Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My First Head Swap for 2012

My first head swap for 2012...

First let me say that I am so far behind. I lost my charger to
my camera on the 2nd and could find it until today! I was
crazy trying to find it. So with it in a good place now I can
catch up on posts and reading blogs.

My first head swap for 2012 is Siobhan.

Like her sister, Fiona, this is Siobhan’s second body swap
and she is on a Fashionista Raquelle body. You don't want
to know how scary their first body was.

Hey, what about me? Thanks to Miss_Lola_77, I have
a plan for you!

Her sister is glad to see her on an articulated body. I means
that they will have more sister time together.

The first thing she told me is this outfit is really not her.
" This outfit is ghastly!" Fiona didn't like it either.

I quickly found something more to her liking.

This is her favorite suit!

She is happy now! And her sister approves!

Next she informed me that Dominique was not happy with
some my decorating ideas. She suggested it would be better
for Dominique and me if she took over that project.

At first I was a little miffed. But I knew they had been
good friends a long time, Dominique felt she better
understood her taste, she was starting her business in
Johnston and Ms. D was getting on my nerves with all
her demands. It would be best!

Thank you! You saved my sanity!

There is enough business in Johnston for Siobhan and I.

Siobhan said I had some good ideas but that she thought it
was a little too dark for Dominique.

She made some changes that Ms. D seem to really like!

Ms. D is a little more relaxed now. Siobhan had Harold paint
the top part of the wall cream. She replaced the coffee table and
added a lamp, chest, standing vase and topiary. She also found
fireplace tools.

She even worked in that window. She also ordered her this
tea set so she can relax and have a cup of tea.

Ms. D: Do you think I can get another lamp for the mantel?
Siobhan: No, problem. I will need those family pictures so
that I can have them properly framed. I am ordering the
dining room chairs. After that, we will start on the upstairs.

Siobhan replaced the cabinet I order with a custom cabinet
in cream. I am started to dislike have competition!

Siobhan: We have had this much fun since Paris!

Dominique: Paris was soo much fun! Oh, I hear the guys.

Harold: I was starting to get worried about this job until
Siobhan signed on. No offence Ms. Leo but Dominique seems
to really like what she has done.

And she and I really work well together too!

Siobhan is a real pro!
I guess I'm just chopped liver?

Etienne to himself: I'm real glad this is working out! I dodged
another one! This women really knows her stuff
Etienne: Will there be more seating here?

I am ordering custom chairs as we speak. Dee, you are going
to love them! They are soo you!

I'm looking at Harold's blueprints and we are working on it
Harold to himself: Too bad she married!

Ms. D is happy with the whole thing!

This feels right!


Hey, It's Muff said...

It's weird, but Dominique has this commanding presence. It's like she's too too above it all... and yet keeping her finger on the pulse so every thing is to her liking. She's a boss!

limbe dolls said...

Very sweet story. I really like the topiary next to the fireplace.

Frannie said...

Love the story and the diorama! Which doll was Fiona originally. Never seen a doll like her?

Vanessa said...

Siobhan looks really good in her suit on the new body. She and Fiona look really good together. She has done a wonderful job on the remodel. Trust me, you want those difficult clients, like Ms. D. to find someone else to help them. It will make your life a lot easier, too. Loved the story and all the pictures. Thanks for throwing Etienne in there for me.

Miss_Lola_77 said...

Her new body has given her new life! I love it!

(oh and *SQUEE* at my first big-time-blog mention!)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain, Fiona´s head on Rachel´s body looks good but Raquelle is so beautiful that it makes me sad. The room you are staying very elegant. I love the cushions with the detail of the photo. Fiona´s new clothes love. Kepp in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Hey, It's Muff, limbe dolls,
Frannie, Vanessa, Miss_Lola_77 and Marta!

Hey, It's Muff, you hit the nail on the head! That is her.

limbe dolls, I saw someone make on on they net years ago but never tried it until now. I think the room needs two for balance.

Frannie, Fiona was Eowyn doll.

Vanessa, I think you are right! I love the interaction of sister. (example Renee and Dominique and Fiona and Siobhan) I hope to show more of that too! Oh, Etienne is blowing kisses again!

Miss_Lola_77, this is just a small mention of you. The big one is coming soon....stay tuned!

Marta, I have Siobhan's head on Raquelle's body but I do plan to use Raquelle's head too. So, don't be sad. Just wait and see!