Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Star Wars Mace Windu

Hey Gang,

I showed you my Lando  Star Wars Action figure but I didn't show
you the rest of my Star Wars action figures.  So I will show you them over
the next few posts.  My second Star Wars action figure is also and AA
figure.  He is Mace Windu!  I had two Mace Windu action figures.
One was a 2002 Attack of the Clones Mace Windu.  I sold him to
Tracy India and he is having a great time in his new home.  Hugs and
 kisses to both Tracy and Mace!

The other was the Star Wars Episode 1 Mace Windu 1999.
He is a Jedi Knight!  Windu was played by actor Samuel L. Jackson.
If you don't know the Star Wars movies here is a link that will give you
the brief story of Windu.  The uniforms on both dolls are great but
the Episode I has a cape!

 Back of cape! It is a knit fabric like cotton jersey. 
 Under the cape is the Jedi uniform! It has a linen feel to it.
This is different from AOTC Mace who uniform is more of a gauze.
I may show the other uniform in a upcoming post.
 It is a jacket with a mock under shirt, an overlay vest thing and a belt.
 He wears brown leather look boots. 
 Belt fastens in the back.
 The vest thing off in the front and....
 in the back.
He wears taupe 3/4 length pants.

 Warning Nude Doll!

He has the body that Hasbro used for the Star Trek dolls.  He has
a twist and turn waist.  I have found it to break at the waist.
I hope this one does not.  He has articulated elbows and biceps.
He can fit some Ken and most action figure clothing.
 He does have shoes that come off and real feet.  Feet are larger than Ken
dolls and will need larger shoes and feet are articulated up and down at ankle.

So here he is redressed as his role in Johnston.  He will keep his first name as
his last name and get a new first name.  He is Major Roland Mace of the
US Army! Roland: Hello!

He gets a family too! Two of them you have met!  His wife is Lola, a local
swimwear designer. Lola :Hello!
  and one of his daughters is Aya.
Aya: Hi!

 And Annyah his baby girl!
Annyah: Hi!

She is a fairy head swap onto a Stacie body.  She will be a friend
and classmate of Stacie Green. The population of Johnston is growing with
new residents and families!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

His articulation and likeness is pretty darn great, but that outfit is outstanding! They put a lot of work into it. From the back his cape looks like it is being lifted from the wind.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your boy. I like his as articulable body. Keep in touchKeep in touch

LadyTma said...

Hello. He is just awesome and I love the family! The older sister's red dress is stunning.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, Marta and Lady Tma! Lady Tma welcome to my blog!

Muff, When I read your comment I smiled! I didn't realize that when taking the photos. It does! The was a lot of cape movement in the movies too, so I guess that is fitting!

Marta, Were Star War dolls big there too! His articulation makes him a keeper!

Lady Tma, It took me a while to come up with the family for him. He is happy!

The grandmommy said...

I have the one with the vinyl belt. I didn't even know who he was. The cashier told me. LOL He was not in a box but in perfect shape.

V. said...

Wow his face is awesome, it's so realistic! Nice family you got there!