Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Articulated Disney Mulan

I purchased the new Disney Mulan and two older Mulans along with the three Tiana dolls from the Disney. (I did a post on Tiana previously.) This is the one with the new articulated body.  

Here is the close-up on her face.

I have three other Mulan dolls. Two of them are Mattel and one is Disney. One of my Mattels is a Secret Hero Mulan and the other is a Princess Mulan (Hae).  The  Disney Mulan doll that I have on a Liv body which I call Risa. I really like the faces on the Mulans dolls I have. I planned to purchase new dolls as body donors for the dolls I have with paler complexions that need a new articulated body.
I find the gowns of the Mulan dolls are more worth keeping than most of the Princess dolls to me. They don’t look like the old-fashioned prom gowns like most of the princess gowns.  Sorry this doll had been sitting around a little while so her dress is a little wrinkeled.

The flat shoes of both the Tiana and Mulan will work well in my doll shoe collection. Green Tiana shoes are flats and red Mulan shoes are more like ballet slippers.  These shoes will be OK on Barbie but they are really great for dolls like Francie, Skipper or Happy Family Grandmother.  Francie's little bow shoes might look good on these feet too!

New Mulan feet

I am glad that I went to the Disney store for this purchase and not order it on line because it allowed me to see the complexions of the Disney dolls. The complexions of the Disney dolls differ from the complexions of the dolls Mattel sold. If I had order on line, I might have gotten a Cinderella or a Sleeping Beauty doll and they are not as light as their Mattel counterparts. They looked closer to Fashionista Summer in complexion. Mulan was paler than both those dolls. I didn’t check the Snow White and will check her the next time I go.
Mulan comes wearing a pair of flesh colored panties.

She also has flower hair tie.

You can tell from her photo that she is pale.  Here photos of her with the new Asian Rachelle. She is less pink and a bit paler that  Raquelle.

and Princess Mulan from Mattel. She is less pink that Mattel doll but could work.

 Like I state in my post on Tiana, The knee on this doll are similar to the legs on the first wave Mattel Fashionista doll.  They can't move sideways only up and down.

I’m not sure how I feel about the knees of the new Disney doll. Like Liv dolls, these aren’t the sexiest of knees and it doesn’t show well in a short skirt. So I will use the body on a doll that I don’t plan to put in short dresses. I looked through by possible candidate dolls that fit that description that needed a body and came up with....

Akira Takada
I had been thinking about putting her on a Liv body.  Many of my Asian dolls are on Liv bodies so it is time to mix it up!

 Her body is a good match!
 I think she is happier too on this body.  She can now get more blog time.
 I have a few more dolls that Mulan donated her body to that I will show you shortly!

Thanks For Looking!


Tracy India said...

Great post, Ms. Leo! I'm glad you went to the Disney store too. I was really curious about complexions, other than Pochahantas because I wanted to purchase dolls that would match the two Stardolls I'll get from you. So, does this Mulan match Bling's complexion or Xenia's complexion?

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for the photo details of the articulated Mulan. I really like the extra pack of gowns you can by for Mulan at the Disney store. I'm planning to get that and the gowns for Pocahontas. Akira is lovely!

jassica joe said...

i love her face she is so pretty.great purchase!!!

The. Name. Is. Isabel. :O said...

I love the doll, but her eyebrows are way too overstated. I'm half asian, so I see asian people a lot, and their eyebrows are just like normal.

And Akira is gorgeous :)

Miss_Lola_77 said...

I was wondering about her as a body donor for the super-pale barbies! I have that asian barbie on a liv body right now and it's close but not exact. Plus I really do prefer the disney hands over the liv ones. I can't wait for disney store to run a sale on them.

D7ana said...

She's cute. And it is nice to have variety in the doll body line.

Brini said...

I waiting on my two Tiana dolls now. I have two more that are waiting for the disney bodies and I know the will be happy too. Akira looks very happy.

Georgia Girl said...

Nice post! Akira is pretty! I plan to get a couple of Disney dolls when they go on sale again.

Muff said...

The Disney Store is out of my way, but I'm going to make it over there one day to get some Tiana's and I want a Snow White too... and a big cookie.

Mulan's eyebrows seem overly prominent, almost to the point of distraction. 0_o

Vanessa said...

Your Akira doll is gorgeous! Happy to see she will get more blog time.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you made a great buy. This body is very well articulated. The color is lighter than other bodies .. Keep in touch

Carrickters said...

Mulan looks like a great body donor for Akira. I wouldn't worry about the look of the knees to much, most articulated/BJD dolls don't have great looking joints but I find I look at the great poses rather than the joints.

IHime said...

Wow, I never (OK, maybe for a minute) thought of DS dolls as body donors. Maybe because they are so hard to get in Poland.
I'm not sure if I like the new knees though. Can you make her sit like a lady with those knees?
I absolutely love Mulan. I have two DS Mulans, from 2011 and 2010 - the first with articulated hands and the latter on classical bellybutton, but with a lovely, girly face, and several Mattel's dolls. These are the only dolls that were safe when I got rid of half of my Disney collection.

Sergio said...

I want Disney articulated dolls too!!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Tracy India, limbe dolls, Jassica Joe, The. Name. Is. Isabel. :O, Miss_Lola-77, D7ana, Brini, Georgia Girl, Muff, Vanessa, Marta, Carrickters, IHime and Sergio! Wow, many of you must have been interested to see the Mulan body and if it would work for you.

Tracy, I did a comparison and the Mulan body could work for both dolls. I will show pictures in my Mulan Part two so stay tuned!

limbe dolls, You know, I hadn't looked at the growns in the Disney Store. I have only see the one that Mattel produced. I will have to look at them when I go back! BTW, I have realy loved the posts you have done the last month or so. I only wish I could comment to tell you so!

Jassica Joe, I'm not sure if you are talking about the Mulan doll Or Akira? But thanks!

The. Name. Is. Isabel. :O and IHime, Welcome to my Blog!

The. Name. Is. Isabel. :O, The first few dolls that Mattel did didn't have that look. Only the later model had the extreme brows but all the Disney dolls have it. I don't know why they did that and I agree with you, they don't look normal! Thanks for stopping by.

Miss_Lola_77, I feel it is a better match for for Princess of Japan than the paler Liv. I like the hands better too! Yes, we could use a sale on these girls! I plan to show the body with other dolls so stay tuned.

D7ana, If they don't have to be too short then they can use this body. They are about the height of Liv dolls but their body is a little softer looking.

Brini, I really like the body and how it photos. I think your girls will be happy.

Georgia Girl, I have started making a list of dolls to get new bodies. It is a said thing! I will need a sale!

Muff, I don't understand the whole eyebrow thing! I really don't! You might have to go to the Disney store to get the right shade of body for your dolls... bring a few dolls along for matching!

Vanessa, Thanks! I guess I better get started on some stories!

Hello Marta in Spain! Thanks! Raquelle's body won't work for many of the paler doll but this one might. Keep in touch!

Carrickter, Thanks! I will play with her a while and see how I feel.

IHime, At the Disney store the new dolls are 2 for $20. The older bodis articulated hands only were $8. There are not that many store around. I'm lucky to live near by.

Sergio, I think you should get one...soon!