Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day Of School!

Monday was the first day of school in Johnston! These three showed up wearing the new school clothes. Kids like to wear alot of demin and Khaki.

Hi, I'm Brie.  I am Stacie.

 Ricky has a little crush on Stacie!
Oh, and I'm Ricky!
Brie: My Dad and I have just move here from Baltimore.  I hope to make new friends here. 

Stacie: I will be your friend!

Stacie:  Ricky and I will be your first fiends here. 

Ricky: Yes , we will!

Brie: Thanks!
 Ricky and Stacie met in summer camp.
 Brie: Wow! It is the first day and I have made two new friends!
Brie:  I think this will be a good year!
Teacher: Alright students, take your seats!

Brie and Ricky because of their names will sit next to each other.

Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

Nice to see all the kids. Congrats again on your Brie thrift store find. She looks like she will be happy there.

Sergio said...

Awww!!! Too cute!!! I guess will be a great school year for them! Is Ricky the vintage version of Skipper boyfriend?

Carrickters said...

So the holidays are over and the new school year has begun in the States. In Australia, our third term holidays start new week and then we have another term to go before the end of the year. Hope your dolls have a good and interesting year at school. I like their outfits especially Brie's jumper (pullover).

Georgia Girl said...

They are adorable! I love their cute little outfits.

limbe dolls said...

Enjoyed the dialogue between the three kids. I bet they get up to all kinds of adventures.

Alura said...

They're all so precious. Ricky is definitely a cutie pie! It's nice that Brie's already making friends!

Niel said...

I like the bright warm colors on the background which is also reflected on the clothes of the two girls and Ricky's hair. Maybe Ricky could use a red or orange belt but I know they never made enough accessories for kids and guys, what more for a young guy.

Oops, I carried over my fascination for fashion in your blog. I just thought you had great inputs on my fashion ideas. Thanks!


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa, Sergio, Carrickters, Georgia Girl, limbe dolls, Alura, and Niel Camhalla!

Vanessa, When I looked at the photo that I took of the group, they all looked really happy. I didn't notice it while i was taking them. I really like Brie and she works will with these two.

Sergio, They are so cute together. They are leading me to a place that I wasn't going. Ricky is Skipper's boyfriend and he came onto the market in 1965 to 1967. It is hard to find some of his original outfit but after reading Neil and your comments I did look them up to see what they are like.

Carricters, The school year here goes from September to June with a beak for Christmas and Easter. Brie is in the outfit she came in. I don't know if it is original or not. I have do some research. Stacie and Ricky are wearing a fashion pack for V.I.P. dolls and BFC Ink.

Georgia Girl, These dolls seems they have been friends forever. It is hard to find outfits for small dolls now. Mattel isn’t doing fashion set for the smaller dolls. All small clothing comes with the dolls I will have to be creative.

limbe dolls, You are right! I can see them interacting and having adventures as I looked at the photos I took.

Alura, I was so happy when I spotted Brie in the thrift store! She inspired this shot! She is making friends here!

Niel Camhalla, That is an insightful comment about the belt. Actually, I really need to see your blog post and here your comment on this post. I feel like I am getting stuck fashion wise for my dolls... sliding into a hole and someone gave me a rope! So thank you! I am glad you are back posting! Your voice was missed on the web. I do miss your old blog with the patters but it is good to have you back!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I like your children and their return to school. I'm sure Brie and her father will be happy in this new city. Keep in touch

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Adorable kids!

The first day of school can be intimidating. It always helps to receive warm welcomes and to meet new friends early on.

Cute story.


Muff said...

I love everything they are wearing, especially Brie. I found a bunch of the Hearts kids at Tuesday Moring. I remember Vanessa saying how very posable they are. I was tempted, but I was in $5 or less mood so I left them there since they were $10

Forestminuet said...

I love them! So cute and cute story!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Marta, dbg of BDE, Muff and Forestminuet!

Marta, We will see how Brie and her dad will do with their move. I hope you are right.

dbg of BDE, It is good that Brie met Stacie. Stacie has a generous nature and makes friends easily. I wish all kids get to me a Stacie.

Muff, I haven't been able to find any of the Only Hearts Club near me! I was so happy to find her in the thrift store. I could use the Asia one and her sister.

Forestminuet, I'm glad you liked it!