Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bruce Lee

Hey Gang!

As you read this post, you will see how it does relate the the post below it.  So please hang in there!

One of the first movies I went to see as a teenager (and with my first boyfriend) was Enter The Dragon!  I only went because he was taking me.  It was not a movie that I would have picked on my own.  Seeing this movie open my eye to what type of movies I might find interesting and what types of guys I might date.  I remember a scene where he flexed all the muscles in his back. OMG!  I was spellbound by that.  Thinking back on it, I am soo glad the theater was dark and my boyfriend couldn't see the look on my face.

Mattel had done a few Asian dolls but it was not until recently that they did an Asian Ken.  Yes, I have the Asian Ken.  The closest they got was Captain Li Shang, which I also have.  My first Asian male purchase was the Play Along Toys Bruce Lee Master.  Play Along's Bruce Lee action figures aren't the best likeness of Mr. Lee out there but it was the first one I saw.  To read more on Play Along Toys see post on them by clicking here.

Play Along first released Bruce lee in  1999.  A year after the release of Mulan and the Captain Li Shang doll. They did three head sculpts of Bruce Lee.  This is the one I have! He looks younger than the rest.

As with most Play Along Toys action figures, the clothing is very well made.  It is of good fabric, nice design and strong seams.  The closure of the jacket is a nice touch.  He comes with an extra set of hands (that can be used for other action figures) and lots of weapons.  This is his training gear.  You might have see Xia with the weapons!

They also did a second Master head sculpt with this face. In their Bruce Lee series was a Legend Bruce Lee and Warrior Bruce Lee.

I saw this one on line too.  Play Along updated the dolls faces and bodies often in production. This is a new face and body than the others.  I believe he is the Warrior.  You might notice that this body is different from the ones above.

Hey It's Muff, I didn't know you were a Lee fan so these pictures are for you!

So lets give him a good look!

 The Legend action figure from the Bruce Lee "The Dragon Series" produced by Play Along Toys in
2000.  This was a good purchase for me even if I didn't know it at the time.  I got him on sale at Toys R Us when he was being discontinued.  He was my first Asian male.

Bruce is a bit shy and didn't want nude pictures of him on the web with a lame exclaimer

As you can see from the picture, he has to sets of extra hands! 
He has the balled fists, a set of slightly opened hands and a set or open hands.  Most Play Along and Jakks male doll ( I will explain this later) and action figures have one open and one slightly hand.

Example Aaron Carter.

So he has a more expressive hand options!  Note newer Jakks action figures don't have hand joints.  These jointed hands are removable.  They also have the same size pegs but a little shorter on the end of the hands as Power Team guys.  The can easily be use as Power Team hands too.

Example:  Power Team Guy.  PT hands are the ones with the longer stem.

So if you see an old Aaron Carter or other P.A.T. or Jakks action figure for cheap, purchase them for their hands!  Here we have the two guys together.  PT guy has on of Bruce's hand and one of his own.  Bruce's hands are a little more tan and not as pink a PT guy.  Aaron is a closer match but Bruce's hands can do in a pinch!

He has an articulated torso also.

Photo: Aaron Cater, Power team guy and Bruce Lee
He also has articulated ankles.

This makes him quite pose-able!  Here he is warming up for his dance class.

Here is a close-up of his face.  

He looks kinda young to me so he will be a teen in my dolly world.

I put a shirt on him for the final shot!

OK! Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

I am a Bruce Lee fan, too. There are some incredibly well done figures of him on the market. I haven't added him to the collection, yet. I love Kung Fu type movies.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I see that you like boys like Bruce Lee. You have an interesting collection of guys. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Congratulations! He does look like a teen. Great choice to make him one in your doll world ;-)

Muff said...

Big Bruce fan over here! Holla! I've even been watching the original Green Hornet on MeTV. Every time he comes on the screen I giggle like a schoolgirl.

I agree, your version does look very young.

limbe dolls said...

I have this Bruce Lee and have made use of his extra hands for my Power Team guys who only had gloved hands. Thanks for showing all the different versions of this action figure.

Dollz4Moi said...

I have the first version of Bruce too. He's sitting around waiting for me to use him someday lol :-)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa, Marta, D7ana, Muff, limbe dolls and Dollz4Moi!

Vanessa, Your are a women to appreciate the male form...especially in dolls! I think both our doll should watch some Kung Fu movies!

Marta, I try to pick up male dolls when I can. There isn't the variety that there is with girl dolls.

D7ana, He does have a young face and looks younger than the rest.

Muff, he left us too soon! He left a great body of work behind. I still like watching his stuff.

limbe dolls, I should have know you had him! You do like the interesting dolls! I hope yours gets playtime.

Dollz4Moi, I know you will give him a great story! Post some pictures when you get a chance.