fairies with molded bodices is to use tops or dresses made from stretchy fabric. Pants or skirts designed for the 'bellybutton' Barbie body usually fit too.
Signed, Treesa

april_n_paris said...

Lovely new additions to your family. I certainly understand having lots of the same sculpt. I'm a sucker for certain faces,especially S.I.S. Trichelle, Marisa, and Grace!!! I have these dolls, their sisters, cousins, best friends and their doppelgangers!!!

D7ana said...

Cool new family! I love the rosy hair colors.

Aside: Have you seen the Sasha Banks WWE 12" action doll with her gorgeous hot pink hair? She might be a future relative ;-)

Brini said...

Such a cute family! I love their individual personalities and how they each shine.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Treesa, April, D7and and Brini!

Treesa, You are so right about the possibilities! I rebody all of my doll now. I have gotten the knack of it and it not so hard now.

April, Some faces really get to you and you can't have enough!

D7ana, Like Muff, I need her to go on sale before I can see adding her to my collection.

Brini, Me too!