Monday, July 8, 2013

New AA Cheerleader Texas A &M Ken

Hey Gang,

So, I wanted to post my new doll sooner.  I wanted to show him in my last post.
But yet again, I lost the charger for my camera.  You would have thought that I
would have learned my lesson by now.  Put the charger where you can find it!
No, I spend several days trying to find it and wondering if I will have to order another.

Any way, I open the box and took him out.  I knew right away that I made a mistake!
 Face close-up!

I should have purchased more of them.  I only hope that they get more in stock!
I could feel myself smiling as I looked at him.  He was just what I wanted.  I
haven't torn into a guy that way in a long time  Oh yes, your packaging must come off!
I took him from is packaging.

Great face!  I have learned with my last purchase from to look at the
 item closely.  There were some clothing problems with my Jean Basics AA Ken.  
I learned later from Vanessa of  Van's Doll Treasures that I could have gotten a 
credit or something for that.

He has the same articulated body as the Harley Ken and the
Johnny Depp doll.  I just realized that I never posted about it when I
purchased my Harley Ken doll!  So let check out the outfit!

 He has great detail on the shirt.  Lots stitching that make the shirt look
expensive.  The ATM that would normally be an iron on but in this case, it is not.
It also has elastic on the bottom to keep it from rising up. when he sits.

The pants are well made with real pockets and a belt.  The pants don't 
have that tight fit that many of the fashionista male pants do.
The sneaker are cute too.

   I they they look like the type that Remi would wear.
Oh, and he does look good from behind!

Next let's check him out compared to Barbie basic #17!
If you are not familiar with Barbie Basic Ken #17 you can view my 
older post.  I waited a long time for # 17 and I am glad I got this one so 

So here is the two dolls side by side!
You can see that Brandon( #17) is still feel nervous  about his place around here.  
His head is tilted to the side.

Black doll Collecting  posted pictures from one of her doll friends, 
Cynthia, not so long ago.  I checked back to her post to note what she said.  
I find that even with the same doll,some things are different.  Especially when you 
have foreign manufacturers. Both Debbie and Cynthia note that on the dolls 
Cynthia had, the head of the new doll was wider,  the top lip seemed fuller 
and the hair was darker.  In my comparison it was different.

I think the hair line on my Texas A&M is higher  The hair color is about 
the same and the lips have a shine to them.  The eyeliner is more defined.  For me
the most notable difference is that the complexions are a little different.  A&M is a 
little darker.  Not by much but a little. I noticed it in the body too!

It is not so much of a difference that a head swap is out of the question.  It is very subtle. 
Heads Only!

Alright it is time for the money shots!
Warning!! Nude dolls ahead!

Ms. Leo:  Fellows, as dolls here you will sometimes take nude photos.  It is for educational purposes. 
They are trying to to look at each other!  
Ms. Leo:  You will note the difference in body color.
 Ms. Leo:  Ok, that is a little more natural pose fellows.
 Ms. Leo:  I don't know what is going on in this shot but it makes a good comparison shot.
 The hip joints are different. I makes him look good in pants.
Ms. Leo:  Behinds from behind!
 The neck knobs are a different color too!
 Brandon waves goodbye to his old body.  Brandon: Thanks man! Now TAM
Ken is nervous.  He thinks he might end up on the dollpage.  He maybe right.

Ms. Leo:  Hey, where do you think your gonging?
Brandon: I going to find Khadijah!
Ms. Leo: But  we aren't finished with comparisons!  We still have other dolls to compare you to!
Brandon:  That will have to be for next time.
Ms. Leo: Oh, so you get a new body and you get new on me huh?
Brandon: I'll be back. Don't worry!
Ms. Leo:  Now I'm nervous.

OK, until next time!

Thanks For Looking!


MissSpottyJane said...

Congratulations on grabbing him. Thanks for the comparison to the Basics, I hesitated on buying him, hopefully he will be back in stock somewhere eventually.

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for the review and detailed comparison. I really enjoyed your humorous commentary, especially on the view from behind!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Great comparison, Ms. Leo. Thanks for pointing out the differences between your Brandon and Yell Team Ken. I like Yell Team's slightly darker complexion. Both are quite handsome dolls, but articulation is always a plus.

There's no way I would have been able to keep him in the box had I been one of the lucky ones to get him before the sell out.

Thanks for the blog shout out, too.


D7ana said...

Congratulations on getting him. They are both good looking guys ;-)

Thanks for photographing and comparing them, too.

V. said...

Thank you for the educational photos ;)
Great that you were able to grab him, I don't think I'll have the same luck :/

Brini said...

I'm looking to score him too. I want my basic to have an articulate body too. Thanks for the comparison shots. Too funny.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments MissSpottyJane, limbe dolls, dbg of BDE, D7ana, V. and Brini!

First Let Me Say...I have seen this doll listed on ebay sell for over $90 nude and up to 150 NIB. I could believe it! I am temped to sell my second doll before they restock them.

MissSpottyJane, He is a great doll. I hope they do restock him so more people could have him.

limbe dolls, Thanks! I do like to check out men from behind!

dbg of BED, I'm glad you liked the post. I haven't open the second doll yet. Maybe Mattel will understand to appeal of AA male dolls.

D7ana, I glad you enjoyed this post!

V. and Brini. Mattel may take time to wise up but they do! I'm sure he will be reissued.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I really enjoyed this comparison, Ms. Leo! I just picked up the cheerleader earlier this week and I'm pretty excited that I got a second chance to get him. I haven't removed him from his box yet, and I wanted to see him compared to the Barbie Basic Ken #17, so I appreciate this post.