Monday, January 29, 2018

Mary Jane!

Hey Gang,

I hope to post pictures of all of my dolls.  It will take time because I do have a lot
of them.  I am work on categories. I need to complete them too!
I  have posted one of my Mary Jane Dolls. 

My Siobhan!
She is the sister of Fiona. 
I haven't listed the sisters and their family in my characters. I guess that is something
I will have to do.

Siobhan is actually the head of Mary Jane Watson-Kirsten Dunst from Spider-Man
2001 by Toy Biz.  She has had several bodies but this fashionista body I believe will
be her last!  Her original body was a awkward action figure body.
The arms were waaay too long and the hands and feet were too big!  I did
keep her dress, shoes scarf and bag!  My Lena can where the shoes.

Next up!

My Mary Jane is a Barbie version!
I found this picture of the doll in the box online!

The one I found was nude and the body was in really bad shape.  I had found the dress
shoes, mask and gloves on another doll in the thrift store. So I had to buy them both.
I'm not going to use them for her but will use then later.

So here she is redressed!
 Her name is Coleen and she is a very interesting woman!
 Coleen: Hello everyone!
 I am wearing the new dress Ms. Leo found for a dollar!
 Dominique did get this one!  I don't even think she knows it was here! 
 So let's keep this between us....OK!
See you all later!
So that completes my Mary Jane dolls.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

Congrats on your Mary Jane collection! I'm a Spider-Man fan, too, but I haven't any Spidey figures. You've re-bodied them well.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty ladies! The light blue suit is lovely :-).

april_n_paris said...

It's so very interesting to see how various collectors are now customizing their dolls. I thought your dolls here were very unusual and as I started reading how you've rebodied action figures with Fashionista bodies--I was really amazed. This is what makes this whole doll community so very very interesting!

Phyllis said...

I agree that Siobhan looks so much better on the Fashionista body! I look forward to seeing the rest of your crew!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, Millicent, April and Phyllis!

D7ana, Like you, I have many dolls in a theme. I hope to see more of yours.

Millicent, Thanks! That suit was part of a fashion pack for Silkstone Barbie and Ken some years back called New England Escape.

April, I do love changing my dolls to some I find more appealing. I only wish that there was a company that you could just order custom bodies in the style and color you want from. I have a few doll heads waiting for a body in a skin tone that is not available or that would cost too much money to get.

Phyllis, I have been doing more customizing recently. I hope to post them soon.