Sunday, January 21, 2018

Which Body Do You Like Better?

Hey Gang!

I purchase the AA Babysitters Inc. Doll!  I found her at a Target.  Everyone else seems
to have found them in Wal-Mart.

Her name is LaToya! She looks like a LaToya to me! She looks like one of those
girls you grew up with who was always involved in everything and having lot of fun!
As you may know, I don't like that bent arm thing!  Who told Mattel that bent arms were

On this one, the quality on the bent arm wasn't so good either.

 So I rebodied her! I think I like her this way!  Many of my other Skipper size dolls have
similar bodies.
Because of her complexion, she works very well on a HSM Taylor body!
Not all of the other Babysitter dolls will be able to use the HSM bodies.
I like her outfit and other dolls her like it too! 
Vanessa looks good in it too!
I purchase another Babysitter too!  I show her later! but LaToya loves her dress!
Here is Vanessa and LaToya redressed!
 The color and style of this dress has a ready for church or dressed up look!

Toya: Well it is Sunday!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I definitely like the new body better. The bent arm is not a good look and is so 80s when the dolls had a toy soldier arm position. The straight arms look more natural.


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment dbg of BDE! Yeah, I think so too! The bent arm is limiting and will have you working around in for some fashion and dioramas.

Presto said...

I like the new body better. The bent arm might work for holding one of the baby dolls in the line, but if the doll's not doing that it just looks odd. I love LaToya's face. She looks so friendly and cheerful!

Georgia Girl said...

I like the rebody much better. The bent arm should only be reserved for the dolls that are models. I have not seen the baby sitter dolls at Target. Walmart had some shortly after the holidays were over, but I have not seen them lately. Nice post!

Carrickters said...

I do like her new body. It should be much easier to dress her now. I wondered it they gave her a bent arm so she could hold a baby.

jSarie said...

The new body definitely suits her!

Farrah Lily said...

Her new body looks great and I think this new Skipper friend is absolutely adorable. :)

april_n_paris said...

Yeah, I much prefer the new body as well. I also prefer the straight arms. I think the hand on the hip thing is Mattel's way of being more "fashion."

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Presto, Georgia Girl, Carrickters, jSarie, Farrah and April!

Presto and Carrickters, No body should be defined by holding a baby! So the bent arm thing is not working to me for that reason!

Georgia Girl, You are right! Only display dolls! There aren't any in my Wal-Mart of Target too. I had to go out of my neighborhood to find her.

jSarie, I like her that way too. She is on a HSM Taylor body and it is a good color match

Farrah, Yes they are! now if only there was an AA body!

April, I think you are giving Mattel to much credit! I think they know that people won't be happy and be looking to purchase new bodies for them.