Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I've Been Up To-- Part Two! Progress On Re-boding!!!

So, since Christmas I have found several articulated bodies for my dolls. Not many African American bodies but articulated bodies that I can use for my non African American dolls. Just after Christmas, my local Supermarkets had many Barbie items for sale. I found two Hunger Game dolls for sale for 7.50 at a local supermarket. That is around the price a want to spend on a articulated donor body.  Less if I can.
I purchase both of them and re-body two of my dolls. I re-bodied my Dr. Yue Sai Wa Wa


my Ing with these donor bodies. I kept one of the doll’s outfit and put the rest of the doll’s items and heads up for sale on the Dollpage.

During the Flower Show, the center City K-Mark marked down it‘s Fashionista Summer dolls to 8.00.
 I purchased three of them also. I need to add Summer to my collection. She was the only Fashionista with a new head sculpt that I didn't have. I kept the other bodies as a donor.

You might remember from previous posts that I purchased several SIS dolls too!

The Roller Skating and Tennis dolls. I have also purchased and extra Baby Phat Kara and
 a Grace as a body donors.

Warning Nude Dolls Ahead!

At my new favorite thrift store I found six articulated bodies and a Power Team guy for fewer than 7.00! That was a real score! First, I found two Disney dolls as I got to the toy section.  I then began to carefully comb the aisle.   I be heading back my next day off!

They were both they newer Rapunzel dolls with the articulated arms.  I got excited.
I am not a big fan of the face but I can always use the body.  I think I like the Mattel face better.

I found these two dolls with the same outfit on.

I don’t know who they are but because both of them have on the same outfit. I am thinking that the outfit is original.

And pretty cute too!
If you know who they are please let me know.

I also found two Fashionista Swapping head dolls too.  I not a fan of the swapping head dolls but at that price I figure that my second string dolls will get a articulated body.  These head will be up for sale too!
I think the first doll is the old Summer. Very few of the dolls that I have purchased form thrift store didn't need hair help.  It is something I accept.
This girl has a heart on her cheek!
One of the great things about thrift store is that you will never know what you might find!  I didn't expect to find a Power Team guy there but there he was!  You know I couldn't leave him there.  I think he is an older model.  His gloves are a different color than of my other PT guys.

He does have a great look in his eyes too!

I haven’t re-bodied any of these dolls. So I told myself that each week I would figure out a doll to get one of the six donor bodies. I will put their heads up for sale on the Dollpage. I sure out that the Dollpage stays up!

I purchased a few other things I will show you later when I have time to take pictures! Never enough time!

OK, Thanks For Looking!!!


Dollz4Moi said...

You found some nice goodies. the blonds seem to be from the Barbie & Tanner set. I had a couple of these dolls since they are articulated. There was also an AA & Teresa version. Teresa came with a cat.

The doll with heart on her face is from the Fairytopia line I believe. The other doll is a Summer before the change.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: interesting shopping. I also prefer articulated bodies. We keep in touch.

Georgia Girl said...

Nice items Ms Leo! You have been on a shopping spree. I have never been able to find an articulated body at my thrift stores.

Heather said...

Holy wow that is an awesome haul!!! What great finds, especially the thrift store stuff, I'd love to find articulated bodies at the thrift store!! :D

Vanessa said...

So many articulated bodies! That's great. And the PowerTeam guy is a real treat. I like the matching outfits. They would make great outfits for waitresses.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Dollz4Moi, Marta, Georgia Girl, Heather and Vanessa! I have enjoyed finding articulated bodies!

Dollz4Moi, Thanks! I tried looking up Barbie and Tanner but I didn't see a doll with an outfit like that. The face looked similar but since Mattel spits out the same doll face over and over, it was hard to tell. If you know of a picture with the outfit, let me know.

Marta, I see that you have given some of your favorite girls articulated bodies. Congrats!

Georgia Girl, I don't see many articulated bodies many thrift stores but this one. It keeps me going back!

Heather, I just took a look at your blog. Pretty Cool! I must have been the only one not following your blog! I had to change that!

Vanessa, Great minds think alike or maybe crazy ones! I was thinking about waitress outfits after I got them home. This is the first PT guy I have ever seen in a thrift store! You can't imagine my surprise. I quickly grabbed him up!

Dollz4Moi said...

Ms Leo, sorry I'm slow to respond. The outfits didn't come with those dolls. I think they are My Scene outfits. I don't remember which doll they came on but I do have the outfit in my My Scene bag. If I find a picture or recall I'll let you know :O)

Ms. Leo said...

Dollz4Moi, That would be great!