Monday, August 13, 2012

Raquelle! The New Asian Barbie?

Hey Gang,
The talk is that Raquelle is the new Asian Barbie.  I have purchase a few versions her but didn't know she was Asian until I read in on the web! So, I'm not Asian so I not going to assume I know what all Asians look like.  I will ask the question would you have know if you weren't told?
I started to purchast this one but I realized I only like the dress and that wasn't reason enough to buy another Raquelle.  I am not so impressed with the whole dog thing!  The dog isn't cute in my opinion.

Here is the first Raquelle Fashionista and the new Pet Fashionista in a side-by-side shot. Would you think either were Asian? I purchased the one in the pink and have her on a Rosie O"Donnell body and I just love her that way! Raquelle also is the palest of the Fashionista so I have used her body as a donor for some of my paler dolls like Sydney, Siobhan and Loralie.

Here is the second version and the new Pet Fashionista.  I like the second version's face but not the outfit.

Finally, Barbie for President Doll!  To me, she looks the closest to looking  Asian.  I wouldn't say she is not a fashionista because she doesn't have legs that bend because neither does the new Ryan!  Also Raquelle is not included in any of the other playline except Fashionista and this Barbie for President.

Close-up Summery!

Pet Fashionista

First Fashionista

Second Fashionista

Barbie for President
I have put the Barbie for President's head on the second Fashionista's body and am calling her Connie!

Thanks For Looking!


Unknown said...

you know she looks realy an asian girl in the president doll.your right.great one

Dollz4Moi said...

I put her in the Asian category from the 1st time I saw her face. She can also be of mixed race but Asian came to mind 1st. I didn't like the 1st Fashionista face but love the 2nd. I'm not really a fan of the pet version or the President version. I did pick up a couple of the 1st version for body swaps.

Stardoll40 said...

Hmm...I originally thought, she's bi-racial, both Asian & Caucasian. I don't know why but she just strikes me as bi-racial.

I do like the 2nd version's make up, very pretty. Although, the one with the dog is very pretty too. Is her head getting smaller? Man, I hope so. The 1st version's head is ginormous (word).

I think the President Barbie looks the most Asian.

Good post.

Carrickters said...

I agree I wouldn't have thought Raquelle was Asian and that the Barbie for President doll is the more Asian looking, probably because of her eyes. However, Asian skin tones can vary greatly depending on which Asian country you are talking about -some are pale but many of my friends who were born in Burma have a golden brown skin tone, much darker than any of the Barbies here and that's also why I probably wouldn't think of Raquelle as Asian.

Vita Plastica said...

Hmm, Raquelle does not look Asian to me at all. BUT, when Cat did a face up of Raquelle, she suddenly looked a lot like my BFF who is Korean. Hmm:

I thought Raquelle was Latina with a name like that....

Georgia Girl said...

I did not think that Raquelle was Asian. The Barbie for President looks the closes to Asian than any of them. She has not shown up in my area yet. In plan to get one just for her head. I did purchase the first Raquelle as a body donor. Later after seeing her on someone's blog and decided to put her back on her original body. I really like her redressed.

Vanessa said...

I have been using Racquelle as an Asian doll in my stories since I recently added her to the collection. I went from no Racquelles to having two characters with her face. One is Kyori's stylist, and the second one is Sunni's assistant at the real estate office. She's always appeared Asian to me. I loved the Asian President doll the moment I laid eyes on her. I've ordered her twice but canceled both times. I have such a large Asian collection here.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I did not know Raquelle was Asian. I have the first and second fashionista Raquelle. The Barbie for President is the only one that seems to asia. A great entry information. Keep in touch

Muff said...

I always thought she was Asian because even though she has the oversized face like any other Fashionista, her pupils are smaller than the rest of the girls. I think that's why she looks good on a Rosie body, because she has a plump head, but smaller eyes.

Sergio said...

So Raquelle is the new Lea? Weird! As Vita Plastica, I thought she was latina

Ms. Leo said...

Thank for your comments Jassica Joe, Dollz4Mio, and Tracy India, Carrickters, Vita Plastica, Georgia Girl, Vanessa, Marta, Muff and Sergio!

Jassica Joe, Welcome to my blog! Jassica Joe, I think they knew she might not have looked as Asian as they needed and made a effort to have her look more Asian for the President set.

Dollz4Mio, You are smarter than me! I didn't know she was to be Asian until I read it on Cyano's blog! Thanks Cyano! She has a very different complexion than any of my other Asian dolls. That complexion made her great for swapping on many of my Caucasian dolls.

Tracy, One of the sad things about Mattel is that you hear stuff about their dolls from others and not from the company. They never give a what is what. Someone else does. You know it has to be discussed in meeting! Unless there is some backlash, they never give you any info from the hourse's mouth.

I like the hair color on the president and the second one the best. The hair colors are rich on them. The 1st and 3rd have pink and purple streaks. No the head is stil the same size!

Carrickters, I agree with you on the President looking more Asian. Some of the Lea dolls Mattel did for Fashion Fever were dark-Honey gold to medium brown. Some of the old Kira dolls also had a darker tone. Most of the DOTW are more pale. In this case I think Mattel was trying to get the max on the sales by not making her look so Asian.

Vita Plastic, Yes, I too first notice it in Cat's post! I don't know if it was the style or that Cat might have touch the makeup too. You could read a bit of Asian in that photo. Yeah, the name didn't help.

Georgia Girl, All of the other Fashionista are the same complexion except for Raqhelle. I think she became a body donor for many dolls. I do like the 3rd Raquelle's dress too.

Vanessa, So you have the 1st and the 2nd! I like them both, especially the red lips of the 2nd but I think they have nighttime makeup (eyes). The President's is more day. But until you purchase her, I guess I will show you pictures of mine as an inducement! LOL!

Marta, I have seen Raquelle on your blog and you use her well! I hope you are able to get others too! Keep in touch!

Muff, You are right about her eyes! Her head balances out the Rosie body much better than her body or the Rosie head! With her pupils so small I could not tell what color her eyes were too!

Sergio, I think a lot of people thought she was Latina! I know I did!

Phyllis said...

I have not heard that she is Asian, but I have seen her advertized as Ryan's sister in the promo for the new Ryan and he doesn't look Asian either. Personally, I don't think she looks Asian, so I would not have thought of her as Asian. I asked my daughter what she thought (she is Chinese)and she says "No way!"