Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sorry Offerings At My Walmart!

Hey Gang!

I have seen all those Fashionista and Barbie closes on sale on the Facebook
my others but all my Walmart had was these!
 So this is what I purchased!

 The camping set for $1.00. I had one.  Now I have four.
And this dress!

Check out this video!

OK! Thanks For Looking!


Phyllis said...

I know what you mean! When I see what everybody else is finding at Walmart, I go to mine and the selections are just pitiful!

The grandmommy said...

It is raining right now, but I am tempted to go to Walmart to see what I can find!

Georgia Girl said...

Ms Leo did you scan the items. What I have noticed is that some are not marked, but scanned for a much lower price. The Cupcake Chef doll was on the shelf with a $7.94 tag, but rung up for $2.00 when I went to dona price check. It has been the same for the Fashionistas dolls. I hope your stores join the others.

Carrickters said...

Don"t worry - there is even less in the shops in Australia - and it is far higher priced.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Phyllis, The grandmommy, Georgia Girl and Carrickters!

Phyllis, I might have to take a road trip to another Wal-Mart.

The grandmommy, Unless you have a big well stocked Wal-Mart, I wouldn'dt head out in the rain.

Georgia Girl, Now we get to it! If any of the scanners even worked, that would be easy! For a while, the store will have scanner that work and then they stop working. Do they fix them... no they take them down. I notice scanner down at Wal-Mart's regularly.

Carrickters, I can't figure out how some Wal-Mart's gets the new stuff and more stuff on sale and mine never does! I have to go all the literally to the other side of the city to find the new stuff and the sales. Hip Hoodie didn't show up until last summer! I never saw the AA Basic doll. I just wonder what is the thought process behind this.

D7ana said...

I have had to go to different Walmarts to get stuff on sale. I think some of the Philly stores are sold out quicker than others because those stores have more traffic. And I think there are more collectors here than we realize. On the plus side, there are more Walmarts in or near Philly. Good luck getting bargains!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment D7ana! I think you may be right on all points!