Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jet Set Convention Darla Daley Simply Simpatico 2011

Hey Gang!

Well, I was looking for FR Adele when I came across this Darla Daley on the dollpage.  I must say that I am not too familiar with FR dolls.  I have more Hommes here than ladies.  I didn't really know what I would be getting even though there was a picture on the ad.  I just know she was a good price for the doll and I liked her face.

When she arrived I was pleased and a little surprised too.  Her face was beautiful!  FR seem to do a great job on the face screening.  She seemed a bit.... short.  I took out my measuring tape ( keep it on my key chain around my neck) and she was shorter than I expected.  She was about the size of a regular Barbie.

I blacked out her ...goodies for blogging and her new name is Babette!
She will be Etienne's sister.
BTW, there in a movement in my dolly land about dolls being shown nude!
No protests yet, but a moment.

She is about the size of Barbie.  So I found my Reecie for comparison

Reecie: Glad to help!
                                     Ms. Leo: Yeah, Reecie hasn't been out for a while! 
Both these ladies are petite enough for Liv doll swimsuits!  
Babette is not a fan of this swimsuit. 

Babette: It seem a bit young for my tastes.

 Reecie likes it!

Reecie: This is great for beach volleyball!

Ms. Leo: So here is a side by side of the ladies!

You will note that Reecie is a 1/2 inch taller.
Reecie: And I have rooted eyelashes!
Her torso is longer.
 I wanted to do a side view.
Babette: but someone's has too much hair an a big behind ponytail!
Reecie: Sounds like hating to me!
Ms. Leo: Ladies, ladies!
 This is a better photo!
They have different feet.  Babette has articulated ankles.
Only the Liv dolls around here have those!
 Babette doesn't have the high arched feet of most dolls but
there is an arch!
Babette hands are larger too.
Ms. Leo: Babette looks.....
Reecie: Older!
Ms. Leo: no, more sophisticated!
Babette: You got that right!

Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

Congrats on getting Darla! Darla and Poppy are not FR dolls. Integrity Toys makes several lines of dolls. FR dolls is just one of their lines. Poppy and Darla dolls is a separate line. The FR line is larger than Barbie. The Poppy line, which includes Darla is the same size. Another line is called Nuface. My Naisha (Colette) doll is an example of Nuface and she is the same size as the FR line. Again congrats! I plan to get one in the future. Just haven't decided which one.

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing this comparison of the Integrity Toys Dynamite Girl "Reecie" and Poppy Parker/Darla Dailey "Babette" bodies. I thought that they had the same bodies. I know better now ;-)

IHime said...

Wow, I'm starting to appreciate Darla. I didn't mind her much before, just a friend of Poppy, but she is exactly as you say - a spohisticated lady. Congrats!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations, Ms. Leo. Babette is lovely.

I love my Darla Daley's. Will have to share them when I return to my blog.


Muff said...

She is so lovely, congrats!

What is this movement? People don't want to see doll boobies? They think it will traumatize their kids?

limbe dolls said...

Darla is lovely. Please don't censor yourself because of smutty-minded people who project their own sexual hang ups onto the world. A nude doll is a sculptural form. Depending on how you pose and light the photo, images of nude dolls can be erotic or even downright pornographic but showing the doll "unboxed" is just sharing useful information. Your comparison photos have always been a great service to doll collectors.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, D7ana, lHime, dbg of BDE, Muff and limbe dolls for your comments!

Vanessa, Thanks for the info! I only have a few I.T. dolls and your info was a help.

D7ana, you are welcome. I think we both will be better shoppers when we buy our next I.T. Dolls.

lHime, I didn't like poppy so I never notice Darla until now. Now I will have to look at the fashions more.

dbg of BDE, I will look forward to your pictures!

Muff and limbe dolls, Thanks, I really like my new Darla. Some people do think kids should see nude dolls. I have gotten a comment or two.