Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp

For the last 6 months Mattel’s Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow has been playing hide and seek with me at my local Wal-Mart. I saw him in TRS when he first came out but didn’t want to spend the money that they were asking for him. When I found out he had and articulated body, which made him a little more interesting.

A six month ago I saw Johnny in the discount section of my local Wal-Mart. He was mark at 39.00 which I didn’t consider much of a sale. I knew he was hard to find but that wasn’t a discount in my mind. Everything else in the section was under 20.00. The box was in bad shape so I asked the manager if he could do better on the price. He said he could take off a few dollars… 36.00. Now we all know that they would negotiate better a better deal than that if I were a company want to sell something in Wal-Mart. So I left it there in the store. I was really hoping for 30.00.

When I came in two weeks later, it was still there. I decided to hide it in the shelves until I came back on the weekend when I got paid. I would have some extra money and I would breakdown and buy it. Don’t you know when I came back he wasn’t there! Ugh! I looked all over but he wasn’t there. I told my self it was meant and I purchased two power teams action figures, a Fashionista and clothing with what I would have spent on Johnny.

Three weeks later I came into Wal-Mart with just enough for what I needed for dinner and who was there…yup Johnny and he was still 39.00and the same beat up box. I asked a new manager if he could do better on the price and he said no! “The price is the price no matter what the box looks like!” Weeell! I didn’t have the money anyway so what could I say anyway. I did wonder why he hadn’t sold even with the box in bad shape. The next few months I didn’t see him there.

Today I came to Wal-Mart looking of an AA Fashionista body for one of my new dolls and who do I see…yup, Johnny! The box is really looking bad now. So I ask my self do I want to find a manager to see if they will give me a better price or what. As I walk by the scanner, something told me to just scan it and see what it says! So I did and it scanned for 25.00! Now that is more like it. That is a price worth calling the manager for. So I headed to the front of the store to check out.

As I arrive at the front of the store, I give all the cashiers a good look over. The cashier is the first line of any store! Some cashiers will hold the line on the price of any item. They will make you ask for the manager because they aren’t will to call one if you don’t ask. If you go along with the “this is the price I have to charge, it out of my hands” statement, you’ll walk out of the store with lighter pockets. So I give them all a look over. What I was looking for was someone with a carefree attitude. You know the “I’m just here for the summer and don’t need a hassle” look to them! Yup, there he was… hiding… on his cell phone. You almost could tell his light was on. When I came up to him the look on his face was damn, she saw me! He looks to see if there was anyone else saw me come to his line. If he could ring me up fast, no one else would know that he was open. I told him quickly that it is scanning cheaper on the bottom. He scans it on the bottom and it scans 25.00. He charges me the 25.00 and announces to the others that he is going on break! Sometimes you got to play the system!

So here is Johnny! The bottom and back of the box is ripped badly.

I have another Jack Sparrow.

He is by Zizzle. I purchased several of these years ago and sold them on eBay. I kept this one. I also have a Will Turner too.

I have one nude for sale if anyone wants one.

So let's compare the two!

Here is a side by side shot of the two.

Mattel’ version has real hair. The Zizzle has molded hair

You might not be able to tell it from this photo because of the box but the Zizzle version is a little taller than the Mattel version by about an 1 ½ .

Warning Nude doll!

Here is a picture of the Will nude with a Joe and Steven.
The body is different more like a Joe. The shoes are molded on. Bummer!  I bet Muff could do a leg replacement on him!

The Mattel Jack Sparrow is the first doll that I have done research on before buying it. From what I have read on the net, the clothing doesn’t come off easy on the Mattel doll. The pants and shirt are one piece. The belt is hard to get on to the original position once you take it off making him hard to redress in the outfit once you take it off.

On the Zizzle doll all the pieces are removable and separate. Here are photos of Will outfit.  Sorry I don't have photos of Jack's outfit

Getting the pants over the boots is a little difficult and he has a hat!

Mattel outfit

Zizzle outfit
The clothing on the Zizzle is very well made.  As for accessories, both have a swords

Mattle Sword

Zizzle sword
but the Zizzle one comes with a gun too!

The Zizzle guy will stay in the box while I play with the Mattel version!

Ok on to Mattel! If you go on flickr there are a lot of photo of the Mattel version redress, repainted, unpainted and more! It really give you and idea of what you can do with him. I have linked this picture of him without facial hair. I don’t like that too much. He looks to pouty for me. This link is with just the hair cut. Not bad! I not sure if I like the short hair or not. Here is a shot with longer hair but with some of the facial hair removed. I am still try to figure out what I like. I just know that he clothing is going. We don’t need a pirate in Johnston! I will get rid of the cut too. The next time you see him he will be redressed! I am just glad I got him!

Thanks for looking!


Verona said...

Wow! You really lucked out! I'm happy for you! He really is a good looking doll.

