Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not Hardly A Snow Day!

Not Hardly A Snow Day!

It is not a snow day in St. Malcolm! It is a balmy 87 degrees
and the water is warm too! Camille takes her morning
constitutional on the beach. She has always been health
conscious. You have to be to look
this good at her age!

She is a lucky woman. She has had a career, a loving husband
and family, great friends, and the opportunity to buy her
childhood home! When she was a child, her father was
the groundskeeper for this villa. Now they own it!

After her walk, she has breakfast. This is the last month before
the height of the tourist season in St Malcolm. Her family will
come and go from now until Little Christmas. After that, her
friends will come to visit. Camille loves to entertain and is
the perfect hostess! But who would not come to a beautiful
island like this! Cindy has returned to work the
tourist season at the Villa.

Cindy: Good morning Mrs. Laurent, What would you like for
Camille: What do you have today?
Cindy: There oatmeal and cereal, pastries, fruit,
eggs, ham, bacon, fish, toast, ….What ever you want!

Camille: I think I have coffee, toast, a fried egg
and one of your wonderful breakfast smoothies!

Cindy: Coming right up!

Camille received a laptop from her grandkids so that she can
stay in touch. She is now using it for business too. Besides
the villa, she has been asked to co-write a book by a friend.

Camille: Cindy that smells great! I am so glad you could
return again this year!
Cindy: I love it here! You’re a great boss!
Camille to her self-
Oh look! It is an email from Stephanie.

The email reads:
Hi Grand,
We have a snow day today and school is closed!

LL, Tre’ and I played in the snow.

See you soon,
Love and Kisses!

There is a photo attachment. Camille is getting really good
with the computer. She love surprising her familly with what
she can now do!

Camille to herself-
Oh my! They look like they are having fun! I have to send
her some pictures too!

Hi Stephanie,
Guess who I met walking the beach!
Love and Kisses,

President Obama made a Stop in St. Malcolm to speak with
the Prime Minster. Camille met him walking on the beach!

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