Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Sweaters and Coats, Vests and Hat!

Hey Gang!

So this time of year besides dolls, there are a lot of doll size items out there
that you can find for your dolls!  Some are the perfect scale for 1/6 dolls
and some are a little small or large for these doll.  But if you are like me,
you will make it work for you dolls!

First up, Christmas sweaters ornaments!

I love Christmas sweaters. They are the easiest to find and one of the most popular
items out there.  I got mine at Target!   This is my third year and Target seem to do
them each year. I didn't not get all of the offering for this year but I got what was there. 
In past years that have had a larger stock of them.  This year there weren't as much
there and I was luck to get what I have!

Here is what I got.  Doll photos in them to follow.
This years selection was better than other years And they didn't
go on sale before Christmas this year. Boo!

Barbie sweaters normally cost more than the $3.00 for these sweater.

A lot more glue gun glue in the decorations of these sweaters but
still nice! That is one thing you look for.  You don't want sweaters that
are glued together and not sewn.  Things glues on is OK but you
don't want them all glue.

Some of the decoration are missing from this one  because it was glued but I can add replacements!

There was also a Jacket and hat this year! Thanks to dbg of BDE I found out
that there was a hat to match the jacket. This was new! I like the set. 
I don't like the wooden buttons on them. They give it more of a toy store look to
the items.  The hat is large.  Too large for most dolls.  It will have to be altered.
The buttons will have to be replace maybe with something black.


Michael had jackets, hats and vest.  I just purchased the jackets and vest. The hats were
large like the one at Target...too big. 

I have seen many of these on Facebook so I knew what they had to offer.
The beige and plaid jackets are reversed one has the plaid vest and the other
has the beige suede vest.
What I do find in looking at ornament sweaters and other ornament 
that can be used for clothes is that some are made larger than others. 
So, look through them! Note that the green and white Target sweater is smaller 
than the other sweaters. (better for small dolls and children) The vest  from 
Micheal's will work for Ken and IT males. It is harder to find coats and these were a 
great purchase! I did get them on sale.  The were only 30 cents less that the Target
 $3 sweaters.Over all!  I like what I got and will show them on dolls soon!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Presto said...

Whoa, those are super-cute!

Farrah Lily said...

Great finds! I ended up picking up one of the sweater ornaments as well from Target! I really like the black and white flannel one that you got. :)

Phyllis said...

Wow, these are really cute! I didn't look at the one's at Michael's this year, but now I wish I had! I did get the green snowflake sweater from Target, but it was the only one my Target had left! I did get all of the Christopher and Banks sweaters this year though! The holidays are a great time to find doll stuff!

Jewell said...

I look forward to seeing your dolls in the sweaters, jackets, and vests. Your photos show everything that Target had to offer this year. I purchased all but the one with the gift box. I also got one jacket, vest, and jacket/vest combo from Michael's.

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice haul! I purchased all that Michael’s offered and a couple from Target. Looking forward to seeing your dollies in them.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

You were able to find some really nice clothing ornaments this year. I missed out on the ones from Michaels, but I was able to get some from Target.


april_n_paris said...

That is a nice haul, but I am never around when Target starts selling their sweater ornaments. And by the time I get to town, everything is sold out. So I went on line to see if I could find something, but what was left was priced at $17!!! Because of bad weather, I couldn't get to Michaels. dolls have to do without Christmas sweaters!! My playline Barbies and Kens are disappointed!

Muff said...

That's a nice assortment! Glad to see such variety.

Carrickters said...

These look cute. Can't wait to see what they look like on the dolls.