Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He Is Here! Dolls Of The World Japan Ken! Udpated!

The New Asian Ken!


I saw him in the store and had to get him!

I do think he is Hot!!! He has a wide flat face with high
cheek bone! The kind of look that makes Ming Sai and
Chow Yun-Fat so attractive! Yes, Ms Leo is EEOC when it
comes to men!

The bad news--
His legs do not bend! He is permanently posed
in this position. He can sit and his arms move but I would
have hoped for a Harley body with articulation!

The costume! I would have expected better from
Pink Label but it is what the preview pictures showed!

I would have thought that the apron would have been
a separate piece. :(
Do I like him? Oh yes!!!

I have to purchase him something great to wear online!

The Update!

OK, I was really bummed about the body this
Ken came with!!!! Since I posted this, I've learned that
he can be rebodied to a Harley Davidson body! That
got me thinking! Unfortunately I don't have a Harley
body just sitting around but I did have a Flava Liam
wave II on a doll I didn't need. So here is what I did!

I took the head of the Japan Ken doll and put it on the Liam
body. What I difference!

The neck is a little shorter than the Harley neck
but it makes him look a litter more buff!

He is a little cold and would like some clothes!

I let his hair down and washed it. Now doesn't he look hot!

I read somewhere that men look sexy in jeans, a tee shirt
and cowboy boots. So that is my "go to" outfit for my guys!

Don't you want to run your fingers through his hair?

Kinda Daniel Dae Kim Hawaii 50ish !


TM said...

That's not a bad face mold for an Asian Ken! Congrats!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks TM, I really like him now that he is rebodied!

D7ana said...

Yes, he looks great! Thanks for posting AND the update on rebodying him.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana, I think many will rebody him and it great to know you have body choice options!

Vanessa said...

That is a much better body! That first body looked especially pitiful naked. I did a rebody last night and I ran into the same neck issue. It actually took a second body to get the doll not to look like a no neck body builder. That is just not cute when it comes to the ladies.

Ms. Leo said...

Yeah Vanessa, I know what you mean. Sometimes I have to put a rubberband on the head knob to make the head sit where I want it to be.