Friday, September 21, 2012

These Too Are The Green's

With Green being such a common last name it is not surprising that there is more than one Green family in Johnston. You met the other Green Family a while ago. This is the other Green family.

So here are the Greens!

You remember Stacie for the First Day Of School. 

Hi, It is me Stacie.  I want you to meet my family.

 This is my dad Lawson Green. He is a successful businessman.

Lawson: Hello!

This is my mother Shelly Green.  She is an on air personality.  I don’t know what that is.
 Shelly: My children are soo adorable...

They look so much like me!
 This is my brother Leopold “Leo” You met him before but you might not have known he was my brother. He is the best brother ever!

Leo: Thank you munchkin!

This is my sister Sydney.  You met her too.

She is a great big sister! She is funny, pretty, talented and smart. She could be anything in the world.

Sydney: Stacie, I’m blushing!

Shelly: She will be a super model!
Lawson: She is going to be a doctor!

The Green's will be a very prominent family here.

Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

Very nice to meet the Greens. You confused me with the last line when you called them The Lawson. They do look very much alike and make a nice little family.

Sergio said...

It's been a pleasure to meet this family :)

Muff said...

Shelly is very vocal, lol! There are going to be some snippy conversations when it's time for Sydney to choose a career.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa and Sergio!

Vanessa, Thanks for the heads up! I got to stop trying to post at work!;) This family came together about 4 months ago with Stacie being the last member. The names for the parents and the last name were the hard part for me. Some of their story is still in the works. For dolls that don't have the same face mold, they look so much like family!

Sergio, Shelly and the girls are blowing you a kiss!

limbe dolls said...

I enjoyed meeting the Greens. Looking forward to seeing them in more stories.

Georgia Girl said...

Stacie did very well introducing her family. She must be a good little sister, the older siblings seem to adore her. It is sometimes the opposites. Looking forward to seeing the Greens in your photo stories.

Carrickters said...

It's very nice to meet Stacey's family. And you are right, they do look very much like a strong family unit. Are we also going to meet Rick's and Brie's families?

D7ana said...

Nice to see such a positive close-knit family.

I like those red chairs - they are done a lovely red pepper shade.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love this new family. I love the jersey worn by the parent. I enjoyed meeting the Greens. Keep in touch

Niel said...

This post made me sad! :(

It reminded me how Mattel disregards other (not me specifically) collectors' request to have a rooted redhead Ken doll (By Ken, I mean any of the fashionista or basics mold) or a Ken friend with a new mold altogether.

It's a good thing, Stacie is here to cheer me up. She's so perky.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Muff, limbe dolls, Georgia Girl, Carrickters, D7ana, and Marta for your comments!

Muff, Sydney's Parents have different ideas of what her future will be. Yeah, there will be some converations about that!

limbe dolls, I will do more stories on the greens and my other families here. I have been a bit lazy about that. I the items I purchased from you will go along way in helping me.

Georgia Girl, Stacie in very important in the family dynamics of the Greens. I have to work on a home for the Greens so you can see that.

Carrickter, For you, I guess I will have to show their families too! That might mean two more homes. Ugh!

D7ana, The are a close family inspite of there being different points of view. Yeah, I don't use these red chairs enough. I to work with them more.

Hello Marta in Spain! I'm glad you like my new family. I think you are talking about the shirt the father, Lawson, has on. It is a older Mattle Item. I think it is Fashion Avenue or Fashion Fever.

Dukasha said...

I also love to make doll families and it's always interesting to see how other people do it. I like your blog. I think I should read it more often, though if I read all blogs I want to read I'll have no time for anything else at all. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Dukasha, I too find it hard to read all the blogs I follow. Sometime I take some time to catch up with them but sometimes I don't. Thanks for reading this one.