Muff said...

I didn't know he was articulated?! I remember seeing him at TRU but I'm not into those movies and he was so expensive I just passed him by. This is another one I'm just going to have to hope that BigLots gets because I've never seen him at any of my Walmarts.

Tracy India said...

Good deal! I bought him right away on BC because I'm a huge Depp fan and I think Mattel did a really good job on the likeness. I wish I could have waited him out on a deal.

I'm super excited to see you redress him. I think he'd look really cute with your Barbie Jean Basics #04 but you have quite the collection so it will be great to see who you pair him with. :)

Georgia Girl said...

Congrats on getting Jack. $25 was a good price for him. TRU had him for $30 when they were selling him. He is no where to be found least not in my area. I immediately undressed him, sold his clothes, and redressed him in a Ken fashion.

Barbiecafe said...

LOL, love your "love and hate" relationship with walmart? join the club, I do the same...wait for the price to go down and end up getting something cheap but most of the time with the box looking like "crap". Thanks for sharing :-)

Sergio said...

I love this doll!! It's on my wish list in forever! I'm glad tha you've been able to find it and thank you for the comparison, really interesting. I like Jack with the haircut, looks like more Johnny Depp, hot!! Oh and yesterday was Depp's birthday!!!

Vanessa said...

You are right $39.00 wasn't a sale. What Walmart has started doing is mixing in regular priced items with the sales/clearance items, hoping people will buy them. I'm sure it's working on some folks. Glad you didn't fall for the okey doke. It's really false advertising in some cases. Glad you were able to get him for a better price. Great comparison shots.

limbe dolls said...

Congratulations on working the system to get Jack Sparrow at a good price! Also thanks for the informative post on the different Jack Sparrow figures. Looking forward to some swashbuckling stories.

Dollz4Moi said...

Glad you finally got him. I picked a couple of them up when TRU had the B1G1F sale. I used his body for one of my other guys. I never noticed the Zizzle dolls before but nice review of both

D7ana said...

Applause! That has to be one of the best doll bargain stories I have ever heard. I loved hearing your description of what to look for in a Walmart employee who would not question the price discrepancy. LOL. Great timing.

Congratulations! You deserved that Johnny by the time you got him. I admire your perserverance. Go girl!

Note: Ms. Leo will get her man! ;-D

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Congratulations on getting Mattel Depp. I really like articulated body and clothing. A great story to buy this doll. Keep in touch.

mustiwait said...

I want one too now!!!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Verona, Muff, Tracy, Georgia Girl, Barbiecafe, Sergio, Vanessa, limbe dolls, Dollz4Moi, D7ana, Marta and mustiwait! I believe he started out at 39.99! So, I think I looking at 35% off.

Verona, I have seen him on Tracy India blog and on Flickr. He really is a good looking doll.

Muff, He got the Harley body. It doesn't look like they made alot of these dolls. I have seen more Asian Kens dolls than I have seen of him. I think after the Harley Ken, they aren't going to do alot of guys, thinking it better to see out than discount. I do hope you find him at Big Lot! I was surprised to see him at all in Wal-Mart! Me, I'm still looking for #16 blonde Basic at BL.

Tracy, I have just deboxed him this weekend. I know that the scar is going first. I will sell the clothing but I would like to keep the vest. I don't know how that would do to the sale. I'm on the fence about the hair. Right now, it seems too long. I have it in a pony but I don't know. Oh, no love interest yet.

Georgia Girl, What did the cloths go for? I'm not sure what to ask. I love vest and the boots but do I really need the boots? Right now he is sitting in a chair looking at me nude.

Barbiecafe, Yeah, the box was crap but I don't keep much in boxes, so it is cool. I do have a love/hate thing with Wal-Mart! I wonder how they decide what toys they are getting? I was told now that each store has the ability do decide the discount. It doesn't come from headquarters all the time now.

Sergio, I was surprised to hear about his birthday. It must have been a sign! I hope you get your wish too! I'm leaning toward... the cut.

Vanessa, No “okey doke” here! Fooling the public! What's next Wal-Mart? Charging more that the price of items? Van, you have to be a smart dolly shopper!

limbe dolls, I don't think he will be swashbuckling but breaking some hearts... he is up for that!

Dollz4Moi, You mean you have his head sitting around somewhere? Wow! I don't think I could do that.

D7ana, I earned him! Oh and "Ms. Leo will get her man!" My husband could tell some stories about that!

Marta, Do you have him in Spain. I hope so and I hope you get him! Keep in touch!

mustiwait, I talked to Linda Hayes at the Black Doll Show here in Philly. She said that she sold a lot of them! She could get them in fast enough! She was driving all over for them and added the price of the gas to the doll and people really wanted him! She said he was "Hot, Hot, Hot!" That made me go back to Wal-Mart to look again! I hope you find him!