Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hi Gang!

Well I had to go over to Target to get a few things for the house and you know I had to go into the toy section. I was hoping to see the Tim Gunn dolls there but no luck! As I was look at the dolls I notice they had the older Chelsea dolls with the bent arm. I glance at the Renee and she looked like a different doll. So I took her down to get a closer look. I got there other Renee that was there to make sure it wasn’t my eyes having a problem.

Nope, it wasn’t me!  She had a slightly different face.  I guess there had been a problem in the line.  She was a little darker and her head was smaller and her face paint was smaller too to match the face.

Normally this kind of mistake results in a doll not worth purchasing but not with this doll.  Something said to rescue this girl!  The differences my not be as noticeable in this photo so let look at her side-by-side with Renee/Delia.

Her face is small like a Kelly but just a little wider.  Her complexion is about 2 shades off the Renee/Delia doll.  You may not be able to see the complexion differences because of my poor photography….Sorry!

 So I purchased her (I shouldn’t have, I spent a lot on dolls lately!)  and took her home for some experimentation!   I put her on a body just slightly smaller than the Chelsea doll.  She can be a whole new character her now!  I have alway said that slight differences shange the charater of a doll.  You can see that here.

I am expecting some smaller bodies in the mail soon so she may go down even further in size.  I will curl her hair and maybe bring her lip color down a few shades too.  But this is the way she is for now!

Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

I bought the new Asian Chelsea doll, too. She is still sitting in the car though. I loved the new face and couldn't pass her up.

Vanessa said...

Forgot to say how much I love her on the little body. Personally I think you should buy another one to alter, because this one is just sooooo cute as is.

Carrickters said...

They certainly don't look like the same doll when you see them together although they do look like relatives. You have a good eye to pick the difference in store though.

Georgia Girl said...

She looks more Asian than the first doll. They are no where to be found in my area. Luckily, I picked one up when they first came out. The new Chelsea's has hit the stores though....still sad there will be no Tamika.

Sergio said...

We have only Chelsea here :(

Muff said...

She does look different! Do these smaller dolls ever come with shorter hair? Everyone I've seen has hair down to their knees. I don't pay much attention to real kids so I've never noticed if long hair on kids is a trend or just a Mattel thing.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, Carrickters, Georgia Girl, Sergio and Muff!

Vanessa, Now you know that they don't have that many of these dolls in the store! I'm lucky to get the ones that I got. but thanks for saying you like her.

Carrickters, They do look alot a like...maybe sisters!

Georgia Girl, Mattel is long overdue for a letter writing campaign! No Tamika...what is that about???? She does look more Asian!

Sergio, I am so sorry for all of you guys who can't get all the dolls. I sure hope this one comes to you!

Muff, No, it is a Mattel think! Normal kids don't have hair that look or that full. Only the boy dolls ever seem to have short hair.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I love this new Asian doll Chelsea. She is very different from the old. Maybe she is a new collection so she is smaller ... You made a great purchase!! Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Hello Marta! I think she was a mistake. Mattel's quality control should have caught it but they did not! I put her on the smaller body because I don't like the bent arm. She is so cute now! Thanks for commenting and keep in touch!

D7ana said...

I can see the differences you mention: the new doll has a smaller, rounder face and a more sallow complexion. (See your photos are better than you think ;-D) I don't recognize the new body you have her on, but that is an excellent fit for her head size.

Muff, a few of the Halloween Kelly and Kelly friends have shorter hair. I'm looking at two with chin length hair now - Kelly as a clown and Nikki as a pumpkin. I'll be sharing their photos soon because they are part of the ones I will be selling soon.

Ms. Leo, were any of the other dolls smaller like your Delia? (Alas, I have not been toy sighting for a while.) Thanks in advance ;-)