Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dominque's Holiday Sweater!

The Cutes Little Thing!

I purchase a few more sweater online for my doll. I really
didn't have a lot sweater for my dolls. I have made up for
that now. This sweater along with two more were
advertised for Skipper and friends but I was hoping it
would fit other dolls. When received them I could see
why they were advertised that way. The cuffs were
small. Only a small doll hand could fit through... so
with my trusty seamrippper I open it up so that
Dominique could wear it. This is her Holiday style....dressy
top, cute jeans and a great pair of heels! You can's see them
but she has on really nice shoes! Dominique loves the sweater
but she is still a little mad with me. I was to work on her living
arrangements before the Holidays. I have not set up
her home. So many things...so little time!
What can I tell you?


smidge girl said...

That sweater is so cute! (And totally my go-to outfit too, lol) I made my dolls the same deal, about setting their homes up before the holidays, and I totally flaked. Whattaya gonna do? :) Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas, Ms. Leo!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks smidge girl. I will try to give them a home soon.

Vanessa said...

Love the sweater. I had looked for sweaters this year on ebay. Didn't really find anything I wanted that I could actually afford. I'm moving forward with the idea that the heat is working well inside and it's okay that they don't have warmer clothes.