Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some Of My New purchases!

Hey Gang!

I wanted to show you some of my new doll purchases.  I haven’t purchased anything too expensive. I just picked up a few things that showed up in stores locally.
First are the Baby Phat Girls!

I picked up Chandra, Grace and Kara.  I didn't pick them up in the same store so I don’t have pictures of all of them together.

I just Love, Love ,Love her!!! I don’t normally like the light makeup on dark dolls but seems to work for her.  I love the fact that she isn't looking to the side too! 

Her hair is really nice too! It has a really nice shine that make her look polished!
didn't think she looked like the other dolls I have with the same head sculpt.  She looks different to me.  Now that might be because the headband squeezed her face or that the face paint made her look that way.  

She looks for more like McKenzie to me.
Grace and Kara!

I saw Grace and Kara on the shelf at another store.  I purchased them for their bodies and clothing.  I was use to paying 15-20 dollars for the darker AA bodies.  At 13 dollars for SIS dolls it was worth it.  When I got them out of the box, I thought Grace’s hair was interesting...

 but Kara had one of the best face paints that I had seen on her!  And I have purchased a lot of Kara’s.

Her out fit was cute even without the sweater!

I saw Marisa there too but I passed on her

Yeah, It was the eyes!  This is her giving me the "Ms. Leo you need to stop that" look!

I then purchased a few outfits for my fella's!  The fella's need some love when I'm shopping too!  This outfit is one of the better things that Mattel did for Ken.  No Pink!  The shoes look like JB style shoes.
 OK! Together this don't look so good but I'm hope they can work well apart!
 I really love the shoes!  My guys are shoe fans and love great shoes!
 I saw someone on flicker put the jack of the pink plaid tux (I think it came out last year) with this shirt and the white shirt form the plaid tux with this dotted jacket.  It worked well!  So you know what I'm doing.
I got a few off brand dolls.  This one I got because they never did Teresa in this complexion.  

The body is have some problems.  It will get trashed.She was only $3 and her dress isn't bad so I don't feel I have lost if I trash it..

This little cutie for $1.

Finally my curiosity got the best of me.  I had seen these dolls for a while and wondered if the body and the clothing could work for any of my dolls.   Soo...doll one or doll two?

So I purchased the doll above!  I like her outfit so that made the choice of which one easy. The clothing is good quality.  Some of the clothing before was unfinished at the hem but not these.
 The top is loose enough to fit other dolls! Yeah!  Bratz aren't known for pink, so I was surprised by the pants color choice for this doll.  The pink color isn't even in the shirt.
 Yup! she has the Bratz face!
 The top of her body is large than the normal Bratz doll.
 The shoes look like My Scene to me but I guess that is right.
 Out of the clothes, she looks short waisted and bowlegged.
 Her hands are nice!
 Bratz and fashionista style hands
 Bratz, Fashionista, Liv hands
 Bratz body and Belly button body
 Her head is the same size as it was before.
 Her body is taller and bigger.

They were smart enough to make her able to wear the older doll shoes.  That is something that Mattel won't have done!  I bet Muff will do something interesting with this doll's body!

OK!  Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

Congrats on getting your new SIS girls. I bought the same three. I thought I was getting Grace just for her outfit, but she has such a different look, I will keep her as is. I'm glad you showed the Bratz. I was curious, too.

Stardoll40 said...

Congrats on your finds. The larger Bratz doll, does she have bend-click knees or stiff plastic ones?

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

My BabyPhat Kara will be delivered next week (hopefully), now I'm even more excited about her! Love the Totally Polished bratz outfit, too.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I really like your purchases. I adore the SIS. In my country, this collection is not for sale. I also I have the new clothes Ken. My favorite is the blue checkered shirt. Keep in touch

Brini said...

Isn't Chandra gorgeous!! I'm so glad you lucked up and found all of them. It is like a treasure hunt for me in Charlotte. I love the Ken clothes too, I will work on getting a few set of them. Thanks for sharing.

Carrickters said...

Nice buys. Unfortunately, like Marta, SIS dolls are not for sale in Australia so I admire them through your pictures. The Bratz dolls are interesting, I'll have to see if they appear here.

Male Doll World said...

Great purchases. I am still looking for the Baby Phat dolls and now I will look for the taller bratz dolls. Thanks.

Muff said...

You got a lot of nice stuff! I purchased those Ken fashions as well - except for the polka dotted one. I'll catch that one on clearance.

MissSpottyJane said...

Congrats on the big haul. The Teresa clone is really interesting. I really like the new Chandra as well, her face seems slimmer than all the previous SISes.

Georgia Girl said...

Congrats on getting the SIS dolls! They are very nice. I absolutely love Chandra's hair. Do the fashionista doll fit the Bratz clothes?

Buffy said...

Well done on an awesome haul. I adore the SIS dolls but haven't found any in my neck of the woods. YET. They are definitely on my 'to buy' list.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa, Tracy India, Anderson's All-Purpose, Marta, Brini, Carrickters, Male Doll World, Muff MissSpottyJane, Georgia Girl and Roville!

Anderson's All-Purpose, Welcome to my blog!

OK, let's answer the important question of clothing fit! On the top, It is roomy enough to be worn by Happy Family Grandma! That is a real plus! The pants are too tigh for Grandma. They are a little tight on the SIS bodies but do-able in a pinch. They do sit a little low on them too. Will I keep the Taller Bratz doll? No, she will go up on my dollpage site for sale.

Vanessa, Chandra is a keeper! I am debating keeping Kara. I will put Grace head up for sale but I'm glad you like her. Her body is too badly needed here.

Tracy India, Yes, she has bend and click legs. I was suprised at that. I expected articulation. Oh well!

Anderson's All-Purpose, I'm sure you will be happy with her when she arrives! She has such a sweet face.

Marta, I really hope you guys get the SIS dolls! It is so unfair that those doll to make it to be sold everywhere! I really love my Ken outfits.

Brini, Yes, Chandra is great! She give me hope that we might get a even darker skintone doll with articulation one day. I'm sure your guys will love the outfits.

Carrickters, I hope the Bratz at least show up there! You and Marta need to start a letter writing campaign!

Male Doll World, Thanks! I didn't see the AA taller Bratz. I would like to see her!

Muff, I hope this is just the beginning of Ken fashions. I would like to see more of them.

MissSpottyJane, I don't know if the thinner face was just the doll I purchase. I will have to look at others in the store. I might have been the hairband too. I really like the Teresa. I can't wait to give her a new body.

Georgia Girl, Chandra a great hair! Mattel is getting better on the SIS dolls.

Roville, Wow! I would have thought that they would have shipped them all over by now. Maybe it like the Denim Fashionista that didn't ship all over at the same time.

Forestminuet said...

Love the Baby Phat dolls! They have some awesome faces.

I also love that little cutie you bought for $1! Sometimes you can get some good buys on the off brands. :)

I love the Ken clothes! I have the Pink Tux Jacket, but I can't seem to get it on a Ken. I just don't seem him wearing pink.

D7ana said...

Congrats on your purchases! Thanks for sharing the Bratz body photos.